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room --218-825-6718Info
room --651-205-4887Info
room --Info
room --218-825-6717Info
room --218-825-6741Info
room --218-725-7794Info
room --218-725-7754Info
room --651-205-4911Info
room --218-825-6964Info
room --320-229-5445Info
room --218-825-6700Info
room --218-725-7744Info
MDVA Minneapolis Bldg 10room Minneapolis Bldg10651-296-1139Info
DOT Desk Video CO 120Aroom Desk Video CO120A651-205-4642Info
mnit BSW6-128 Use only when BSW3 is 128kcobroom BSW6-128 Use only when BSW3 is128kcobInfo
co-sherburne oak room 1347room oak room1347651-223-7664Info
MDVA Minneapolis Bldg 2room Minneapolis Bldg2651-296-0724Info
co-norman r ss adaroom ssAda218-825-6998Info
co-norman c adaroom cAda218-825-6825Info
co-norman r em adaroom emAda218-825-6997Info
co-aitkin c 1 aitkincourtroom 1Aitkin218-828-2568Info
co-aitkin r em aitkinroom emAitkin218-733-2014Info
co-aitkin c 3 aitkincourtroom 3Aitkin218-825-6824Info
k12-cmets r albany cart albanyroom albany cartAlbany218-725-7743Info
k12-cmets r hs room albanyroom hs roomAlbany218-725-7721Info
k12-cmets r 1 albanyroom 1Albany320-534-6761Info
k12-cmets r 2 albanyroom 2Albany320-255-2315Info
comet-rvr 1 113 albertlearoom 1 113Albert Lea507-529-6193Info
co-freeborn r dhs albertlearoom dhsAlbert Lea507-529-6252Info
co-freeborn p em albertleaportable emAlbert Lea651-296-0562Info
comet-rvr 3 210 albertlearoom 3 210Albert Lea507-280-5077Info
comet-rvr 2 206 albertlearoom 2 206Albert Lea507-285-7437Info
co-freeborn c albertlearoom cAlbert Lea651-205-9615Info
comet-rvr 4 skylite albertlearoom 4 skyliteAlbert Lea507-536-6389Info
offnet-r ip edu albertlearoom ip eduAlbert LeaInfo
k12-cmets p carlos alexandriaportable carlosAlexandria218-733-2044Info
k12-cmets p woodland alexandriaportable woodlandAlexandria218-733-2018Info
k12-cmets r b osakis alexandriaroom b osakisAlexandria320-534-6763Info
co-douglas c 2 7th district alexandriacourtroom 2 7th districtAlexandria320-534-6746Info
k12-cmets r c osakis alexandriaroom c osakisAlexandria320-255-2312Info
cmdln-alex 3 alexandriaroom 3Alexandria320-534-6719Info
cmdln-alex 1 alexandriaroom 1Alexandria320-534-6717Info
k12-cmets r osakis alexandriaroom osakisAlexandria320-534-6762Info
zayo r region 4 south act alexandriaroom region 4 south actAlexandria320-335-5120Info
co-douglas r em alexandriaroom emAlexandria320-229-5454Info
k12-cmets r a osakis alexandriaroom a osakisAlexandria320-534-6767Info
co-douglas r primewest floor 2 alexandriaroom primewest floor 2Alexandria320-202-0964Info
k12-cmets p miltona alexandriaportable miltonaAlexandria218-733-2056Info
cmdln-alex 2 alexandriaroom 2Alexandria320-534-6718Info
k12-cmets p voyager mobile alexandriaportable voyager mobileAlexandria218-733-2059Info
co-douglas r social svcs alexandriaroom social svcsAlexandria320-534-0180Info
k12-cmets p 1 jefferson alexandriaportable 1 jeffersonAlexandriaInfo
k12-cmets p 2 discovery alexandriaportable 2 discoveryAlexandria218-825-6996Info
co-douglas r primewest floor 1 alexandriaroom primewest floor 1Alexandria320-255-2342Info
k12-cmets p 2 jefferson alexandriaportable 2 jeffersonAlexandria218-733-2028Info
k12-cmets p lincoln alexandriaportable lincolnAlexandria218-733-2050Info
k12-cmets r discovery mobile1 alexandriaroom discovery mobile1Alexandria218-733-2035Info
k12-cmets p garfield mobile alexandriaportable garfield mobileAlexandria218-733-2049Info
k12-cmets p dist admin alexandriaportable dist adminAlexandria218-733-2011Info
co-anoka c 1 court anokacourtroom 1 courtAnoka651-205-4929Info
metnet-atc 1 anokaroom 1Anoka651-223-7629Info
co-anoka c 10th judicial admin anokacourtroom 10th judicial adminAnoka651-205-4383Info
co-anoka p em mobile anokaportable em mobileAnoka651-296-0545Info
zayo r peopleinc anoka programs anokaroom peopleinc anoka programsAnoka763-230-6980Info
co-anoka r w255 anokaroom w255Anoka651-556-7637Info
co-anoka r hs238/239 anokaroom hs238/239Anoka651-205-9414Info
co-anoka r c200 anokaroom c200Anoka651-556-0503Info
metnet-atc 2 anokaroom 2Anoka651-223-7650Info
co-anoka c 2 court anokacourtroom 2 courtAnoka651-556-7638Info
co-dakota r wsc_334 applevalleyroom wsc_334Apple Valley651-296-1190Info
co-dakota c wsc applevalleycourtroom wscApple Valley651-296-0882Info
zayo r mental health applevalleyroom mental healthApple Valley952-236-5990Info
co-dakota r wsc 106 applevalleyroom wsc 106Apple Valley651-296-0929Info
co-mower c 2 austincourtroom 2Austin507-280-2915Info
comet-rvr 3 a106 austinroom 3 a106Austin507-529-6245Info
comet-rvr 4 b105 austinroom 4 b105Austin507-529-6192Info
zayo r zumbro mhc austinroom zumbro mhcAustin507-460-5990Info
comet-rvr p1 austinroom p1Austin507-536-6390Info
co-mower c 1 austincourtroom 1Austin507-280-2874Info
comet-rvr 2 b104 austinroom 2 b104Austin507-529-6244Info
co-mower p austinroom pAustin507-529-6279Info
offnet-r ip gerard academy ip austinroom ip gerard academy ipAustinInfo
comet-rvr 5 b103 austinroom 5 b103Austin507-529-6247Info
co-mower r em austinroom emAustin651-296-2185Info
k12-cmk12 r hs pine river backusroom hs pine riverBackus320-255-2367Info
co-clearwater r em bagleyroom emBagley218-825-6702Info
co-clearwater r 3rd floor bagleyroom 3rd floorBagley218-825-6895Info
co-clearwater c court bagleycourtroom courtBagley218-825-6832Info
k12-nwlinks hs battlelakeroom hsBattle Lake218-284-0608Info
k12-nwlinks low baudetteroom lowBaudette218-284-0627Info
co-lakeofthewoods r 2 baudetteroom 2Baudette218-825-6885Info
co-lakeofthewoods r em baudetteroom emBaudette218-825-6723Info
co-lakeofthewoods c 2 baudettecourtroom 2Baudette218-825-6829Info
co-lakeofthewoods r 1 county baudetteroom 1 countyBaudette218-825-6871Info
offnet-r ip ihs bemidjiroom ip ihsBemidjiInfo
bca r 3 bemidjiroom 3Bemidji218-525-0883Info
nets-bsu 3 decker15 bemidjiroom 3 decker15Bemidji218-279-2617Info
offnet-r isdn hrdc bemidjiroom isdn hrdcBemidjiInfo
offnet r iverson corner drug bemidjiroom iverson corner drugBemidjiInfo
co-beltrami c 5 court bemidjicourtroom 5 courtBemidji218-825-6897Info
co-beltrami r 3 admin bemidjiroom 3 adminBemidji218-825-6858Info
mdh p 1 bemidjiportable 1Bemidji218-279-2574Info
zayo r upper mississippi mhc bemidjiroom upper mississippi mhcBemidji218-308-2990Info
nets-bsu 1 e419 bemidjiroom 1 e419Bemidji218-279-2615Info
co-beltrami c 6 court bemidjicourtroom 6 courtBemidji218-825-6898Info
nets-bsu p5 bemidjiroom p5Bemidji218-525-0884Info
bca r conference room bemidjiroom conference roomBemidji218-525-0881Info
nets-nctc r bemidjiroom rBemidjiInfo
dnr r bemidjiroom rBemidji218-525-0877Info
co-beltrami c 4 courts bemidjicourtroom 4 courtsBemidji218-825-6896Info
neat-bsu 1 bemidjiroom 1Bemidji218-825-6816Info
nets-bsu 4 hs248b bemidjiroom 4 hs248bBemidji218-279-2618Info
bca r firearms bemidjiroom firearmsBemidji218-525-0882Info
MnSCU-CSU/ITS Bemidjiroom -Bemidji218-825-6847Info
co-beltrami c 7 court bemidjicourtroom 7 courtBemidji218-825-6810Info
co-beltrami r em bemidjiroom emBemidji218-825-6739Info
neat-bsu 2 bemidjiroom 2Bemidji218-825-6817Info
co-beltrami r 2 bemidjiroom 2Bemidji218-825-6846Info
mdh r bemidjiroom rBemidji218-279-2597Info
nets-ntc 125 bemidjiroom 125Bemidji218-279-2624Info
dnr-bemidji p Masami bemidjiportable MasamiBemidji218-825-6995Info
k12-cmk12 p bug benaportable bugBena218-725-7761Info
co-swift r em bensonroom emBenson320-229-5459Info
co-swift c 2 8th judicial bensoncourtroom 2 8th judicialBenson320-534-6752Info
co-swift r 1 human services bensonroom 1 human servicesBenson320-255-2304Info
MDVA Minneapolis Whipple Bldgroom Minneapolis WhippleBldg651-215-0560Info
logis r city of bloomingtonroom city ofBloomington651-296-1045Info
co-hennepin r hsphd s sub hub bloomingtonserver sub hubBloomington612-373-8607Info
metnet-ncc 1 bloomingtonroom 1Bloomington651-223-7643Info
zayo r icsi bloomingtonroom icsiBloomington612-230-0130Info
metnet-ncc 2 bloomingtonroom 2Bloomington651-223-7642Info
co-faribault c 2 courts blueearthcourtroom 2 courtsBlue Earth507-529-6227Info
co-faribault r social svcs blueearthroom social svcsBlue Earth507-536-6333Info
co-faribault r em blueearthroom emBlue Earth651-296-1020Info
DHS R P2030 BNBroom R P2030BNB952-529-7727Info
k12-ecmecc r 110 hs brahamroom 110 hsBraham320-202-0925Info
k12-ecmecc p distric brahamportable districBraham320-255-2318Info
k12-ecmecc r 108 hs brahamroom 108 hsBraham320-202-0923Info
k12-cmk12 3 brahamroom 3Braham320-255-2316Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 brahamportable 2Braham320-255-2301Info
k12-ecmecc o marcjohnson brahamoffice system marcjohnsonBraham320-534-0173Info
k12-cmk12 new site brahamroom new siteBrahamInfo
k12-ecmecc p elementary brahamportable elementaryBraham320-255-2574Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 ecmec brahamportable 2 ecmecBraham320-255-2576Info
offnet edu chinese 1 edu dist ofc brainerdroom edu chinese 1 edu dist ofcBrainerdInfo
co-crowwing r ss brainerdroom ssBrainerd218-825-6873Info
cmdln-clc 2 brainerdroom 2Brainerd218-825-6835Info
co-crowwing p2 ss brainerdroom p2 ssBrainerd218-825-6891Info
co-crowwing c 3 brainerdcourtroom 3Brainerd218-733-2053Info
cmdln-clc 3 brainerdroom 3Brainerd218-725-7753Info
dnr r brainerdroom rBrainerd218-525-0878Info
pca brainerdroom -Brainerd218-279-2587Info
cmdln-clc 1 brainerdroom 1Brainerd218-825-6834Info
co-crowwing c 6 brainerdcourtroom 6Brainerd218-828-2748Info
co-crowwing r jail brainerdroom jailBrainerd218-825-6879Info
co-crowwing c 9th dist court brainerdcourtroom 9th dist courtBrainerd218-825-6833Info
offnet-r ip st josephs med ctr brainerdroom ip st josephs med ctrBrainerdInfo
co-crowwing c hearing1 brainerdcourtroom hearing1Brainerd218-828-2763Info
co-crowwing c 4 brainerdcourtroom 4Brainerd218-828-2695Info
rev r brainerdroom rBrainerd218-825-6999Info
co-crowwing r sheriff's office brainerdroom sheriff's officeBrainerd218-825-6816Info
co-crowwing r land svcs brainerdroom land svcsBrainerd218-825-6892Info
k12-cmets r brandonroom rBrandon320-534-6764Info
k12-cmets r hs2 brandonroom hs2Brandon218-733-2075Info
k12-cmets r hs1 brandonroom hs1Brandon218-733-2074Info
k12-cmets r hs3 brandonroom hs3Brandon218-733-2090Info
co-wilkin c breckenridgeroom cBreckenridge218-825-6838Info
co-wilkin r em breckenridgeroom emBreckenridge320-229-5456Info
rev r collections brooklyncenterroom collectionsBrooklyn Center651-205-4396Info
co-hennepin c brookdale court brooklyncentercourtroom brookdale courtBrooklyn Center612-373-8627Info
co-hennepin p sheriff brooklynparkportable sheriffBrooklyn Park612-373-8621Info
metnet-nhcc 1 brooklynparkroom 1Brooklyn Park651-223-7635Info
metnet-htc 2 brooklynparkroom 2Brooklyn Park651-223-7625Info
metnet-htc 3 brooklynparkroom 3Brooklyn Park651-223-7687Info
metnet-nhcc 3 brooklynparkroom 3Brooklyn Park651-205-4867Info
co-hennepin r hsphd nw hub brooklynparkroom hsphd nw hubBrooklyn Park612-373-8690Info
metnet-nhcc 2 brooklynparkroom 2Brooklyn Park651-223-7620Info
co-wright r 1 human svs buffaloroom 1 human svsBuffalo651-205-4577Info
co-wright c 2 buffalocourtroom 2Buffalo651-205-4650Info
co-wright r 158 h264 human srv buffaloroom 158 h264 human srvBuffalo651-215-0561Info
co-wright r em buffaloroom emBuffalo320-229-5463Info
co-wright r govmnt svcs buffaloroom govmnt svcsBuffalo651-205-4576Info
k12-semnet r byronroom rByron507-536-6382Info
co-houston c caledoniaroom cCaledonia651-296-0938Info
co-houston r em caledoniaroom emCaledonia507-285-7307Info
co-houston c hearing room caledoniacourtroom hearing roomCaledonia507-529-2715Info
offnet edu caledoniaroom eduCaledoniaInfo
k12-ecmecc middle school cambridgeroom middle schoolCambridge651-205-4432Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 1 cambridgeroom isanti 1Cambridge651-205-4422Info
co-isanti r em cambridgeroom emCambridge651-215-0833Info
metnet-arcc e221 cambridgeroom e221Cambridge651-223-7633Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 3 cambridgeroom isanti 3Cambridge651-205-4552Info
co-isanti r fmly svc cambridgeroom fmly svcCambridge651-205-4428Info
metnet-arcc e202 cambridgeroom e202Cambridge651-223-7621Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 middle cambridgeportable 2 middleCambridge320-255-2583Info
co-isanti r eoc cambridgeroom eocCambridge651-215-0807Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 5 cambridgeroom isanti 5Cambridge651-223-7795Info
k12-ecmecc r 218 hs cambridgeroom 218 hsCambridge320-229-5461Info
k12-ecmecc isanti o cambridgeroom isanti oCambridge651-223-7686Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 4 cambridgeroom isanti 4Cambridge651-205-4690Info
k12-ecmecc r 111 hs cambridgeroom 111 hsCambridge320-229-5475Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 6 cambridgeroom isanti 6Cambridge651-205-4689Info
co-isanti c 2 cambridgecourtroom 2Cambridge651-205-4655Info
shot-canby 4 canbyroom 4Canby507-529-6168Info
shot-canby 1 canbyroom 1Canby507-529-6166Info
shot-canby 3 canbyroom 3Canby507-529-6169Info
shot-canby 6 canbyroom 6Canby507-536-6365Info
shot-canby 2 canbyroom 2Canby507-529-6167Info
shot-canby 5 canbyroom 5Canby507-536-6364Info
co-carlton r em carltonroom emCarlton218-733-2065Info
co-carlton c carltonroom cCarltonInfo
nets-leechlake r 100 tribal college casslakeroom 100 tribal collegeCass Lake218-773-2046Info
mnit-codian mcu 803 isdn cobroom mcu 803 isdnCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ASW-2x64 cobroom ASW-2x64Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-8 cobroom ACCNQ-8Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit BSW5-128 CH 21-22 cobroom BSW5-128 CH 21-22Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-3 cobroom ACCNQ-3Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit default cobroom defaultCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnitASW5-128 CH 20-21 cobroom CH 20-21Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit -codian mcu 899 isdn cobroom -codian mcu 899 isdnCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-7 cobroom ACCNQ-7Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-1 cobroom ACCNQ-1Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit o mikescarcella coboffice system mikescarcellaCentennial Office Building, St Paul651-205-4936Info
mnit ACCNQ-6 cobroom ACCNQ-6Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit 104a cobroom 104aCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-4 cobroom ACCNQ-4Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-5 cobroom ACCNQ-5Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-9 cobroom ACCNQ-9Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit BSW-2x64 cobroom BSW-2x64Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit -codian mcu 801 isdn cobroom -codian mcu 801 isdnCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit 800 ISDN 5 128k cobroom 800 ISDN 5 128kCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit o mark nelson coboffice system mark nelsonCentennial Office Building, St Paul651-223-7615Info
mnit ASW6-128 CH 22-23 cobroom ASW6-128 CH 22-23Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
co-chisago c 2a centercitycourtroom 2aCenter City651-223-7659Info
co-chisago r centercityroom rCenter City651-223-7658Info
co-carver r em main chaskaroom em mainChaska651-215-0622Info
co-carver c 5 chaskacourtroom 5Chaska651-296-0554Info
co-carver c chaskaroom cChaska651-223-7693Info
offnet-r 1 isdn epa chicagoILroom 1 isdn epachicagoILInfo
offnet-r 2 isdn epa chicagoILroom 2 isdn epachicagoILInfo
k12-cmk12 r media middle chisagoroom media middleChisago320-534-0176Info
k12-ecmecc r rm23 middle chisagoroom rm23 middleChisago320-255-2584Info
k12-ecmecc r itv hs chisagoroom itv hsChisago320-202-0927Info
k12-ecmecc p distric chisagoportable districChisago320-255-2323Info
k12-ecmecc r high library chisagoroom high libraryChisago320-255-2560Info
neat-fdl cloquetroom -Cloquet218-279-2584Info
offnet-r hdc cloquetroom hdcCloquet952-683-7018Info
co-carlton r public health cloquetroom public healthCloquet218-279-2608Info
k12-iasc r greenway coleraineroom greenwayColeraine218-825-6886Info
metnet-arcc r sc270 coonrapidsroom sc270Coon RapidsInfo
metnet-arcc 2 coonrapidsroom 2Coon Rapids651-223-7631Info
metnet-arcc r crmiss coonrapidsroom crmissCoon Rapids651-296-0867Info
metnet-arcc 3 coonrapidsroom 3Coon Rapids651-223-7663Info
metnet-arcc 1 coonrapidsroom 1Coon Rapids651-223-7632Info
metnet-arcc 4 C144 coonrapidsroom 4 C144Coon Rapids651-205-4622Info
co-washington r phe cottagegroveroom pheCottage Grove651-296-0560Info
offnet-r isdn family svs cottonwoodroom isdn family svsCottonInfo
DOT Desk Video St Croixroom Desk Video StCroix651-555-3633Info
nets-umc 5 crookstonroom 5Crookston218-825-6815Info
co-polk c jc cr 4 crookstoncourtroom jc cr 4Crookston218-825-6822Info
peer nwlinks 2 crookstonroom nwlinks 2CrookstonInfo
nets-codian g5 mcu crookstonroom g5 mcuCrookstonInfo
nets-codian g3 mcu crookstonroom g3 mcuCrookstonInfo
co-polk r level 3 rm 340a/b govt ctr crookstonroom level 3 rm 340a/b govt ctrCrookston218-825-6837Info
zayo r northwestern mhc crookstonroom northwestern mhcCrookston218-277-7990Info
nets-umc 4 crookstonroom 4Crookston218-279-2622Info
peer nwlinks 1 crookstonroom nwlinks 1CrookstonInfo
co-polk p 2 jc tcc crookstonportable 2 jc tccCrookston218-733-2092Info
nets-umc 1 crookstonroom 1Crookston218-279-2619Info
peer nwlinks 3 crookstonroom nwlinks 3CrookstonInfo
co-polk c jc cr2 crookstoncourtroom jc cr2Crookston218-825-6821Info
nets-umc 7 crookstonroom 7Crookston218-825-6819Info
peer nwlinks 4 crookstonroom nwlinks 4CrookstonInfo
nets-codian g1 mcu crookstonroom g1 mcuCrookstonInfo
co-polk r public health crookstonroom public healthCrookston218-825-6820Info
peer nwlinks 5 crookstonroom nwlinks 5CrookstonInfo
nets-codian g4 mcu crookstonroom g4 mcuCrookstonInfo
co-polk r 3rd floor govt ctr crookstonroom 3rd floor govt ctrCrookston218-725-7756Info
nets-umc 2 crookstonroom 2Crookston218-279-2620Info
co-polk p 1 jc tcc crookstonportable 1 jc tccCrookston218-733-2063Info
nets-umc 6 crookstonroom 6Crookston218-825-6818Info
nets-codian g2 mcu crookstonroom g2 mcuCrookstonInfo
nets-umc 3 crookstonroom 3Crookston218-279-2621Info
co-polk r em crookstonroom emCrookston218-279-2624Info
k12-cmk12 t crosby hs crosbytraining room crosby hsCrosby320-255-2368Info
zayo r johnson memorial health services dawsonroom johnson memorial health servicesdawson612-230-0820Info
k12-iasc deerriverroom -Deer River218-825-6884Info
co-becker c court detroitlakescourtroom courtDetroit Lakes218-825-6840Info
pca detroitlakesroom -Detroit Lakes218-279-2588Info
nets-msctc r a101b detroitlakesroom a101bDetroit Lakes218-733-2017Info
nets-1 c107 detroitlakesroom c107Detroit Lakes218-279-2626Info
nets-2 108 detroitlakesroom 108Detroit Lakes218-279-2627Info
k12-nwlinks pub lib detroitlakesroom pub libDetroit Lakes218-284-0614Info
co-becker r dhs detroitlakesroom dhsDetroit Lakes218-825-6859Info
co-becker r em detroitlakesroom emDetroit Lakes218-733-2079Info
co-lyon c 3 5th judicial distcourtroom 3 5th judicialdist507-536-6386Info
neat-umd med2 duluthroom med2Duluth218-825-6856Info
offnet-r hdc-1401-main duluthroom hdc-1401-mainDuluth952-683-7016Info
umdvj r 165 med duluthroom 165 medDuluth218-279-2601Info
neat-lsc 1 duluthroom 1Duluth218-279-2581Info
co-stlouis r gsc river room duluthroom gsc river roomDuluth218-525-0876Info
offnet nrri ip duluthroom nrri ipDuluthInfo
k12-nek12 arcc duluthroom arccDuluth218-279-4440Info
neat-lsc p4 duluthroom p4Duluth218-825-6854Info
mdh p 1 duluthportable 1Duluth218-279-2575Info
neat-umd smed duluthroom smedDuluth218-825-6863Info
neat-ndac g4 duluthroom g4DuluthInfo
neat-lsc ertc duluthroom ertcDuluth218-279-2598Info
offnet-r hdc-1406-nhc duluthroom hdc-1406-nhcDuluth952-683-7015Info
offnet-r ip sisu g1 duluthroom ip sisu g1DuluthInfo
neat-ndac g3 duluthroom g3DuluthInfo
neat-umd pharm 3 duluthroom pharm 3Duluth218-279-2590Info
co-stlouis c 2 duluthcourtroom 2Duluth218-279-2611Info
neat-umd r hr duluthroom hrDuluth218-279-2604Info
neat-umd p7 duluthroom p7Duluth218-725-7723Info
neat-umd pharm 6 duluthroom pharm 6Duluth218-725-7755Info
umdvj r med 148 duluthroom med 148Duluth218-279-2602Info
neat-lsc 5 s1981 duluthroom 5 s1981Duluth218-279-2623Info
rev r regional office duluthroom regional officeDuluth218-725-7740Info
offnet-r isdn bridge house duluthroom isdn bridge houseDuluthInfo
neat-ndac 5 duluthroom 5DuluthInfo
neat-umd 2 kirby plaza 173 duluthroom 2 kirby plaza 173Duluth218-279-2647Info
neat-ndac g2 duluthroom g2DuluthInfo
co-stlouis r eoc duluthroom eocDuluth218-279-2625Info
neat-umd p3 duluthroom p3Duluth218-279-2656Info
neat-umd pharm 5 duluthroom pharm 5Duluth218-825-6861Info
neat-umd p6 duluthroom p6Duluth218-825-6862Info
offnet ardc duluthroom ardcDuluthInfo
offnet-r ip essentia health duluthroom ip essentia healthDuluthInfo
neat-lsc airport duluthroom airportDuluth218-279-2599Info
offnet-r ip stepping stones duluthroom ip stepping stonesDuluthInfo
neat-umd pharm 1 duluthroom pharm 1Duluth218-279-2591Info
pca duluthroom -Duluth218-279-2586Info
neat-umd pharm 2 duluthroom pharm 2Duluth218-279-2592Info
mdh r duluthroom rDuluth218-279-2606Info
co-stlouis r gsc 5th large duluthroom gsc 5th largeDuluth218-279-2610Info
neat-umd 1 lib 410 duluthroom 1 lib 410Duluth218-279-2646Info
oah r admin hearings h264 duluthroom admin hearings h264Duluth218-828-2790Info
neat-umd pharm 4 duluthroom pharm 4Duluth218-279-2657Info
doli p conference duluthportable conferenceDuluth218-733-2019Info
neat-ndac g1 duluthroom g1DuluthInfo
offnet edu school dist duluthroom edu school distDuluthInfo
umdvj r med 179 duluthroom med 179Duluth218-279-2600Info
co-stlouis r GSC 7th large duluthroom GSC 7th largeDuluth218-825-6875Info
offnet-r ip blue cross/blue shield eaganroom ip blue cross/blue shieldEaganInfo
rev r Sales and Income Tax eaganroom Sales and Income TaxEagan651-205-4716Info
k12-soc r sibley eastarlingtonroom sibleyEast Arlington954-400-2612Info
k12-nwlinks egfroom -East Grand Forks 218-284-0626Info
co-polk r 5 social svs eastgrandforksroom 5 social svsEast Grand Forks218-825-6823Info
nets-nctc northland mnscu ip egfroom northland mnscu ipEast Grand Forks Info
nets-nctc r eastgrandforksroom rEast Grand ForksInfo
nets-nctc 1 237 egfroom 1 237East Grand Forks 218-279-2628Info
nets-nctc 3 106 egfroom 3 106East Grand Forks 218-279-2630Info
nets-nctc 2 436 egfroom 2 436East Grand Forks 218-279-2629Info
metnet-htc 2 edenprairieroom 2Eden Prairie651-223-7638Info
metnet-htc 3 edenprairieroom 3Eden Prairie651-223-7688Info
offnet o video guidance edenprairieoffice system video guidanceEden PrairieInfo
metnet-htc 1 edenprairieroom 1Eden Prairie651-223-7639Info
co-hennepin c southdale edinacourtroom southdaleEdina612-373-8682Info
k12-edina normandale elem edinaroom normandale elemEdina651-223-7790Info
rev r Sales and Income Tax edinaroom Sales and Income TaxEdina651-205-4673Info
k12-edina r dmts edinaroom dmtsEdina651-223-7791Info
mnscu-t 7700 france suite 319 edinaroom 7700 france suite 319Edina651-205-4876Info
co-grant r em elbowlakeroom emElbow Lake320-229-5464Info
co-grant c elbowlakeroom cElbow Lake218-825-6836Info
k12-ecmecc r erhs itv1 elkriverroom erhs itv1Elk River320-229-5482Info
co-sherburne r em elkriverroom emElk River651-215-0727Info
mdh r ellisroom rellis651-296-1170Info
offnet-r ip ysi elmore academy elmoreroom ip ysi elmore academyelmoreInfo
neat-vcc 3 elyroom 3Ely218-279-2642Info
rev r Burntside elyroom BurntsideEly218-825-6874Info
co-stlouis r gsc elyroom gscEly218-825-6969Info
newan - elyroom -Ely218-279-4443Info
rev r Pioneer elyroom PioneerEly218-725-7757Info
neat-vcc 1 elyroom 1Ely218-279-2640Info
neat-vcc 2 elyroom 2Ely218-279-2641Info
rev r Basswood West elyroom Basswood WestEly218-825-6853Info
co-hennepin r pw medina eoc01room pw medinaeoc01612-373-8687Info
co-hennepin r pw medina eoc02room pw medinaeoc02612-373-8688Info
co-hennepin p pw medina eoc03portable pw medinaeoc03612-373-8616Info
k12-cmets r main floor evansvilleroom main floorEvansville218-733-2108Info
k12-cmets r evansvilleroom rEvansville320-534-6765Info
k12-cmets r math evansvilleroom mathEvansville218-733-2091Info
mnscu-OOC evelethroom -Eveleth651-205-4881Info
neat-mesabi 1 evelethroom 1Eveleth218-279-2638Info
co-martin r 1 human services fairmontroom 1 human servicesFairmont507-536-6323Info
k12-soc r fairmontroom rFairmont952-400-2633Info
shot-smec 1 fairmontroom 1Fairmont507-536-6329Info
co-martin r em fairmontroom emFairmont507-280-2894Info
shot-smec 2 fairmontroom 2Fairmont507-536-6330Info
k12-soc r martin county fairmontroom martin countyFairmont952-400-2633Info
co-martin c a fairmontcourtroom aFairmont507-529-2768Info
co-martin c 2 fairmontcourtroom 2Fairmont507-529-6233Info
offnet-r ip sanford healthcare fargoroom ip sanford healthcareFargo, North DakotaInfo
zayo r prairiestjohns fargoroom prairiestjohnsFargo, North DakotaInfo
offnet edu fargo school dist ip FargoNDroom edu fargo school dist ipFargoNDInfo
offnet edu fargo school dist ip FargoNDroom edu fargo school dist ipFargoNDInfo
co-rice c courtroom 1 faribaultcourtroom courtroom 1Faribault507-536-6334Info
comet-sctc 5 b106 faribaultroom 5 b106Faribault507-529-6196Info
deaf t faribaultroom tFaribault507-529-6203Info
co-rice r gsc 3a faribaultroom gsc 3aFaribault507-529-6258Info
comet-sctc r library periodical faribaultroom library periodicalFaribault507-536-6361Info
comet-sctc 3 c111 faribaultroom 3 c111Faribault507-285-7421Info
co-rice r social services faribaultroom social servicesFaribault507-536-6317Info
co-rice c courtroom 2 faribaultcourtroom courtroom 2Faribault507-536-6335Info
co-rice c courtroom 3 faribaultcourtroom courtroom 3Faribault507-536-6326Info
comet-sctc 4 c115 faribaultroom 4 c115Faribault507-285-7418Info
co-rice r em faribaultroom emFaribault651-296-0723Info
comet-sctc r conference faribaultroom conferenceFaribault507-529-6189Info
co-ottertail p 1 government svs fergusfallsportable 1 government svsFergus Falls218-825-6893Info
nets-msctc 4 comp fergusfallsroom 4 compFergus Falls218-525-0874Info
nets-msctc 1 510 fergusfallsroom 1 510Fergus Falls218-279-2631Info
mdh r fergusfallsroom rFergus Falls218-825-6839Info
co-ottertail r em fergusfallsroom emFergus Falls320-229-5476Info
k12-nwlinks lakescountry fergusfallsroom lakescountryFergus Falls218-284-0609Info
mdh p 1 fergusfallsportable 1Fergus Falls218-828-2640Info
nets-msctc 2 512 fergusfallsroom 2 512Fergus Falls218-279-2632Info
co-ottertail c 2 courts fergusfallscourtroom 2 courtsFergus Falls218-825-6843Info
nets-msctc 3 comp fergusfallsroom 3 compFergus Falls218-525-0873Info
offnet-r ip lakeland mental health center fergusfallsroom ip lakeland mental health centerFergus FallsInfo
k12-ecmecc r 2 eastcentral finlaysonroom 2 eastcentralFinlayson320-229-5441Info
k12-ecmecc r high hinckley finlaysonroom high hinckleyFinlayson320-255-2534Info
k12-ecmecc p east central finlaysonportable east centralFinlayson320-534-6760Info
k12-ecmecc r 328 hs eastcentral finlaysonroom 328 hs eastcentralFinlayson320-202-0928Info
co-benton r human services foleyroom human servicesFoley320-255-2343Info
co-benton c courtroom foleycourtroom courtroomFoley320-534-0177Info
co-washington r phe forestlakeroom pheForest Lake651-205-4551Info
MDVA St .Paul Valley Forgeroom St .Paul ValleyForge651-215-0566Info
co-sibley r em gaylordroom emGaylord507-285-7364Info
co-sibley c courtrm 1 gaylordcourtroom courtrm 1Gaylord320-255-2362Info
co-sibley r mnscha gaylordroom mnschaGaylord507-237-7050Info
MDVA St.Paul Gettysburgroom St.PaulGettysburg651-296-1296Info
zayo r regional health glencoeroom regional healthGlencoe612-230-0580Info
co-mcleod c 2 courts glencoecourtroom 2 courtsGlencoe320-534-0179Info
co-mcleod c 3 glencoecourtroom 3Glencoe320-534-6766Info
co-mcleod c 2 glencoecourtroom 2Glencoe320-534-6755Info
co-mcleod r 1 primewest glencoeroom 1 primewestGlencoe320-255-2365Info
co-mcleod r em glencoeroom emGlencoe507-285-7427Info
co-pope r public health glenwoodroom public healthGlenwood320-255-2347Info
co-pope c 8th dist. glenwoodcourtroom 8th dist.Glenwood320-534-0190Info
co-pope r em glenwoodroom emGlenwood320-229-5470Info
co-hennepin p sheriff dspthctr goldenvalleyportable sheriff dspthctrGolden Valley612-373-8678Info
zayo r volunteers of america mn goldenvalleyroom volunteers of america mnGolden Valley763-230-9020Info
co-hennepin p sheriff shcomm rm 41 goldenvalleyportable sheriff shcomm rm 41Golden Valley612-373-8652Info
logis r west conf goldenvalleyroom west confGolden Valley651-296-1142Info
wetc r good itv2 goodhueroom good itv2goodhue507-555-3970Info
k12-wetc r itv1 goodhueroom itv1goodhue952-516-8845Info
wetc r good itv2 goodhueroom good itv2goodhue507-555-3969Info
k12-wetc r itv2 goodhueroom itv2goodhue952-516-8846Info
k12-soc r goodhueroom rgoodhueInfo
neat-cook r he214 grandmaraisroom he214Grand Marais218-825-6899Info
co-cook r 1 grandmaraisroom 1Grand Marais218-279-2649Info
co-cook r phs itv grandmaraisroom phs itvGrand Marais218-825-6865Info
co-cook c grandmaraisroom cGrand Marais218-828-2637Info
co-cook r em grandmaraisroom emGrand Marais218-733-2109Info
neat-cook r he114 grandmaraisroom he114Grand Marais218-825-6860Info
neat-cook r comm ctr grandportageroom comm ctrGrand Portage218-733-2020Info
dnr r grandrapidsroom rGrand Rapids218-825-6868Info
co-itasca p courtroom grandrapidsportable courtroomGrand Rapids218-279-2585Info
neat-icc 1 grandrapidsroom 1Grand Rapids218-279-2645Info
neat-icc 2 t132 grandrapidsroom 2 t132Grand Rapids218-825-6855Info
neat-ncroc grandrapidsroom -Grand Rapids218-279-2650Info
co-itasca r human services grandrapidsroom human servicesGrand Rapids218-825-6975Info
zayo r municipal hospital manor granitefallsroom municipal hospital manorGranite Falls320-441-6150Info
mnscu-mnwctc r 2 granitefallsroom 2Granite Falls320-255-2349Info
co-yellowmedicine c 2 granitefallscourtroom 2Granite Falls507-529-2733Info
shot-grf 3 granitefallsroom 3Granite Falls320-534-6742Info
shot-grf 1 granitefallsroom 1Granite Falls320-534-6740Info
zayo r acmc granitefallsroom acmcGranite Falls320-313-1130Info
mnscu-grf 1 granitefallsroom 1Granite Falls320-534-6743Info
shot-grf 4 granitefallsroom 4Granite Falls320-534-6744Info
co-yellowmedicine r em granitefallsroom emGranite Falls507-285-7380Info
shot-grf 2 granitefallsroom 2Granite Falls320-534-6741Info
co-yellowmedicine c granitefallsroom cGranite Falls320-534-6751Info
mnscu r 108c conf granitefallsroom 108c confGranite Falls320-229-5469Info
shot-mnwest ip granitefallsroom ipGranite FallsInfo
offnet-r ip project turnabout granitefallsroom ip project turnaboutGranite FallsInfo
k12-lctn acgc grovecityroom acgcGrove City320-534-6733Info
k12-nwlinks hs gryglaroom hsGrygla218-284-0645Info
co-ramsey p 3 human services stpaul H264portable 3 human services stpaulH264651-205-4688Info
co-kittson r hallockroom rHallock218-725-7744Info
k12-nwlinks kittson central hallockroom kittson centralHallock218-284-0653Info
offnet-r ip kittson memorial healthcare center hallockroom ip kittson memorial healthcare centerHallockInfo
co-kittson r em hallockroom emHallock218-825-6714Info
co-kittson c hallockroom cHallock218-825-6831Info
k12-nwlinks hs hancockroom hsHancock218-284-0617Info
zayo r zumbro mhc harmonyroom zumbro mhcHarmony612-230-0610Info
co-dakota r adc_1A hastingsroom adc_1AHastings651-296-0829Info
co-dakota c 2e hastingscourtroom 2eHastings651-223-7781Info
co-dakota c south conf hastingscourtroom south confHastings651-296-0841Info
co-dakota r 3 hastingsroom 3Hastings651-223-7782Info
co-dakota p eoc Cart hastingsportable eoc CartHastings651-296-0993Info
co-dakota c iccr hastingscourtroom iccrHastings651-205-4396Info
co-dakota c 2 juvenille hastingscourtroom 2 juvenilleHastings651-215-0574Info
co-dakota c 1b hastingscourtroom 1bHastings651-205-4402Info
co-dakota r adc 3a hastingsroom adc 3aHastings651-296-0551Info
offnet-r ip range mhc hibbingroom ip range mhcHibbingInfo
neat-hib 4 cccr hibbingroom 4 cccrHibbing218-279-2654Info
neat-nhac g2 hibbingroom g2HibbingInfo
peer nek12 4 hibbingroom nek12 4HibbingInfo
neat-nhac g3 hibbingroom g3HibbingInfo
peer nek12 5 hibbingroom nek12 5HibbingInfo
neat-hib 1 hibbingroom 1Hibbing218-279-2651Info
mnscu-hcc5 hibbingroom -Hibbing218-279-2655Info
neat-hib 7 conference hibbingroom 7 conferenceHibbing218-279-4477Info
mnscu-hcc3 hibbingroom -Hibbing218-279-2653Info
neat-hib 8 c206 hibbingroom 8 c206Hibbing218-279-2648Info
co-stlouis c portable hibbingcourtroom portableHibbing218-828-2435Info
neat-hib 6 roberta hibbingroom 6 robertaHibbing218-279-4475Info
neat-nhac g1 hibbingroom g1HibbingInfo
dnr r hibbingroom rHibbing218-725-7733Info
peer nek12 1 hibbingroom nek12 1HibbingInfo
offnet-r ip range regional health services hibbingroom ip range regional health servicesHibbingInfo
peer nek12 2 hibbingroom nek12 2HibbingInfo
peer nek12 3 hibbingroom nek12 3HibbingInfo
neat-tandberg mcu hibbingroom mcuHibbing218-279-2593Info
co-stlouis r phhs hibbingroom phhsHibbing218-825-6976Info
mnscu-hcc2 hibbingroom -Hibbing218-279-2652Info
neat-nhac g4 hibbingroom g4HibbingInfo
k12-iasc r hillcityroom rHill City218-825-6888Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary hinckleyportable elementaryHinckley320-255-2533Info
k12-ecmecc p hs hinckleyportable hsHinckley320-534-6770Info
k12-ecmecc r 137 hs hinckleyroom 137 hsHinckley320-202-0934Info
ecmecc r 313 hs hinckleyroom 313 hsHinckley320-229-5474Info
k12-ecmecc r 315 hs hinckleyroom 315 hsHinckleyInfo
MDVA Silver Bay Veterans Homeroom Silver Bay VeteransHome218-725-7751Info
MDVA Luverne Vet Homeroom Luverne VetHome507-285-7365Info
MDVA Fergus Falls Vet Homeroom Fergus Falls VetHome218-733-2026Info
MDVA Hastings Vet Homeroom Hastings VetHome651-296-0713Info
co-hennepin r hsphd hopkinsroom hsphdHopkins612-373-8612Info
co-hennepin r 233 hsphd west hub hopkinsroom hsphd west hubHopkins612-373-8694Info
co-hennepin r pw eoc hopkinsroom pw eocHopkins612-373-8608Info
offnet ISDN Henn Co CHD Hopkinsroom ISDN Henn Co CHDHopkinsInfo
shot-rdg 2 hutchinsonroom 2Hutchinson320-534-6715Info
cmdln-rch 06 hutchinsonroom 06Hutchinson320-255-2339Info
shot-rdg library 130e hutchinsonroom library 130eHutchinson320-746-8003Info
k12-lctn royer ip hutchinsonroom royer ipHutchinsonInfo
shot-rdg 3 hutchinsonroom 3Hutchinson320-534-6716Info
shot-rdg 1 hutchinsonroom 1Hutchinson320-534-6714Info
shot-rdg 4 hutchinsonroom 4Hutchinson320-534-6720Info
k12-lctn codian hutchinsonroom codianHutchinsonInfo
shot-rdg 6 hutchinsonroom 6Hutchinson320-746-8004Info
k12-lctn g1 hutchinsonroom g1Hutchinson320-534-6731Info
shot-rdg 5 hutchinsonroom 5Hutchinson320-534-6732Info
offnet ICN ip IAroom ICN ipIAInfo
neat-rrc 1 intfallsroom 1International Falls218-279-2643Info
neat-rrc 2 intfallsroom 2International Falls218-279-2644Info
k12-nek12 international falls hs intfallsroom international falls hsInternational Falls218-279-4481Info
mnscu-iftc intfallsroom -International Falls218-279-2605Info
co-koochiching c intfallsroom cInternational Falls218-279-2583Info
co-koochiching r em intfallsroom emInternational Falls218-733-2055Info
co-koochiching r hs intfallsroom hsInternational Falls218-828-2353Info
metnet-ihcc 2 invergroveheightsroom 2Inver Grove Heights651-223-7624Info
metnet-ihcc 1 invergroveheightsroom 1Inver Grove Heights651-223-7634Info
k12-ecmecc p intermediate isantiportable intermediateIsanti320-255-2582Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 cambridge isantiportable 2 cambridgeIsanti651-205-4401Info
k12-ecmecc r middle isantiroom middleIsanti651-205-4501Info
k12-ecmecc p middle isantiportable middleIsanti320-255-2586Info
offnet edu isle hs isleroom edu isle hsIsleInfo
offnet edu isle hs isleroom edu isle hsIsleInfo
co-lincoln r em ivanhoeroom emIvanhoe507-285-7372Info
co-lincoln c ivanhoeroom cIvanhoe507-529-6216Info
co-jackson c b jacksoncourtroom bJackson507-529-6234Info
co-jackson r em jacksonroom emJackson651-296-0875Info
mnscu-p jtc jacksonroom jtcJackson507-536-6366Info
mnscu-jtc 3 jacksonroom 3Jackson507-536-6367Info
shot-jtc 4 jacksonroom 4Jackson507-529-6182Info
shot-jtc 1 jacksonroom 1Jackson507-529-6180Info
shot-jtc 2 jacksonroom 2Jackson507-529-6181Info
shot-jtc 3 jacksonroom 3Jackson507-280-5051Info
k12-socrates janesville hs janesvilleroom janesville hsJanesville507-344-9340Info
k12-soc r hs janesvilleroom hsJanesville952-400-2613Info
co-scott r trng ctr jordanroom trng ctrJordan651-296-1089Info
supreme court p 2 judicialroom court p 2Judicial Building, St Paul MN651-205-2488Info
supreme r g06 judicialroom g06Judicial Building, St Paul MN651-205-4287Info
appeals c 200 h264 judicialcourtroom 200 h264Judicial Building, St Paul MN651-556-7977Info
k12-nwlinks tri county karlstadroom tri countyKarlstad218-284-0701Info
k12-wetc r itv2 kenyonroom itv2Kenyon952-516-8849Info
k12-wetc r itv1 kenyonroom itv1Kenyon952-516-8848Info
offnet edu KenyonTwiteroom eduKenyonTwiteInfo
offnet-r ip desktop k johnson kittsonroom ip desktop k johnsonkittsonInfo
el dorado corrections KSroom dorado correctionsKSInfo
DHS R L6146 Lafayetteroom R L6146Lafayette952-529-7718Info
DHS R L3146 Lafayetteroom R L3146Lafayette952-529-7719Info
shot-lam 2 lambertonroom 2Lamberton507-529-6206Info
shot-lam 1 lambertonroom 1Lamberton507-529-6205Info
co-lesueur r 1 human svs lecenterroom 1 human svsLe Center507-285-7405Info
co-lesueur c 2 lecentercourtroom 2Le Center507-529-6243Info
co-lesueur r 2 human svs lecenterroom 2 human svsLe Center507-285-7378Info
co-lesueur c 1 lecentercourtroom 1Le Center507-529-6242Info
co-lesueur r em lecenterroom emLe Center651-296-1183Info
co-lesueur c 2 lecentercourtroom 2Le Center507-529-6242Info
co-cass c leechlakeroom cLeech Lake218-825-0886Info
offnet ne videoconf network LincolnNEroom ne videoconf networkLincolnNEInfo
co-meeker r 1 social svs litchfieldroom 1 social svsLitchfield320-255-2317Info
co-meeker c 2 litchfieldcourtroom 2Litchfield320-534-0178Info
co-meeker r community a litchfieldroom community aLitchfield320-255-2330Info
co-meeker r em litchfieldroom emLitchfield320-229-5480Info
offnet edu hs ip littlefallsroom edu hs ipLittle FallsInfo
co-morrison r mnscha littlefallsroom mnschaLittle FallsInfo
co-morrison r em littlefallsroom emLittle Falls320-229-5486Info
co-morrison c itv littlefallscourtroom itvLittle Falls320-534-6759Info
co-todd r scha longprairieroom schaLong PrairieInfo
co-todd c 7th judicial longprairiecourtroom 7th judicialLong Prairie320-534-6754Info
co-todd r em longprairieroom emLong Prairie320-202-6451Info
co-rock r em luverneroom emLu Verne507-285-7379Info
co-rock c luverneroom cLu Verne507-529-6218Info
zayo r hospital madeliaroom hospitalMadelia612-230-0670Info
co-lac qui parle EOC madisonroom qui parle EOCMadison320-255-2351Info
co-lac qui parle c madisonroom qui parle cMadison320-534-6749Info
co-mahnomen r em mahnomenroom emMahnomen218-733-2076Info
co-mahnomen c mahnomenroom cMahnomen218-825-6830Info
co-mahnomen p hs mahnomenportable hsMahnomen218-825-6706Info
co-blueearth c a/b mankatocourtroom a/bMankato507-529-6256Info
co-blueearth r mh5 mankatoroom mh5Mankato507-285-7397Info
comet-msu p1 mankatoroom p1Mankato507-280-3159Info
zayo r horizon homes mankatoroom horizon homesMankato612-230-0300Info
peer socrates 5 mankatoroom socrates 5MankatoInfo
comet-scc r 220 north mankatoroom 220 northMankato507-280-5015Info
k12-soc r conference b scsc mankatoroom conference b scscMankato952-400-8838Info
k12-soc r 2075-1 scsc mankatoroom 2075-1 scscMankato952-400-2620Info
k12-soc r traverse des souix mankatoroom traverse des souixMankato952-400-2611Info
comet-msu 5 ml94b mankatoroom 5 ml94bMankato507-280-3560Info
comet-msu 3 ml2042 mankatoroom 3 ml2042Mankato507-529-6179Info
k12-soc r conference a scsc mankatoroom conference a scscMankato952-400-8837Info
rev r Regional Office mankatoroom Regional OfficeMankato218-825-6864Info
co-blueearth r 4 BEC mankatoroom 4 BECMankato507-285-7174Info
peer socrates 3 mankatoroom socrates 3MankatoInfo
k12-soc r conference d scsc mankatoroom conference d scscMankato952-516-8839Info
k12-soc r conference c scsc mankatoroom conference c scscMankato952-516-8840Info
peer socrates 4 mankatoroom socrates 4MankatoInfo
co-blueearth r mh4 mankatoroom mh4Mankato507-285-7396Info
peer socrates 2 mankatoroom socrates 2MankatoInfo
co-blueearth r em mankatoroom emMankato507-285-7367Info
co-blueearth r crisis center sos rtc mankatoroom crisis center sos rtcMankato507-536-6322Info
co-blueearth 5th admin mankatoroom 5th adminMankato507-529-2703Info
pca mankatoroom -Mankato507-529-6239Info
co-blueearth r mh3 mankatoroom mh3Mankato507-285-7395Info
comet-msu 2 3013 mankatoroom 2 3013Mankato507-529-6178Info
co-blueearth c a/b mankatocourtroom a/bMankato507-529-6256Info
k12-soc r 2075-3 scsc mankatoroom 2075-3 scscMankato952-516-8836Info
co-blueearth r mh2 mankatoroom mh2Mankato507-285-7394Info
co-blueearth r 3 river room mankatoroom 3 river roomMankato507-529-6257Info
co-blueearth r mh1 mankatoroom mh1Mankato507-285-7393Info
co-blueearth r 5 jail mankatoroom 5 jailMankato507-536-6324Info
mdh p 1 mankatoportable 1Mankato507-285-7356Info
k12-soc r 2075-2 scsc mankatoroom 2075-2 scscMankato952-400-2621Info
doli r conference mankatoroom conferenceMankato507-285-7387Info
mnscu-CSU mankatoroom -Mankato507-529-6177Info
mdh r mankatoroom rMankato507-529-6249Info
co-blueearth c room e mankatocourtroom room eMankato507-285-7162Info
peer socrates 1 mankatoroom socrates 1MankatoInfo
co-blueearth p jail mankatoportable jailMankato507-529-6280Info
comet-msu 4 ah322 mankatoroom 4 ah322Mankato507-280-3575Info
co-dodge r em mantorvilleroom emMantorville651-296-1098Info
co-dodge c hearing mantorvillecourtroom hearingMantorville507-285-7385Info
co-dodge c mantorvilleroom cMantorville507-280-5589Info
zayo r mn prairie dodge mantorvilleroom mn prairie dodgeMantorville612-230-0290Info
shot o FH Beth W marshalloffice system FH Beth WMarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 7 marshallroom 7MarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 3 marshallroom 3Marshall507-529-6209Info
offnet-r ip edu itv marshallroom ip edu itvMarshallInfo
co-lyon c 1 5th judicial dist marshallcourtroom 1 5th judicial distMarshall507-536-6332Info
mdh p 1 marshallportable 1Marshall507-285-7388Info
offnet-r 2 ip edu swsc marshallroom 2 ip edu swscMarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 2 marshallroom 2Marshall507-529-6208Info
co-lyon r itv marshallroom itvMarshall507-529-6231Info
co-lyon c 2 courts 5th marshallcourtroom 2 courts 5thMarshall507-529-6255Info
shot-smsu r 6 IL-164 marshallroom 6 IL-164Marshall507-529-6212Info
rev r marshallroom rMarshall507-366-6327Info
shot-smsu r 5 marshallroom 5Marshall507-529-6211Info
shot-smsu r 4 marshallroom 4Marshall507-529-6210Info
pca marshallroom -Marshall507-529-6240Info
shot-smsu r 8 marshallroom 8Marshall507-536-6376Info
co-lyon r em marshallroom emMarshall507-280-2873Info
shot-smsu r 9 marshallroom 9Marshall507-536-6377Info
shot-smsu r 10 marshallroom 10MarshallInfo
offnet-r 2 ip avera-mckennon marshallroom 2 ip avera-mckennonMarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 1 marshallroom 1Marshall507-529-6207Info
shot-smsu o beth w marshalloffice system beth wMarshall507-536-6378Info
mdh r marshallroom rMarshall507-529-6250Info
offnet-r 1 ip edu swsc marshallroom 1 ip edu swscMarshallInfo
co-polk r 4 social svs mcintoshroom 4 social svsmcintosh218-825-6814Info
co-polk r pcph mcintoshroom pcphmcintosh218-825-6884Info
ecmecc r braham mediaroom brahammedia320-202-0925Info
k12-cmets r 2 melroseroom 2Melrose320-255-2314Info
k12-cmets r melroseroom rMelrose320-534-6766Info
k12-cmets p hs1 melroseportable hs1Melrose218-825-6709Info
k12-cmets p hs2 melroseportable hs2Melrose218-825-6707Info
co-millelacs r em milacaroom emMilaca320-229-5483Info
k12-ecmecc p 1 milacaportable 1Milaca320-255-2525Info
k12-ecmecc r media milacaroom mediaMilaca320-534-6713Info
co-millelacs c milacaroom cMilaca320-534-6753Info
co-millelacs r comm & vets svs milacaroom comm & vets svsMilaca320-255-2305Info
zayo r millelacs academy millelacsroom millelacs academyMille Lacs320-738-5990Info
offnet edu uw MilwaukeeWIroom edu uwMilwaukeeWIInfo
co-hennepin p sheriff cityhall rm4 mplsportable sheriff cityhall rm4Minneapolis612-373-8623Info
umn r wdh 5140e nursing mplsroom wdh 5140e nursingMinneapolis651-223-7749Info
umn r 50 coffey mplsroom 50 coffeyMinneapolis651-223-7711Info
umn tc3 mplsroom tc3Minneapolis651-223-7652Info
co-hennepin p hcgc a504 mplsportable hcgc a504Minneapolis651-373-8675Info
umn r cphp 350 plaza mplsroom cphp 350 plazaMinneapolis651-223-7726Info
co-hennepin r b51 fjc mplsroom b51 fjcMinneapolis612-373-8670Info
umn r mayo b645 mplsroom mayo b645Minneapolis651-223-7722Info
co-hennepin r hcgc a1911 mplsroom hcgc a1911Minneapolis612-373-8659Info
umn r 2204 trf mplsroom 2204 trfMinneapolis651-223-7741Info
umn tc t 8348 dentistry mplsroom tc t 8348 dentistryMinneapolis651-205-4930Info
metnet-umn rm 5110 wdh mplsroom 5110 wdhMinneapolis651-223-7735Info
umn r 12-208 pwd mplsroom 12-208 pwdMinneapolis651-223-7745Info
umn tc9 mplsroom tc9Minneapolis651-205-4329Info
offnet-r ip ucare mplsroom ip ucareMinneapolisInfo
metnet-mctc 2 mplsroom 2Minneapolis651-223-7640Info
co-hennepin r crtfms mplsroom crtfmsMinneapolis612-373-8622Info
umn r 401 coffey mplsroom 401 coffeyMinneapolis651-223-7714Info
umn r tmj clinic mplsroom tmj clinicMinneapolis651-223-7730Info
co-hennepin p hcgc 1830 mplsportable hcgc 1830Minneapolis612-373-8637Info
offnet edu public schools mplsroom edu public schoolsMinneapolisInfo
co-hennepin r 1800 chicago s202 hsphd mplsroom 1800 chicago s202 hsphdMinneapolis612-373-8640Info
offnet-r ip hcmc mplsroom ip hcmcMinneapolisInfo
umn p1450 ahc moose tower mplsroom p1450 ahc moose towerMinneapolis651-223-7747Info
co-hennepin p hsb 313 mplsportable hsb 313Minneapolis612-373-8680Info
umn r ed science 325 mplsroom ed science 325Minneapolis651-223-7758Info
umn r wdh 6-194 mplsroom wdh 6-194Minneapolis651-223-7715Info
zayo r fraser childrens mental health mplsroom fraser childrens mental healthMinneapolis612-230-0620Info
umn r trf 3204 mplsroom trf 3204Minneapolis651-223-7742Info
umn r moos 11 mplsroom moos 11Minneapolis651-223-7759Info
co-hennepin c 1222 hcgc mplscourtroom 1222 hcgcMinneapolis612-373-8614Info
umn r 1450e ab moose tower mplsroom 1450e ab moose towerMinneapolis651-223-7748Info
umn r 4154 phillips mplsroom 4154 phillipsMinneapolis651-223-7755Info
umn r oit 203 johnston mplsroom oit 203 johnstonMinneapolis651-223-7721Info
metnet-umn rm 7115 wdh mplsroom 7115 wdhMinneapolis651-223-7732Info
mnit henncostrmserver 1 noc mplsroom henncostrmserver 1 nocMinneapolisInfo
umn r 107 masonic mplsroom 107 masonicMinneapolis651-223-7731Info
umn r 5-130 wdh mplsroom 5-130 wdhMinneapolis651-223-7728Info
co-hennepin r hsphd north hub minneapolisroom hsphd north hubMinneapolis613-373-8612Info
co-hennepin p sheriff grainex rm664 mplsportable sheriff grainex rm664Minneapolis612-373-8651Info
co-hennepin r hsphd a1713 mplsroom hsphd a1713Minneapolis612-373-8620Info
umn tc7 mplsroom tc7Minneapolis651-223-7656Info
co-hennepin c 187 jjc mplscourtroom 187 jjcMinneapolis612-373-8647Info
co-hennepin p sheriff cityhall rm30 mplsportable sheriff cityhall rm30Minneapolis612-373-8648Info
co-hennepin r sheriff psf trainingrm mplsroom sheriff psf trainingrmMinneapolis612-373-8658Info
umn r mayo b646 mplsroom mayo b646Minneapolis651-223-7716Info
co-hennepin r home school mplsroom home schoolMinneapolis612-373-8631Info
co-hennepin c family jc mplscourtroom family jcMinneapolis612-373-8681Info
umn r 8-488 child rehab mplsroom 8-488 child rehabMinneapolis651-223-7717Info
umn tc5 mplsroom tc5Minneapolis651-223-7654Info
umn r mayo auditorium mplsroom mayo auditoriumMinneapolis651-223-7751Info
umn r lhi boardroom mplsroom lhi boardroomMinneapolis651-223-7725Info
umn r 1450e ah moose tower mplsroom 1450e ah moose towerMinneapolis651-223-7738Info
umn r 305a (conf rm) mplsroom 305a (conf rm)Minneapolis651-223-7746Info
umn r 2218 155 mplsroom 2218 155Minneapolis651-223-7769Info
umn r 100 murphy mplsroom 100 murphyMinneapolis651-223-7754Info
umn r 262 mondale mplsroom 262 mondaleMinneapolis651-223-7724Info
offnet-r ip tandberg mplsroom ip tandbergMinneapolisInfo
umn tc8 mplsroom tc8Minneapolis651-223-7657Info
co-hennepin p pw esb mplsportable pw esbMinneapolis612-373-8628Info
zayo r peopleinc isn huss minneapolisroom peopleinc isn hussMinneapolis612-230-0650Info
umn r 7 135 pharmacy mplsroom 7 135 pharmacyMinneapolis651-223-7710Info
co-hennepin r obf rma2313 mplsroom obf rma2313Minneapolis612-373-8653Info
umn tc2 mplsroom tc2Minneapolis651-223-7651Info
umn tc4 mplsroom tc4Minneapolis651-223-7653Info
umn rm AHC Moos 1-450 mplsroom AHC Moos 1-450Minneapolis651-223-7739Info
co-hennepin p 1 hcgc mplsportable 1 hcgcMinneapolis612-373-8625Info
offnet-r isdn va med ctr mplsroom isdn va med ctrMinneapolisInfo
umn r 262 reheb mplsroom 262 rehebMinneapolis651-223-7761Info
umn rm Tandberg-03924424 mplsroom Tandberg-03924424Minneapolis651-223-7733Info
co-hennepin p hcgc a2350 mplsportable hcgc a2350Minneapolis612-373-8618Info
umn tc10 mplsroom tc10Minneapolis651-205-4621Info
co-hennepin p 201 mhp grainex mplsportable 201 mhp grainexMinneapolis612-373-8683Info
umn tc6 mplsroom tc6Minneapolis651-223-7655Info
metnet-mctc 1 T2305 mplsroom 1 T2305Minneapolis651-223-7641Info
umn r cancer ctr mplsroom cancer ctrMinneapolis651-223-7750Info
offnet st marys u of m mplsroom st marys u of mMinneapolisInfo
umn r 672 psych mplsroom 672 psychMinneapolis651-223-7756Info
umn r unknown 01 mplsroom unknown 01Minneapolis651-223-7734Info
offnet edu metro ecsu mplsroom edu metro ecsuMinneapolisInfo
co-hennepin r it hcgc auditorium mplsroom it hcgc auditoriumMinneapolis612-373-8671Info
offnet-r ip allina hospital mplsroom ip allina hospitalMinneapolisInfo
zayo r peopleinc dmhs/dsl minneapolisroom peopleinc dmhs/dslMinneapolis612-230-0640Info
umn tc mayo a301 mplsroom tc mayo a301Minneapolis651-223-7752Info
co-hennepin p c459 hcgc mplsportable c459 hcgcMinneapolis612-373-8629Info
umn r 2122ab mcb mplsroom 2122ab mcbMinneapolis651-223-7736Info
umn r 7-193 pharmacy mplsroom 7-193 pharmacyMinneapolis651-223-7727Info
umn r 15-103 pwb mplsroom 15-103 pwbMinneapolis651-223-7762Info
umn r 640 rarig mplsroom 640 rarigMinneapolis651-223-7723Info
umn r 1046 morrill mplsroom 1046 morrillMinneapolis651-223-7729Info
metnet-msu 2 mplsroom 2Minneapolis651-223-7619Info
offnet-r ip fairview hlth svs mplsroom ip fairview hlth svsMinneapolisInfo
co-hennepin r northpoint mplsroom northpointMinneapolis612-373-8662Info
co-hennepin o becki mcdonald minneapolisoffice system becki mcdonaldMinneapolis612-373-8624Info
umn tc1 mplsroom tc1Minneapolis651-223-7648Info
umn r rarig fx mplsroom rarig fxMinneapolis651-223-7712Info
umn r 535 diehl mplsroom 535 diehlMinneapolis651-223-7720Info
co-hennepin r hsb 917 mplsroom hsb 917Minneapolis612-373-8655Info
umn r b20 frazier hall mplsroom b20 frazier hallMinneapolis651-223-7753Info
co-hennepin c ridgedale minnetonkacourtroom ridgedaleMinnetonka612-373-8626Info
k12-cmets r minnewaskaroom rMinnewaska320-534-6768Info
k12-cmets p hs2 minnewaskaportable hs2Minnewaska218-825-6716Info
k12-cmets p hs1 minnewaskaportable hs1Minnewaska218-825-6715Info
offnet-r ip missouri telehealth network columbia moroom ip missouri telehealth network columbiamoInfo
co-chippewa r montevideoroom rMontevideo320-229-5489Info
zayo r chippewa county hospital 880 montevideoroom chippewa county hospital 880Montevideo320-321-8990Info
co-chippewa c montevideoroom cMontevideo320-534-6757Info
nets-mtc MHD4 Moorheadroom MHD4Moorhead218-825-6971Info
nets-msum 6 murray 210 moorheadroom 6 murray 210Moorhead218-725-7738Info
k12-nwlinks 2 pce hs moorheadroom 2 pce hsMoorhead218-284-0604Info
co-clay r 1 moorheadroom 1Moorhead218-825-6842Info
nets-msum 3 weld11 moorheadroom 3 weld11Moorhead218-279-2633Info
k12-nwlinks treetop moorheadroom treetopMoorhead218-284-0601Info
metnet-nq les bakke moorheadroom les bakkeMoorheadInfo
mnscu-townsite centre moorheadroom centreMoorhead218-825-6894Info
mnscu-mtc moorheadroom -Moorhead218-525-0879Info
nets-msum 2 cb105 moorheadroom 2 cb105Moorhead218-279-2634Info
nets-msu 5 lomen 206 moorheadroom 5 lomen 206Moorhead218-725-7741Info
k12-nwlinks hs moorheadroom hsMoorhead218-284-0603Info
nets-p mhd moorheadroom mhdMoorhead218-825-6961Info
nets-mtc 1 205a moorheadroom 1 205aMoorhead218-279-2636Info
co-clay r em moorheadroom emMoorhead218-733-2015Info
co-clay c 2 moorheadcourtroom 2Moorhead218-825-6841Info
nets-msu p 4 moorheadportable 4Moorhead218-525-0885Info
nets-mtc 2 205b moorheadroom 2 205bMoorhead218-279-2637Info
nets-msu p 7 owens 201 moorheadportable 7 owens 201Moorhead218-725-7745Info
co-clay p 3 moorheadportable 3Moorhead218-825-6883Info
nets-msum 1 cb103 moorheadroom 1 cb103Moorhead218-279-2635Info
k12-cmk12 cmerdc 2 moraroom cmerdc 2Mora320-534-0188Info
k12-ecmecc r 407 hs moraroom 407 hsMora320-202-0936Info
co-kanabec c court 3 moracourtroom court 3Mora320-255-2370Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary trailview moraportable elementary trailviewMora320-255-2485Info
k12-ecmecc r media center moraroom media centerMora320-255-2491Info
co-kanabec r mnscha moraroom mnschaMora320-209-6050Info
co-kanabec r itv room 2 moraroom itv room 2Mora320-255-2324Info
co-kanabec r em mobile moraroom em mobileMora218-733-2024Info
shot-umn 6 morrisroom 6Morris320-534-0186Info
co-stevens r em morrisroom emMorris320-229-5448Info
shot-umn 2 morrisroom 2Morris320-534-0182Info
co-stevens r dhs morrisroom dhsMorris320-255-2344Info
umn umm 4 morrisroom umm 4Morris320-534-0184Info
co-stevens STGPHN morrisroom STGPHNMorris320-229-5452Info
umn umm 3 morrisroom umm 3Morris320-534-0183Info
shot-umm 1 morrisroom 1Morris320-534-0181Info
offnet stevens co med ctr ip morrisroom stevens co med ctr ipMorrisInfo
shot-umn 5 morrisroom 5Morris320-534-0185Info
co-stevens c 2 morriscourtroom 2Morris320-534-0189Info
shot-umn 8 morrisroom 8Morris320-746-8005Info
shot-umn 7 morrisroom 7Morris320-555-0188Info
k12-nek12 r northeast svc co-op mountainironroom northeast svc co-opMt. Iron218-279-4480Info
k12-nesc r mountain iron hs mountainironroom mountain iron hsMt. Iron651-223-7775Info
k12-nek12 arrowhead lib system mountainironroom arrowhead lib systemMt. Iron218-279-4496Info
k12-nek12 hs nettlakeroom hsNett Lake218-279-4485Info
co-brown p 1 lec newulmportable 1 lecNew Ulm507-529-6154Info
co-brown c 2 newulmcourtroom 2New Ulm507-529-6221Info
k12-soc r riverbend newulmroom riverbendNew Ulm952-400-2625Info
zayo r scha brown 2 newulmroom scha brown 2New Ulm612-230-0281Info
co-brown r mnscha newulmroom mnschaNew UlmInfo
co-brown r sleepyeye newulmroom sleepyeyeNew Ulm507-529-6241Info
dnr r newulmroom rNew Ulm507-536-6318Info
co-brown nova house newulmroom nova houseNew Ulm507-536-6325Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 northbranchportable 2North Branch320-555-0173Info
k12-ecmecc p middle northbranchportable middleNorth Branch320-255-2492Info
k12-ecmecc r high northbranchroom highNorth Branch320-255-2493Info
k12-ecmecc p 1 northbranchportable 1North Branch651-223-7683Info
comet-sctc p 1 northmankatoportable 1North Mankato507-529-6190Info
comet-sctc p3 northmankatoroom p3North Mankato507-280-3595Info
comet-sctc e132 northmankatoroom e132North Mankato507-280-3576Info
comet-sctc p 2 northmankatoportable 2North Mankato507-529-6248Info
comet-sctc conf northmankatoroom confNorth Mankato507-529-6197Info
comet-sctc r library periodical northmankatoroom library periodicalNorth Mankato507-280-3595Info
comet-sctc e125 northmankatoroom e125North Mankato507-529-6254Info
co-nicollet r 3 northmankatoroom 3North Mankato507-281-7778Info
comet-sctc e130 northmankatoroom e130North Mankato507-529-6253Info
zayo r hsi 1 oakdaleroom hsi 1Oakdale651-259-1090Info
zayo r hsi 2 oakdaleroom hsi 2Oakdale651-259-1240Info
k12-ecmecc p ogilvieroom pOgilvie320-255-2501Info
k12-ecmecc r 310 hs ogilvieroom 310 hsOgilvie320-202-0937Info
co-renville r board room oliviaroom board roomOlivia320-202-6432Info
co-renville c 2 oliviacourtroom 2Olivia320-534-6750Info
co-renville r 3 co-agencies oliviaroom 3 co-agenciesOlivia320-255-2345Info
co-renville p oliviaroom pOlivia320-255-2350Info
co-renville r 4 oliviaroom 4Olivia320-229-5458Info
co-bigstone c ortonvilleroom cOrtonville320-534-6748Info
co-bigstone r family services ortonvilleroom family servicesOrtonville320-255-2380Info
co-bigstone r em ortonvilleroom emOrtonville320-229-5477Info
mdh p 2 fb freemanportable 2 fbOrville L. Freeman Office Building, 625 N Robert St, St Paul651-296-0996Info
mdh r fb108 freemanroom fb108Orville L. Freeman Office Building, 625 N Robert St, St Paul952-529-7776Info
mdh r fb107 freemanroom fb107Orville L. Freeman Office Building, 625 N Robert St, St Paul952-529-7775Info
k12-cmets r system c osakisroom system cOsakis218-825-6726Info
k12-cmets r system b osakisroom system bOsakis218-825-6724Info
k12-cmets p a osakisportable aOsakis218-825-6730Info
co-steele r oak mnscha owatonnaroom oak mnschaOwatonnaInfo
comet-rvr 3 130 owatonnaroom 3 130Owatonna507-285-7432Info
co-steele r owatonnaroom rOwatonna507-529-6237Info
zayo r scha steele oak owatonnaroom scha steele oakOwatonna507-431-6990Info
comet-rvr 2 132 owatonnaroom 2 132Owatonna507-280-5052Info
zayo r scha steele public health owatonnaroom scha steele public healthOwatonna507-431-6330Info
co-steele r aspen 1 mnscha owatonnaroom aspen 1 mnschaOwatonnaInfo
zayo r scha steele hrc owatonnaroom scha steele hrcOwatonna507-431-6050Info
comet-rvr 1 124 owatonnaroom 1 124Owatonna507-529-6194Info
co-steele c b owatonnacourtroom bOwatonna651-296-0843Info
co-steele c a owatonnacourtroom aOwatonna651-296-0730Info
co-steele r aspen 2 mnscha owatonnaroom aspen 2 mnschaOwatonnaInfo
co-hubbard p boardroom parkrapidsportable boardroomPark Rapids218-828-2430Info
co-hubbard c 2 parkrapidscourtroom 2Park Rapids218-825-6808Info
co-hubbard r soc svs parkrapidsroom soc svsPark Rapids218-825-6870Info
co-hubbard r em parkrapidsroom emPark Rapids218-332-2052Info
k12-nwlinks hs parkrapidsroom hsPark Rapids218-284-0616Info
k12-cmets r hs2 parkersprairieroom hs2Parkers Prairie218-825-6733Info
k12-cmets r hs1 parkersprairieroom hs1Parkers Prairie218-825-6732Info
k12-cmets r parkersprairieroom rParkers Prairie218-825-6857Info
zayo r area health care paynesvilleroom area health carePaynesvilleInfo
k12-nwlinks pub lib pelicanrapidsroom pub libPelican Rapids218-284-0619Info
nets-msctc r 1 perhamroom 1Perham218-525-0868Info
nets-msctc t 2 perhamtraining room 2Perham218-825-6738Info
cmdln-ptc r 6 pinecityroom 6Pine City320-229-5451Info
k12-ecmecc r ptc5 pinecityroom ptc5Pine City320-255-2566Info
k12-ecmecc r 140 hs pinecityroom 140 hsPine City320-202-0938Info
k12-cmk12 ptc 03 pinecityroom ptc 03Pine City320-255-2320Info
k12-ecmecc r 141 hs pinecityroom 141 hsPine City320-202-0939Info
k12-ecmecc r 3 hs pinecityroom 3 hsPine City320-229-5446Info
k12-ecmecc r 154 hs pinecityroom 154 hsPine City320-534-6730Info
co-pine p hs pinecityportable hsPine City651-215-0481Info
co-pine c pinecityroom cPine City320-255-2372Info
co-pine c jury assembly pinecitycourtroom jury assemblyPine City320-534-6767Info
cmdln-ptc r 92 pinecityroom 92Pine City320-534-0174Info
co-pine r jail pinecityroom jailPine City651-205-4864Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary pinecityportable elementaryPine City320-255-2558Info
cmdln-ptc 04 pinecityroom 04Pine City320-255-2322Info
k12-ecmecc r hs pinecityroom hsPine City320-255-2559Info
k12-cmk12 g2 pinecityroom g2Pine City320-534-0175Info
k12 r 2 pineislandroom 2Pine Island320-229-5473Info
k12 p pineislandroom pPine Island507-285-7314Info
co-pipestone c 2 pipestonecourtroom 2Pipestone507-529-6217Info
co-pipestone r swmhhs pipestoneroom swmhhsPipestone507-536-6388Info
co-pipestone 3 c pipestoneroom 3 cPipestone507-529-6140Info
shot-ptc 6 pipestoneroom 6Pipestone507-536-6369Info
shot-ptc 5 pipestoneroom 5Pipestone507-536-6368Info
shot-ptc 7 pipestoneroom 7Pipestone507-536-6370Info
shot-ptc 4 pipestoneroom 4Pipestone507-280-5038Info
shot-ptc 3 pipestoneroom 3Pipestone507-529-6185Info
co-pipestone r em pipestoneroom emPipestone507-536-6348Info
shot-ptc 2 pipestoneroom 2Pipestone507-529-6184Info
shot-ptc 1 pipestoneroom 1Pipestone507-529-6183Info
zayo mcu 1 g4 plymouthroom mcu 1 g4Plymouth651-230-0030Info
metnet-isd287 plymouthroom -Plymouth651-223-7668Info
metnet-isd287 #2 plymouthroom #2PlymouthInfo
zayo mcu 1 g2 plymouthroom mcu 1 g2Plymouth651-230-0030Info
zayo mcu 2 in plymouthroom mcu 2 inPlymouth651-230-0031Info
Zayo 3 ISDN plymouthroom 3 ISDNPlymouthInfo
zayo ipgw plymouthroom ipgwPlymouth651-259-0020Info
Zayo 1 ISDN plymouthroom 1 ISDNPlymouth763-230-2414Info
metnet-isd287 #3 plymouthroom #3PlymouthInfo
zayo r scha sti plymouthroom scha stiPlymouth763-230-0020Info
Zayo 2 ISDN plymouthroom 2 ISDNPlymouthInfo
Zayo 4 ISDN plymouthroom 4 ISDNPlymouthInfo
zayo mcu 1 h323 admin plymouthroom mcu 1 h323 adminPlymouth651-230-0030Info
co-fillmore c 2 courts prestoncourtroom 2 courtsPreston507-529-6191Info
co-fillmore r 1 boardroom prestonroom 1 boardroomPreston507-280-5582Info
co-fillmore r 3 hearing prestonroom 3 hearingPreston507-536-6328Info
co-fillmore r em prestonroom emPreston651-296-1096Info
k12-ecmecc r 179 hs princetonroom 179 hsPrinceton320-202-0940Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary princetonportable elementaryPrinceton651-223-7684Info
k12-ecmecc p middle princetonportable middlePrinceton320-255-2484Info
k12-ecmecc p highschool princetonportable highschoolPrinceton320-255-2483Info
metnet-arcc r 5 ramseyroom 5Ramsey651-205-4935Info
offnet-r ip ihs hospital redlakeroom ip ihs hospitalRed LakeInfo
k12-nwlinks redlakefallsroom -Red Lake Falls218-284-0649Info
co-redlake r em redlakefallsroom emRed Lake Falls218-825-6734Info
co-redlake c redlakefallsroom cRed Lake Falls218-825-6812Info
co-goodhue citizen building redwingroom citizen buildingRed Wing651-215-0545Info
co-goodhue r em redwingroom emRed Wing651-296-1115Info
comet-setc p1 redwingroom p1Red WingInfo
comet-setc 310 redwingroom 310Red Wing651-555-1403Info
comet-setc 215 redwingroom 215Red Wing651-555-1401Info
co-goodhue c cart redwingcourtroom cartRed Wing651-556-0502Info
comet-setc 202 redwingroom 202Red Wing651-555-1402Info
co-goodhue mnscha redwingroom mnschaRed WingInfo
co-goodhue c 3b conference room redwingcourtroom 3b conference roomRed Wing651-215-0171Info
comet-setc 1 redwingroom 1Red Wing651-223-7661Info
co-goodhue r it conference rm redwingroom it conference rmRed Wing651-223-7662Info
zayo r 2 redwood area hospital redwoodfallsroom 2 redwood area hospitalRed Wood Falls507-637-1981Info
co-redwood r human svcs redwoodfallsroom human svcsRed Wood Falls507-536-6321Info
co-redwood c b redwoodfallscourtroom bRed Wood Falls507-529-6230Info
shot r 2 redwood redwoodfallsroom 2 redwoodRed Wood Falls507-285-7313Info
co-redwood cr c redwoodfallsroom cr cRed Wood Falls651-296-1042Info
shot r 1 redwood redwoodfallsroom 1 redwoodRed Wood Falls507-285-7101Info
co-redwood r em redwoodfallsroom emRed Wood Falls507-280-2895Info
zayo r 1 redwood area hospital redwoodfallsroom 1 redwood area hospitalRed Wood Falls507-637-1980Info
nets-msctc r 1 redbyroom 1Redby218-525-0869Info
k12-iasc r northland remerroom northlandRemer218-825-6887Info
offnet edu intermediate schools richfieldroom edu intermediate schoolsRichfieldInfo
offnet va dot RichmondVAroom va dotRichmondVAInfo
co-hennepin p library ridgedaleportable libraryridgedale612-373-8663Info
dps p emtc ripleyportable emtcripley651-223-7788Info
wbob rm10room -rm10651-223-7744Info
offnet edu school dist robbinsdaleroom edu school distRobbinsdaleInfo
umn 320 rochesterroom 320Rochester651-205-4531Info
ucr st107a rochesterroom st107aRochester507-280-5556Info
pca rochesterroom -Rochester507-529-6236Info
umn 394 p3 rochesterroom 394 p3Rochester651-205-4638Info
co-olmsted r em rochesterroom emRochester507-285-7371Info
ucr gl135 rochesterroom gl135Rochester507-529-6161Info
ucr st108 rochesterroom st108Rochester507-529-6222Info
ucr sh101 rochesterroom sh101Rochester507-529-6165Info
umr 321 rochesterroom 321Rochester651-205-4633Info
zayo r zumbro mhc rochesterroom zumbro mhcRochester507-206-2030Info
ucr at109 rochesterroom at109Rochester507-529-6220Info
ucr noc rochesterroom nocRochester507-536-6316Info
co-olmsted c courtrm 2 rochestercourtroom courtrm 2Rochester507-536-6338Info
k12-semnet p sesvc coop rochesterportable sesvc coopRochester507-285-7103Info
ucr st110 rochesterroom st110Rochester507-529-6223Info
co-olmsted r 5th floor hearing room rochesterroom 5th floor hearing roomRochester507-536-6316Info
ucr gl332 rochesterroom gl332Rochester507-280-5553Info
ucr at102 rochesterroom at102Rochester507-529-6163Info
umr 394 p4 rochesterroom 394 p4Rochester651-205-4639Info
ucr st112 rochesterroom st112Rochester507-529-6225Info
ucr st114 rochesterroom st114Rochester507-529-6226Info
ucr p1 rochesterroom p1Rochester507-280-5571Info
ucr p2 rochesterroom p2Rochester507-280-5572Info
ucr r ha117 rochesterroom ha117Rochester507-529-6224Info
ucr gl133 rochesterroom gl133Rochester507-529-6160Info
ucr st116 rochesterroom st116Rochester507-280-5080Info
umr 394 p2 rochesterroom 394 p2Rochester651-205-4637Info
ucr gl137 rochesterroom gl137Rochester507-529-6162Info
ucr st118 rochesterroom st118Rochester507-280-5514Info
co-olmsted r 233 bldg 2117 rochesterroom 233 bldg 2117Rochester507-529-6199Info
mdh p 1 rochesterportable 1Rochester507-285-7310Info
mdh r rochesterroom rRochester507-529-6251Info
umr 394 p1 rochesterroom 394 p1Rochester651-205-4636Info
offnet comet rctc gl132 edu rochesterroom comet rctc gl132 eduRochesterInfo
ucr cf103 rochesterroom cf103Rochester507-529-6164Info
k12-semnet r aspen rochesterroom aspenRochester507-285-7113Info
ucr st107b rochesterroom st107bRochester507-280-5560Info
offnet-r ip mayo clinic rochesterroom ip mayo clinicRochesterInfo
co-olmsted r 243 bldg 2100 rochesterroom 243 bldg 2100Rochester507-285-7107Info
co-olmsted p courtroom rochesterportable courtroomRochester507-529-6198Info
k12-ecmecc r 1 hs rogersroom 1 hsRogers320-229-5485Info
co-roseau c 2 roseaucourtroom 2Roseau218-825-6826Info
k12-nwlinks hs roseauroom hsRoseau218-284-0637Info
nets-nctc roseauroom -Roseau218-825-6882Info
co-roseau r 1 social services roseauroom 1 social servicesRoseau218-825-6910Info
co-roseau r em roseauroom emRoseau218-733-2051Info
metnet-dctc 1 rosemountroom 1Rosemount651-223-7627Info
metnet-dktc 2 rosemountroom 2Rosemount651-223-7622Info
co-dakota r cjdn rosemountroom cjdnRosemount651-296-0628Info
mde r conf rosevilleroom confRoseville651-223-7689Info
offnet edu RoundLakeFosheimroom eduRoundLakeFosheimInfo
k12-cmk12 rushcity sch rushcityroom rushcity schRush City320-255-2353Info
k12-ecmecc r scred rushcityroom scredRush City651-223-7676Info
k12-ecmecc r 200 hs rushcityroom 200 hsRush City320-202-0941Info
k12-ecmecc r high rushcityroom highRush City320-255-2496Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary rushcityportable elementaryRush City320-255-2494Info
k12-ecmecc p eastcent sandstoneportable eastcentSandstone320-255-2567Info
co-pine r human services sandstoneroom human servicesSandstone651-205-4865Info
k12-cmets r itv saukcentreroom itvSauk Centre218-825-6972Info
k12-cmets r saukcentreroom rSauk Centre320-534-6769Info
k12-cmets p 2 saukcentreportable 2Sauk Centre320-255-2316Info
k12-cmets p mobile saukcenterportable mobilesaukcenter218-825-6968Info
co-scott o cweldon shakopeeoffice system cweldonShakopee651-296-0834Info
co-scott c court shakopeecourtroom courtShakopee651-205-4509Info
co-scott r lec203 shakopeeroom lec203Shakopee651-296-0893Info
co-scott c court shakopeecourtroom courtShakopee651-205-4509Info
zayo r ecumen shoreviewroom ecumenShoreview651-259-6030Info
k12-cmerdc cmk12 cmerdc shoreviewroom cmk12 cmerdcShoreviewInfo
offnet-r ip avera-mckennon siouxfallsroom ip avera-mckennonsiouxfallsInfo
offnet-r ip sanford healthcare siouxfallsroom ip sanford healthcaresiouxfallsInfo
co-murray r hs slaytonroom hsSlayton507-536-6397Info
co-murray c slaytonroom cSlayton507-529-6219Info
co-murray r em slaytonroom emSlayton507-280-2914Info
co-hennepin p sheriff wtrpatrol springlakeparkportable sheriff wtrpatrolSpring Lake Park612-373-8645Info
co-stearns r em stcloudroom emSt Cloud320-229-5478Info
k12-cmerdc cmk12 cmerdc 1 stcloudroom cmk12 cmerdc 1St Cloud320-534-0187Info
offnet city of stcloud ip stcloudroom city of stcloud ipSt CloudInfo
mdh p 1 h264 stcloudportable 1 h264St Cloud320-229-5455Info
cmdln-scu 01 stcloudroom 01St Cloud320-534-6721Info
co-stearns c 5 205 stcloudcourtroom 5 205St Cloud320-255-2329Info
cmdln-scu 08 stcloudroom 08St Cloud320-534-6728Info
cmdln-scu miller stcloudroom millerSt Cloud320-255-2308Info
rev r Regional Office stcloudroom Regional OfficeSt Cloud320-255-2346Info
co-stearns c 2 128 stcloudcourtroom 2 128St Cloud320-255-2255Info
cmdln-scu 07 stcloudroom 07St Cloud320-534-6727Info
mdh p 2 h264 stcloudportable 2 h264St Cloud320-202-6435Info
cmdln-scu 10 stcloudroom 10St Cloud320-255-2310Info
cmdln-sct r 1-412 stcloudroom 1-412St Cloud218-255-2577Info
cmdln-scu 02 stcloudroom 02St Cloud320-534-6722Info
mnscu-scsu ed building stcloudroom ed buildingSt Cloud320-255-2326Info
mnscu-compctr stcloudroom -St Cloud320-534-6729Info
cmdln-scu 03 stcloudroom 03St Cloud320-534-6723Info
cmdln-scu 04 stcloudroom 04St Cloud320-534-6724Info
cmdln-scu 06 stcloudroom 06St Cloud320-534-6726Info
mnscu r quarry 116 stcloudroom quarry 116St Cloud320-229-5481Info
co-stearns c 132A conf stcloudcourtroom 132A confSt Cloud320-202-0969Info
cmdln-scu 05 stcloudroom 05St Cloud320-534-6725Info
co-stearns r jail stcloudroom jailSt Cloud320-202-6401Info
mdh r stcloudroom rSt Cloud320-534-6771Info
co-stearns r 1 stcloudroom 1St Cloud320-255-2306Info
doli p conference stcloudportable conferenceSt Cloud320-229-5467Info
mnscu-r 107 conf stcloudroom 107 confSt Cloud320-255-2469Info
co-stearns c 134 conf stcloudcourtroom 134 confSt Cloud651-296-0940Info
offnet-r ip cart 1 stcloud hospital stcloudroom ip cart 1 stcloud hospitalSt CloudInfo
co-stearns r district admin stcloudroom district adminSt Cloud320-255-2290Info
k12-ecmecc r itv ms stfrancisroom itv msSt Francis320-229-5442Info
k12-ecmecc r itv sfe stfrancisroom itv sfeSt Francis320-229-5440Info
k12-ecmecc r itv cc stfrancisroom itv ccSt Francis320-229-5444Info
k12-ecmecc r itv eb stfrancisroom itv ebSt Francis320-229-5443Info
k12-ecmecc p crossroads stfrancisportable crossroadsSt Francis320-229-5447Info
k12-ecmecc p ost stfrancisportable ostSt Francis651-205-9497Info
k12-ecmecc r itv hs stfrancisroom itv hsSt Francis320-229-5465Info
co-watonwan r em stjamesroom emSt James507-280-2980Info
co-watonwan c court room a stjamescourtroom court room aSt James507-536-6319Info
co-watonwan r human svs stjamesroom human svsSt James507-536-6385Info
co-watonwan c 3 courtroom b stjamescourtroom 3 courtroom bSt James507-529-6232Info
offnet college of st benedict stjosephroom college of st benedictSt JosephInfo
k12-cmerdc cmk12 cmerdc stmichaelroom cmk12 cmerdcSt MichaelInfo
mdh p 4 grb stpaulportable 4 grbSt Paul651-223-7771Info
hamline p law-grad bldg stpaulportable law-grad bldgSt Paul651-205-4284Info
mnscu-r wfp 2203 stpaulroom wfp 2203St Paul651-205-4885Info
mdh p 3 grb h264 stpaulportable 3 grb h264St Paul651-296-0823Info
mdh r lab stpaulroom labSt Paul651-223-7797Info
metnet-sptc r 5 stpaulroom 5St Paul651-205-4686Info
oah r admin hearings stpaulroom admin hearingsSt Paul651-223-7678Info
rev r collections 2902 stpaulroom collections 2902St Paul651-223-7784Info
mnit 800 ISDN voice 2 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 2St PaulInfo
mda r b555 stpaulroom b555St Paul952-529-7742Info
rev r collections 2400 stpaulroom collections 2400St Paul651-223-7783Info
rev r skegstad stpaulroom skegstadSt Paul651-205-4862Info
mda r b535 stpaulroom b535St Paul651-201-6923Info
metnet-msu p3 stpaulroom p3St Paul651-223-7646Info
mnscu-r wfp 3355 stpaulroom wfp 3355St Paul651-205-4880Info
shot r 6 smsu stpaulroom 6 smsuSt PaulInfo
metnet-sptc r 4 stpaulroom 4St Paul651-205-4679Info
mnscu-r wfp confa stpaulroom wfp confaSt Paul651-205-4884Info
mnit 800 ISDN2 2 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN2 2 384kSt PaulInfo
mnscu-mctc r mo210 stpaulroom mo210St Paul651-205-4922Info
mnit rm 104 stpaulroom 104St Paul651-223-7777Info
pca r training 2 stpaulroom training 2St Paul651-205-4875Info
mda r b506 stpaulroom b506St Paul952-529-7741Info
history center p stpaulroom center pSt Paul651-296-1497Info
co-ramsey c ch70 stpaulcourtroom ch70St Paul651-205-4687Info
mnscu-r wfp world trade room stpaulroom wfp world trade roomSt Paul651-205-4889Info
oah r 8 admin hearings stpaulroom 8 admin hearingsSt Paul651-223-7786Info
doli r osha 2 stpaulroom osha 2St Paul651-205-9518Info
offnet-r isdn homeland security stpaulroom isdn homeland securitySt PaulInfo
co-ramsey r 1 publichealth stpaulroom 1 publichealthSt Paul651-223-7772Info
mnit CSW6-128k use only when csw3 is 128k stpaulroom CSW6-128k use only when csw3 is 128kSt PaulInfo
mnscu-3306 stpaulroom -St Paul651-205-4628Info
offnet edu uofm social work school stpaulroom edu uofm social work schoolSt PaulInfo
mnit r 100 cob stpaulroom 100 cobSt Paul651-223-7616Info
mnit 800 ISDN 4 128k stpaulroom 800 ISDN 4 128kSt PaulInfo
mda p1 stpaulroom p1St Paul651-223-7685Info
mnit ISDN2 4 128k stpaulroom ISDN2 4 128kSt PaulInfo
mnscu-mctc r mo200 stpaulroom mo200St Paul651-205-4921Info
zayo r peopleinc admin 2 stpaulroom peopleinc admin 2St Paul651-259-1291Info
mnscu-mctc o jim stpauloffice system jimSt Paul651-205-4926Info
mnscu-mctc portable stpaulroom portableSt Paul651-205-4925Info
offnet ISDN childrens hospital stpaulroom ISDN childrens hospitalSt PaulInfo
mnscu-wfp r conf rn2214 stpaulroom conf rn2214St Paul651-205-4882Info
mnscu r wfp 3300 stpaulroom wfp 3300St Paul507-529-6177Info
metnet-msu 2 midway stpaulroom 2 midwaySt Paul651-223-7617Info
dps r hsem stpaulroom hsemSt Paul651-205-4685Info
st paul schools dsf lab a ip stpaulroom paul schools dsf lab a ipSt PaulInfo
mnscu-r wfp 703 stpaulroom wfp 703St Paul651-205-4888Info
metnet-sptc r 2 stpaulroom 2St Paul651-223-7623Info
co-ramsey r em stpaulroom emSt Paul651-296-0931Info
mnit 800 ISDN voice 3 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 3St PaulInfo
mdh r grb stpaulroom grbSt Paul651-296-0995Info
mnit 800 ISDN 3 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN 3 384kSt PaulInfo
metnet-msu r 1 midway stpaulroom 1 midwaySt Paul651-223-7618Info
dhs 2 stpaulroom 2St PaulInfo
mnit 800 ISDN voice 1 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 1St PaulInfo
offnet-r ip federal court stpaulroom ip federal courtSt PaulInfo
dps p hsem stpaulportable hsemSt Paul651-296-0355Info
mdh p 1 grb h264 stpaulportable 1 grb h264St Paul651-223-7796Info
metnet-msu 1 stpaulroom 1St Paul651-223-7645Info
supreme p 3 judicial stpaulportable 3 judicialSt Paul651-296-2187Info
mnit 800 ISDN voice 4 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 4St PaulInfo
rev r stasson 3025-3050 stpaulroom stasson 3025-3050St Paul651-215-0692Info
co-ramsey c ch1660 stpaulcourtroom ch1660St Paul651-296-0812Info
offnet edu spps stpaulroom edu sppsSt PaulInfo
pca r video 4-1 stpaulroom video 4-1St Paul651-223-7692Info
rev r Collections-Conf Room 2607 stpaulroom Collections-Conf Room 2607St Paul651-205-4340Info
mnscu-mctc r mo400 stpaulroom mo400St Paul651-205-4924Info
mnscu-r wfp 508 stpaulroom wfp 508St Paul651-205-4886Info
mnit f streamng qwest area cob stpaulfarm streamng qwest area cobSt Paul651-205-4900Info
metnet 877 ISDN 2 384k stpaulroom 877 ISDN 2 384kSt Paul651-223-7600Info
dhs 1 stpaulroom 1St PaulInfo
mnit 800 ISDN2 1 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN2 1 384kSt PaulInfo
offnet-r isdn mcit stpaulroom isdn mcitSt PaulInfo
offnet-r isdn amc stpaulroom isdn amcSt PaulInfo
bca r 1 stpaulroom 1St Paul651-223-7703Info
mnscu-r wfp conf rm b stpaulroom wfp conf rm bSt Paul651-205-4883Info
offnet cecc stpaulroom ceccSt PaulInfo
rev r system 1 stpaulroom system 1St Paul651-205-4451Info
metnet-sptc r 1 stpaulroom 1St Paul651-223-7628Info
rev p content server stpaulportable content serverSt Paul651-205-4919Info
mnscu-mctc r mo220 stpaulroom mo220St Paul651-205-4923Info
MNIT f 5th floor streaming cob stpaulfarm 5th floor streaming cobSt Paul651-223-7778Info
rev r system 2 stpaulroom system 2St Paul651-205-4481Info
mnit r blazingstar stpaulroom blazingstarSt Paul651-223-7770Info
doli p conference stpaulportable conferenceSt Paul651-205-9505Info
MNIT o jamie jorgenson stpauloffice system jamie jorgensonSt Paul651-223-7776Info
mnscu-ubs 1827 stpaulroom 1827St Paul651-205-4917Info
metnet-msu 2 stpaulroom 2St Paul651-223-7644Info
mnscu-quarry r 114 stpaulroom 114St Paul320-255-2468Info
ssp south stpaulroom southSt Paul651-205-4624Info
mdh p 2 grb h264 stpaulportable 2 grb h264St Paul651-296-0555Info
mnit o MikeZinnerOffice stpauloffice system MikeZinnerOfficeSt Paul651-223-7614Info
dnr r 3w stpaulroom 3wSt Paul651-556-7979Info
co-ramsey r eoc stpaulroom eocSt Paul651-215-0718Info
dnr r 6MR stpaulroom 6MRSt Paul651-556-7980Info
dps r msp earle brown stpaulroom msp earle brownSt Paul651-296-0920Info
co-ramsey c 2nd judicial court stpaulcourtroom 2nd judicial courtSt Paul651-223-7660Info
history center r stpaulroom center rSt Paul651-205-4872Info
metnet-sptc r 3 stpaulroom 3St Paul651-205-4406Info
co-ramsey c jfjc stpaulcourtroom jfjcSt Paul651-296-1097Info
rev r Collections SM CONF RM 2303 stpaulroom Collections SM CONF RM 2303St Paul651-205-4565Info
mnit 800 ISDN2 3 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN2 3 384kSt PaulInfo
deed p fnb stpaulportable fnbSt Paul651-215-0826Info
co-ramsey o em director stpauloffice system em directorSt Paul651-215-0719Info
mnit 800 ISDN 2 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN 2 384kSt PaulInfo
zayo r peopleinc admin 1 stpaulroom peopleinc admin 1St Paul651-259-1290Info
mda r stpaulroom rSt Paul651-205-4408Info
dnr r ll conf stpaulroom ll confSt Paul651-205-4276Info
co-nicollet r stpeterroom rSt Peter507-536-6315Info
co-nicollet r hhs stpeterroom hhsSt Peter507-529-2719Info
co-nicollet c A stpetercourtroom ASt Peter507-529-6229Info
co-nicollet r em stpeterroom emSt Peter651-296-1206Info
k12-soc r nicollet stpeterroom nicolletSt Peter952-400-2619Info
co-nicollet c B stpetercourtroom BSt Peter507-285-7362Info
offnet edu School St.Michaelroom edu SchoolSt.MichaelInfo
Co-Ramsey C Commitment St.Paulroom C CommitmentSt.Paul651-205-4716Info
cmdln-clc r a113 staplesroom a113Staples218-825-6925Info
cmdln-clc r b103 staplesroom b103Staples218-725-7760Info
cmdln-clc r a114 staplesroom a114Staples218-725-7760Info
co-washington c 207 stillwatercourtroom 207Stillwater651-223-7695Info
co-washington r phe stillwaterroom pheStillwater651-296-0683Info
co-washington r 2625 stillwaterroom 2625Stillwater651-275-7571Info
co-washington r 1127 stillwaterroom 1127Stillwater651-205-4654Info
DOC R 5 PUNG STPAULroom R 5 PUNGSTPAUL952-529-7732Info
offnet-r hdc superiorroom hdcsuperior952-683-7017Info
offnet-r ip court uws cms SuperiorWIroom ip court uws cmsSuperiorWIInfo
offnet edu hs swanvilleroom edu hsSwanvilleInfo
offnet-r ip avera-mckennon swmhcroom ip avera-mckennonswmhcInfo
offnet edu natl dali hs Taiwanroom edu natl dali hsTaiwanInfo
nets-nctc r 1 thiefriverfallsroom 1Thief River FallsInfo
nets-nctc r5 662 trfroom r5 662Thief River Falls218-825-6746Info
co-pennington c 2 trfcourtroom 2Thief River Falls218-825-6827Info
k12-nwlinks trfroom -Thief River Falls218-284-0514Info
nets-nctc r4 545 trfroom r4 545Thief River Falls218-825-6722Info
nets-nctc r1 625 trfroom r1 625Thief River Falls218-525-0871Info
nets-nctc r 2 thiefriverfallsroom 2Thief River FallsInfo
co-pennington c 1 trfcourtroom 1Thief River Falls218-825-6740Info
nets-nctc r3 d453 trfroom r3 d453Thief River Falls218-525-0872Info
k12-nwlinks nwsc trfroom nwscThief River Falls218-284-0630Info
co-pennington r em trfroom emThief River Falls218-825-6748Info
nets-nctc r2 c239 trfroom r2 c239Thief River Falls218-525-0870Info
k12-nwlinks nwsc trfroom nwscThief River Falls218-284-0630Info
nets-nctc r 735 trfroom 735Thief River Falls218-733-2027Info
co-pennington c rm b trfcourtroom rm bThief River Falls218-825-6827Info
k12-nwlinks nwsc trfroom nwscThief River Falls218-284-0630Info
co-pennington p social svs trfportable social svsThief River Falls218-828-2749Info
co-lake p courthouse twoharborsportable courthouseTwo Harbors218-828-2395Info
neat-nhac 2 twoharborsroom 2Two HarborsInfo
co-lake p hhs twoharborsportable hhsTwo Harbors218-828-2438Info
co-lake c twoharborsroom cTwo Harbors218-825-6887Info
k12-nek12 hs twoharborsroom hsTwo Harbors218-279-4452Info
offnet-r hdc twoharborsroom hdcTwo Harbors952-683-7019Info
co-lake r em twoharborsroom emTwo Harbors218-733-2047Info
k12-nwlinks r 2 underwoodroom 2Underwood218-284-0691Info
k12-nwlinks underwoodroom -Underwood218-284-0691Info
co-stlouis r 3f liz prebich virginiaroom 3f liz prebichVirginia218-279-2612Info
offnet-r ip range mhc virginiaroom ip range mhcVirginiaInfo
neat-mesabi r c176 virginiaroom c176Virginia218-279-2596Info
co-stlouis r 2 health conf rm virginiaroom 2 health conf rmVirginia218-279-2613Info
co-stlouis c portable virginiacourtroom portableVirginia218-828-2439Info
neat-mesabi 1 virginiaroom 1Virginia218-279-2639Info
co-stlouis r solid waste virginiaroom solid wasteVirginia218-725-7799Info
neat-nhed r 4-east conf virginiaroom 4-east confVirginia218-279-2579Info
neat-mrcv3 r virginiaroom rVirginia218-725-7782Info
co-wabasha r mnscha wabasharoom mnschaWabashaInfo
co-wabasha c 3rd jud dist wabashacourtroom 3rd jud distWabasha651-223-7694Info
co-wabasha r em wabasharoom emWabasha651-296-1179Info
zayo r tri-county hospital .10 wadenaroom tri-county hospital .10Wadena218-319-6610Info
nets-msctc 2 n21 wadenaroom 2 n21Wadena218-825-6849Info
co-wadena r scha wadenaroom schaWadenaInfo
nets-msctc 1 n26 wadenaroom 1 n26Wadena218-825-6848Info
offnet edu wadena hs wadenaroom edu wadena hsWadena218-284-0523Info
nets-g4 wadenaroom -Wadena218-825-6851Info
co-wadena c 7th wadenacourtroom 7thWadena218-825-6813Info
nets-msctc p wadenaroom pWadena218-825-6708Info
zayo r tri-county hospital .11 wadenaroom tri-county hospital .11Wadena218-319-6611Info
co-wadena r wadenaroom rWadena218-825-6817Info
co-cass r scha walkerroom schaWalker218-825-6966Info
Co-Cass HHVS 1 Walkerroom HHVS 1Walker218-825-6749Info
co-cass c walkerroom cWalker218-825-6809Info
co-cass r hhvs3 walkerroom hhvs3Walker218-825-6742Info
co-cass c 1 walkercourtroom 1Walker218-828-2710Info
co-marshall r em warrenroom emWarren320-202-0906Info
co-marshall c warrenroom cWarren218-825-6828Info
co-marshall r social services warrenroom social servicesWarren218-825-6750Info
k12-nwlinks middle school warroadroom middle schoolWarroad218-284-0700Info
k12-nwlinks nq 2 warroadroom nq 2Warroad218-284-0634Info
co-waseca r em wasecaroom emWaseca651-296-1011Info
co-waseca r mnprairie wasecaroom mnprairieWasecaInfo
co-waseca c 1 wasecacourtroom 1Waseca507-529-2775Info
co-waseca c 2 wasecacourtroom 2Waseca507-529-6235Info
offnet ncsl washingtondcroom ncslWashington DCInfo
k12-nwlinks waubun schools waubunroom waubun schoolsWaubun218-284-0656Info
k12-socrates united south central wellsroom united south centralWells507-344-9425Info
k12-soc r united south central wellsroom united south centralWells952-400-2623Info
co-dakota r nsc_520 weststpaulroom nsc_520West St Paul651-296-1169Info
co-dakota c wsc weststpaulcourtroom wscWest St Paul651-296-0865Info
co-dakota r nsc 110 weststpaulroom nsc 110West St Paul651-296-1043Info
co-dakota p nsc_CART weststpaulportable nsc_CARTWest St Paul651-296-0563Info
co-traverse r ss/em wheatonroom ss/emWheaton320-255-2333Info
co-traverse c 2 8th judicial wheatoncourtroom 2 8th judicialWheaton320-534-6747Info
metnet-cc 1 east whitebearlakeroom 1 eastWhite Bear Lake651-223-7637Info
metnet-cc r 6 west whitebearlakeroom 6 westWhite Bear Lake651-205-4854Info
metnet-cc 3 kopp center E1705 whitebearlakeroom 3 kopp center E1705White Bear Lake651-205-4569Info
metnet-cc 4 fab lab whitebearlakeroom 4 fab labWhite Bear Lake651-205-4855Info
metnet-cc r ep1 whitebearlakeroom ep1White Bear LakeInfo
metnet-cc 2 west whitebearlakeroom 2 westWhite Bear Lake651-223-7636Info
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offnet-r 2 ip tribal health whiteearthroom 2 ip tribal healthWhite EarthInfo
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offnet edu madison area tc WIroom edu madison area tcWIInfo
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offnet edu ne tc WIroom edu ne tcWIInfo
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co-kandiyohi r em willmarroom emWillmar320-229-5471Info
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cmdln-rcw 07 willmarroom 07Willmar320-255-2340Info
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co-kandiyohi hhs2 willmarroom hhs2Willmar320-229-5484Info
doc r 1 willowriverroom 1Willow River218-725-7702Info
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