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room --218-725-7744Info
room --218-825-6717Info
room --320-229-5445Info
room --218-825-6741Info
room --218-825-6700Info
room --218-825-6964Info
room --Info
room --218-825-6718Info
room --218-725-7794Info
room --651-205-4887Info
room --218-725-7754Info
room --651-205-4911Info
MDVA Minneapolis Bldg 10room Minneapolis Bldg10651-296-1139Info
DOT Desk Video CO 120Aroom Desk Video CO120A651-205-4642Info
mnit BSW6-128 Use only when BSW3 is 128kcobroom BSW6-128 Use only when BSW3 is128kcobInfo
MDVA Minneapolis Bldg 2room Minneapolis Bldg2651-296-0724Info
co-norman c adaroom cAda218-825-6825Info
co-norman r em adaroom emAda218-825-6997Info
co-norman r ss adaroom ssAda218-825-6998Info
co-norman c 2 adacourtroom 2Ada218-828-2644Info
co-aitkin c 1 aitkincourtroom 1Aitkin218-828-2568Info
co-aitkin c 3 aitkincourtroom 3Aitkin218-825-6824Info
co-aitkin r em aitkinroom emAitkin218-733-2014Info
k12-cmets r hs room albanyroom hs roomAlbany218-725-7721Info
k12-cmets r 1 albanyroom 1Albany320-534-6761Info
k12-cmets r 2 albanyroom 2Albany320-255-2315Info
k12-cmets r albany cart albanyroom albany cartAlbany218-725-7743Info
co-freeborn r goverment center albertlearoom goverment centerAlbert Lea651-205-9616Info
co-freeborn p em albertleaportable emAlbert Lea651-296-0562Info
offnet-r ip edu albertlearoom ip eduAlbert LeaInfo
co-freeborn r 212 albertlearoom 212Albert Lea507-379-6050Info
comet-rvr 1 113 albertlearoom 1 113Albert Lea507-529-6193Info
co-freeborn r dhs albertlearoom dhsAlbert Lea507-529-6252Info
comet-rvr 4 skylite albertlearoom 4 skyliteAlbert Lea507-536-6389Info
comet-rvr 2 206 albertlearoom 2 206Albert Lea507-285-7437Info
co-freeborn c albertlearoom cAlbert Lea651-205-9615Info
comet-rvr 3 210 albertlearoom 3 210Albert Lea507-280-5077Info
k12-cmets p dist admin alexandriaportable dist adminAlexandria218-733-2011Info
co-douglas r primewest floor 1 alexandriaroom primewest floor 1Alexandria320-255-2342Info
k12-cmets p woodland alexandriaportable woodlandAlexandria218-733-2018Info
co-douglas r primewest floor 2 alexandriaroom primewest floor 2Alexandria320-202-0964Info
k12-cmets p lincoln alexandriaportable lincolnAlexandria218-733-2050Info
cmdln-alex 3 alexandriaroom 3Alexandria320-534-6719Info
k12-cmets p voyager mobile alexandriaportable voyager mobileAlexandria218-733-2059Info
k12-cmets p miltona alexandriaportable miltonaAlexandria218-733-2056Info
k12-cmets p garfield mobile alexandriaportable garfield mobileAlexandria218-733-2049Info
k12-cmets p 2 discovery alexandriaportable 2 discoveryAlexandria218-825-6996Info
k12-cmets r osakis alexandriaroom osakisAlexandria320-534-6762Info
k12-cmets r a osakis alexandriaroom a osakisAlexandria320-534-6767Info
co-douglas c 2 7th district alexandriacourtroom 2 7th districtAlexandria320-534-6746Info
co-douglas r social serv alexandriaroom social servAlexandria320-534-0180Info
cmdln-alex 1 alexandriaroom 1Alexandria320-534-6717Info
k12-cmets p 2 jefferson alexandriaportable 2 jeffersonAlexandria218-733-2028Info
k12-cmets r c osakis alexandriaroom c osakisAlexandria320-255-2312Info
k12-cmets p carlos alexandriaportable carlosAlexandria218-733-2044Info
k12-cmets p 1 jefferson alexandriaportable 1 jeffersonAlexandriaInfo
k12-cmets r b osakis alexandriaroom b osakisAlexandria320-534-6763Info
zayo r region 4 south act alexandriaroom region 4 south actAlexandria320-335-5120Info
co-douglas r em alexandriaroom emAlexandria320-229-5454Info
k12-cmets r discovery mobile1 alexandriaroom discovery mobile1Alexandria218-733-2035Info
cmdln-alex 2 alexandriaroom 2Alexandria320-534-6718Info
co-anoka p em mobile anokaportable em mobileAnoka952-516-8872Info
co-anoka c 10th judicial admin anokacourtroom 10th judicial adminAnoka651-205-4383Info
zayo r peopleinc anoka programs anokaroom peopleinc anoka programsAnoka763-230-6980Info
co-anoka interpretive program anokaroom interpretive programAnoka651-556-0503Info
co-anoka c 1 court anokacourtroom 1 courtAnoka651-205-4929Info
co-anoka r w255 anokaroom w255Anoka651-556-7637Info
co-anoka c 2 court anokacourtroom 2 courtAnoka651-556-7638Info
metnet-atc 1 anokaroom 1Anoka651-223-7629Info
co-anoka c 2 court anokacourtroom 2 courtAnoka651-556-7638Info
metnet-atc 2 anokaroom 2Anoka651-223-7650Info
co-anoka r hs238/239 anokaroom hs238/239Anoka651-205-9414Info
co-dakota r wsc 106 applevalleyroom wsc 106Apple Valley651-296-0929Info
co-dakota c conference room applevalleycourtroom conference roomApple Valley651-296-7442Info
co-dakota r wsc_334 applevalleyroom wsc_334Apple Valley651-296-1190Info
co-dakota c wsc applevalleycourtroom wscApple Valley651-296-0882Info
zayo r mental health applevalleyroom mental healthApple Valley952-236-5990Info
co-mower c 1 austincourtroom 1Austin507-280-2874Info
comet-rvr 3 a106 austinroom 3 a106Austin507-529-6245Info
comet-rvr 5 b103 austinroom 5 b103Austin507-529-6247Info
co-mower r em austinroom emAustin651-296-2185Info
comet-rvr p1 austinroom p1Austin507-536-6390Info
co-mower p austinroom pAustin507-529-6279Info
comet-rvr 2 b104 austinroom 2 b104Austin507-529-6244Info
zayo r zumbro mhc austinroom zumbro mhcAustin507-460-5990Info
comet-rvr 4 b105 austinroom 4 b105Austin507-529-6192Info
offnet-r ip gerard academy ip austinroom ip gerard academy ipAustinInfo
co-mower c 2 austincourtroom 2Austin507-280-2915Info
k12-cmk12 r hs pine river backusroom hs pine riverBackus320-255-2367Info
co-clearwater c bagleyroom cBagley218-825-6832Info
co-clearwater r 3rd floor bagleyroom 3rd floorBagley218-825-6895Info
co-clearwater r em bagleyroom emBagley218-825-6702Info
k12-nwlinks hs battlelakeroom hsBattle Lake218-284-0608Info
co-lakeofthewoods r 1 county baudetteroom 1 countyBaudette218-825-6871Info
k12-nwlinks low baudetteroom lowBaudette218-284-0627Info
co-lakeofthewoods r em baudetteroom emBaudette218-825-6723Info
co-lakeofthewoods r 2 baudetteroom 2Baudette218-825-6885Info
co-lakeofthewoods c 2 baudettecourtroom 2Baudette218-825-6829Info
co-beltrami r em bemidjiroom emBemidji218-825-6739Info
nets-bsu 4 hs248b bemidjiroom 4 hs248bBemidji218-279-2618Info
dnr r bemidjiroom rBemidji218-525-0877Info
co-beltrami r 3 admin bemidjiroom 3 adminBemidji218-825-6858Info
zayo r upper mississippi mhc bemidjiroom upper mississippi mhcBemidji218-308-2990Info
neat-bsu 1 bemidjiroom 1Bemidji218-825-6816Info
nets-bsu 3 decker15 bemidjiroom 3 decker15Bemidji218-279-2617Info
bca r 3 bemidjiroom 3Bemidji218-525-0883Info
co-beltrami c 4 courts bemidjicourtroom 4 courtsBemidji218-825-6896Info
co-beltrami c 6 court bemidjicourtroom 6 courtBemidji218-825-6898Info
neat-bsu 2 bemidjiroom 2Bemidji218-825-6817Info
mdh p 1 bemidjiportable 1Bemidji218-279-2574Info
offnet-r isdn hrdc bemidjiroom isdn hrdcBemidjiInfo
nets-bsu p5 bemidjiroom p5Bemidji218-525-0884Info
bca r firearms bemidjiroom firearmsBemidji218-525-0882Info
offnet-r ip ihs bemidjiroom ip ihsBemidjiInfo
co-beltrami c 7 court bemidjicourtroom 7 courtBemidji218-825-6810Info
mdh r bemidjiroom rBemidji218-279-2597Info
dnr-bemidji p Masami bemidjiportable MasamiBemidji218-825-6995Info
offnet r iverson corner drug bemidjiroom iverson corner drugBemidjiInfo
nets-bsu 1 e419 bemidjiroom 1 e419Bemidji218-279-2615Info
bca r conference room bemidjiroom conference roomBemidji218-525-0881Info
MnSCU-CSU/ITS Bemidjiroom -Bemidji218-825-6847Info
nets-ntc 125 bemidjiroom 125Bemidji218-279-2624Info
co-beltrami r 2 bemidjiroom 2Bemidji218-825-6846Info
co-beltrami c 5 court bemidjicourtroom 5 courtBemidji218-825-6897Info
nets-nctc r bemidjiroom rBemidjiInfo
k12-cmk12 p bug benaportable bugBena218-725-7761Info
co-swift c 2 8th judicial bensoncourtroom 2 8th judicialBenson320-534-6752Info
co-swift r 1 human services bensonroom 1 human servicesBenson320-255-2304Info
co-swift r em bensonroom emBenson320-229-5459Info
MDVA Minneapolis Whipple Bldgroom Minneapolis WhippleBldg651-215-0560Info
co-hennepin r hsphd s sub hub bloomingtonserver sub hubBloomington612-373-8607Info
metnet-ncc 1 bloomingtonroom 1Bloomington651-223-7643Info
logis r city of bloomingtonroom city ofBloomington651-296-1045Info
metnet-ncc 2 bloomingtonroom 2Bloomington651-223-7642Info
zayo r icsi bloomingtonroom icsiBloomington612-230-0130Info
co-faribault r em blueearthroom emBlue Earth651-296-1020Info
co-faribault r social svcs blueearthroom social svcsBlue Earth507-536-6333Info
co-faribault c 2 blueearthcourtroom 2Blue Earth507-529-6227Info
DHS R P2030 BNBroom R P2030BNB952-529-7727Info
k12-ecmecc r 110 hs brahamroom 110 hsBraham320-202-0925Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 brahamportable 2Braham320-255-2301Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary brahamportable elementaryBraham320-255-2574Info
k12-ecmecc o marcjohnson brahamoffice system marcjohnsonBraham320-534-0173Info
k12-cmk12 3 brahamroom 3Braham320-255-2316Info
k12-ecmecc p distric brahamportable districBraham320-255-2318Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 ecmec brahamportable 2 ecmecBraham320-255-2576Info
k12-ecmecc r 108 hs brahamroom 108 hsBraham320-202-0923Info
k12-cmk12 new site brahamroom new siteBrahamInfo
pca brainerdroom -Brainerd218-279-2587Info
co-crowwing r jail brainerdroom jailBrainerd218-825-6879Info
co-crowwing p2 ss brainerdroom p2 ssBrainerd218-825-6891Info
co-crowwing c 6 brainerdcourtroom 6Brainerd218-828-2748Info
cmdln-clc 2 brainerdroom 2Brainerd218-825-6835Info
offnet edu chinese 1 edu dist ofc brainerdroom edu chinese 1 edu dist ofcBrainerdInfo
cmdln-clc 3 brainerdroom 3Brainerd218-725-7753Info
co-crowwing r sheriff's office brainerdroom sheriff's officeBrainerd218-825-6816Info
dnr r brainerdroom rBrainerd218-525-0878Info
offnet-r ip st josephs med ctr brainerdroom ip st josephs med ctrBrainerdInfo
co-crowwing r land svcs brainerdroom land svcsBrainerd218-825-6892Info
cmdln-clc 1 brainerdroom 1Brainerd218-825-6834Info
co-crowwing c 9th brainerdcourtroom 9thBrainerd218-825-6833Info
co-crowwing c 3 brainerdcourtroom 3Brainerd218-733-2053Info
co-crowwing c 5 brainerdcourtroom 5Brainerd218-828-2689Info
co-crowwing c hearing1 brainerdcourtroom hearing1Brainerd218-828-2763Info
co-crowwing c 4 brainerdcourtroom 4Brainerd218-828-2695Info
rev r brainerdroom rBrainerd218-825-6999Info
co-crowwing r ss brainerdroom ssBrainerd218-825-6873Info
k12-cmets r hs1 brandonroom hs1Brandon218-733-2074Info
k12-cmets r hs2 brandonroom hs2Brandon218-733-2075Info
k12-cmets r brandonroom rBrandon320-534-6764Info
k12-cmets r hs3 brandonroom hs3Brandon218-733-2090Info
co-wilkin c breckenridgeroom cBreckenridge218-825-6838Info
co-wilkin r em breckenridgeroom emBreckenridge320-229-5456Info
co-hennepin c brookdale court brooklyncentercourtroom brookdale courtBrooklyn Center612-373-8627Info
rev r collections brooklyncenterroom collectionsBrooklyn Center651-205-4396Info
metnet-htc 3 brooklynparkroom 3Brooklyn Park651-223-7687Info
metnet-nhcc 1 brooklynparkroom 1Brooklyn Park651-223-7635Info
co-hennepin r hsphd nw hub brooklynparkroom hsphd nw hubBrooklyn Park612-373-8690Info
co-hennepin p sheriff brooklynparkportable sheriffBrooklyn Park612-373-8621Info
metnet-nhcc 3 brooklynparkroom 3Brooklyn Park651-205-4867Info
metnet-nhcc 2 brooklynparkroom 2Brooklyn Park651-223-7620Info
metnet-htc 2 brooklynparkroom 2Brooklyn Park651-223-7625Info
co-wright r 1 human svs buffaloroom 1 human svsBuffalo651-205-4577Info
co-wright r em buffaloroom emBuffalo320-229-5463Info
co-wright c 2 buffalocourtroom 2Buffalo651-205-4650Info
co-wright r 158 h264 human srv buffaloroom 158 h264 human srvBuffalo651-215-0561Info
co-wright r govmnt svcs buffaloroom govmnt svcsBuffalo651-205-4576Info
k12-semnet r byronroom rByron507-536-6382Info
co-houston r em caledoniaroom emCaledonia507-285-7307Info
offnet edu caledoniaroom eduCaledoniaInfo
co-houston c hearing room caledoniacourtroom hearing roomCaledonia507-529-2715Info
co-houston c caledoniaroom cCaledonia651-296-0938Info
metnet-arcc e202 cambridgeroom e202Cambridge651-223-7621Info
k12-ecmecc isanti o cambridgeroom isanti oCambridge651-223-7686Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 4 cambridgeroom isanti 4Cambridge651-205-4690Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 1 cambridgeroom isanti 1Cambridge651-205-4422Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 3 cambridgeroom isanti 3Cambridge651-205-4552Info
k12-ecmecc r 111 hs cambridgeroom 111 hsCambridge320-229-5475Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 middle cambridgeportable 2 middleCambridge320-255-2583Info
co-isanti c 2 cambridgecourtroom 2Cambridge651-205-4655Info
k12-ecmecc r 218 hs cambridgeroom 218 hsCambridge320-229-5461Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 6 cambridgeroom isanti 6Cambridge651-205-4689Info
metnet-arcc e221 cambridgeroom e221Cambridge651-223-7633Info
k12-ecmecc isanti 5 cambridgeroom isanti 5Cambridge651-223-7795Info
co-isanti r fmly svc cambridgeroom fmly svcCambridge651-205-4428Info
k12-ecmecc middle school cambridgeroom middle schoolCambridge651-205-4432Info
co-isanti r eoc cambridgeroom eocCambridge651-215-0807Info
co-isanti r em cambridgeroom emCambridge651-215-0833Info
shot-canby 3 canbyroom 3Canby507-529-6169Info
shot-canby 6 canbyroom 6Canby507-536-6365Info
shot-canby 5 canbyroom 5Canby507-536-6364Info
shot-canby 2 canbyroom 2Canby507-529-6167Info
shot-canby 4 canbyroom 4Canby507-529-6168Info
shot-canby 1 canbyroom 1Canby507-529-6166Info
co-carlton r em carltonroom emCarlton218-733-2065Info
co-carlton c carltonroom cCarlton218-828-2720Info
nets-leechlake r 100 tribal college casslakeroom 100 tribal collegeCass Lake218-773-2046Info
mnit o mikescarcella coboffice system mikescarcellaCentennial Office Building, St Paul651-205-4936Info
mnit default cobroom defaultCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-3 cobroom ACCNQ-3Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit o mark nelson coboffice system mark nelsonCentennial Office Building, St Paul651-223-7615Info
mnit 800 ISDN 5 128k cobroom 800 ISDN 5 128kCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit-codian mcu 803 isdn cobroom mcu 803 isdnCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-7 cobroom ACCNQ-7Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnitASW5-128 CH 20-21 cobroom CH 20-21Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ASW-2x64 cobroom ASW-2x64Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit -codian mcu 801 isdn cobroom -codian mcu 801 isdnCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-9 cobroom ACCNQ-9Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-1 cobroom ACCNQ-1Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-6 cobroom ACCNQ-6Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit BSW-2x64 cobroom BSW-2x64Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit 104a cobroom 104aCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-5 cobroom ACCNQ-5Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ASW6-128 CH 22-23 cobroom ASW6-128 CH 22-23Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-4 cobroom ACCNQ-4Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit ACCNQ-8 cobroom ACCNQ-8Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit BSW5-128 CH 21-22 cobroom BSW5-128 CH 21-22Centennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
mnit -codian mcu 899 isdn cobroom -codian mcu 899 isdnCentennial Office Building, St PaulInfo
co-chisago r centercityroom rCenter City651-223-7658Info
co-chisago c centercityroom cCenter City651-223-7659Info
co-carver c 5 chaskacourtroom 5Chaska651-296-0554Info
co-carver em main chaskaroom em mainChaska651-215-0622Info
co-carver c chaskaroom cChaska651-223-7693Info
offnet-r 2 isdn epa chicagoILroom 2 isdn epachicagoILInfo
offnet-r 1 isdn epa chicagoILroom 1 isdn epachicagoILInfo
k12-ecmecc p distric chisagoportable districChisago320-255-2323Info
k12-ecmecc r itv hs chisagoroom itv hsChisago320-202-0927Info
k12-ecmecc r high library chisagoroom high libraryChisago320-255-2560Info
k12-ecmecc r rm23 middle chisagoroom rm23 middleChisago320-255-2584Info
k12-cmk12 r media middle chisagoroom media middleChisago320-534-0176Info
neat-fdl cloquetroom -Cloquet218-279-2584Info
offnet-r hdc cloquetroom hdcCloquet952-683-7018Info
co-carlton r public health cloquetroom public healthCloquet218-279-2608Info
k12-iasc r greenway coleraineroom greenwayColeraine218-825-6886Info
metnet-arcc r crmiss coonrapidsroom crmissCoon Rapids651-296-0867Info
metnet-arcc r sc270 coonrapidsroom sc270Coon RapidsInfo
metnet-arcc 1 coonrapidsroom 1Coon Rapids651-223-7632Info
metnet-arcc 4 C144 coonrapidsroom 4 C144Coon Rapids651-205-4622Info
metnet-arcc 2 coonrapidsroom 2Coon Rapids651-223-7631Info
metnet-arcc 3 coonrapidsroom 3Coon Rapids651-223-7663Info
offnet-r isdn family svs cottonwoodroom isdn family svsCottonInfo
DOT Desk Video St Croixroom Desk Video StCroix651-555-3633Info
co-polk c jc cr2 crookstoncourtroom jc cr2Crookston218-825-6821Info
nets-codian g2 mcu crookstonroom g2 mcuCrookstonInfo
nets-umc 7 crookstonroom 7Crookston218-825-6819Info
nets-codian g3 mcu crookstonroom g3 mcuCrookstonInfo
peer nwlinks 4 crookstonroom nwlinks 4CrookstonInfo
co-polk r 3rd floor govt ctr crookstonroom 3rd floor govt ctrCrookston218-725-7756Info
nets-umc 1 crookstonroom 1Crookston218-279-2619Info
co-polk p 2 jc tcc crookstonportable 2 jc tccCrookston218-733-2092Info
nets-umc 5 crookstonroom 5Crookston218-825-6815Info
co-polk r public health crookstonroom public healthCrookston218-825-6820Info
co-polk r level 3 rm 340a/b govt ctr crookstonroom level 3 rm 340a/b govt ctrCrookston218-825-6837Info
peer nwlinks 3 crookstonroom nwlinks 3CrookstonInfo
nets-codian g4 mcu crookstonroom g4 mcuCrookstonInfo
nets-umc 6 crookstonroom 6Crookston218-825-6818Info
nets-codian g1 mcu crookstonroom g1 mcuCrookstonInfo
co-polk p 1 jc tcc crookstonportable 1 jc tccCrookston218-733-2063Info
peer nwlinks 1 crookstonroom nwlinks 1CrookstonInfo
nets-umc 4 crookstonroom 4Crookston218-279-2622Info
co-polk c jc cr 4 crookstoncourtroom jc cr 4Crookston218-825-6822Info
peer nwlinks 2 crookstonroom nwlinks 2CrookstonInfo
peer nwlinks 5 crookstonroom nwlinks 5CrookstonInfo
co-polk r em crookstonroom emCrookston218-279-3634Info
nets-umc 3 crookstonroom 3Crookston218-279-2621Info
nets-codian g5 mcu crookstonroom g5 mcuCrookstonInfo
zayo r northwestern mhc crookstonroom northwestern mhcCrookston218-277-7990Info
nets-umc 2 crookstonroom 2Crookston218-279-2620Info
k12-cmk12 t crosby hs crosbytraining room crosby hsCrosby320-255-2368Info
zayo r johnson memorial health services dawsonroom johnson memorial health servicesdawson612-230-0820Info
k12-iasc deerriverroom -Deer River218-825-6884Info
pca detroitlakesroom -Detroit Lakes218-279-2588Info
nets-msctc r a101b detroitlakesroom a101bDetroit Lakes218-733-2017Info
nets-1 c107 detroitlakesroom c107Detroit Lakes218-279-2626Info
co-becker r dhs detroitlakesroom dhsDetroit Lakes218-825-6859Info
co-becker r em detroitlakesroom emDetroit Lakes218-733-2079Info
nets-2 108 detroitlakesroom 108Detroit Lakes218-279-2627Info
co-becker c court detroitlakescourtroom courtDetroit Lakes218-825-6840Info
k12-nwlinks pub lib detroitlakesroom pub libDetroit Lakes218-284-0614Info
co-crowwing SO DOCroom SODOC218-828-2690Info
neat-umd p6 duluthroom p6Duluth218-825-6862Info
offnet ardc duluthroom ardcDuluthInfo
offnet-r isdn bridge house duluthroom isdn bridge houseDuluthInfo
offnet-r ip sisu g1 duluthroom ip sisu g1DuluthInfo
co-stlouis courthouse duluthroom courthouseDuluth218-279-2624Info
neat-ndac g2 duluthroom g2DuluthInfo
neat-umd pharm 5 duluthroom pharm 5Duluth218-825-6861Info
neat-lsc airport duluthroom airportDuluth218-279-2599Info
neat-umd pharm 1 duluthroom pharm 1Duluth218-279-2591Info
oah r admin hearings h264 duluthroom admin hearings h264Duluth218-828-2790Info
neat-ndac g3 duluthroom g3DuluthInfo
mdh r duluthroom rDuluth218-279-2606Info
co-stlouis r GSC 7th large duluthroom GSC 7th largeDuluth218-825-6875Info
neat-lsc 1 duluthroom 1Duluth218-279-2581Info
mdh p 1 duluthportable 1Duluth218-279-2575Info
offnet-r ip stepping stones duluthroom ip stepping stonesDuluthInfo
neat-umd smed duluthroom smedDuluth218-825-6863Info
offnet-r ip essentia health duluthroom ip essentia healthDuluthInfo
co-stlouis c 2 duluthcourtroom 2Duluth218-279-2611Info
neat-lsc p4 duluthroom p4Duluth218-825-6854Info
doli p conference duluthportable conferenceDuluth218-733-2019Info
neat-umd pharm 6 duluthroom pharm 6Duluth218-725-7755Info
umdvj r med 179 duluthroom med 179Duluth218-279-2600Info
neat-lsc ertc duluthroom ertcDuluth218-279-2598Info
k12-nek12 arcc duluthroom arccDuluth218-279-4440Info
umdvj r med 148 duluthroom med 148Duluth218-279-2602Info
offnet-r hdc-1406-nhc duluthroom hdc-1406-nhcDuluth952-683-7015Info
co-stlouis r gsc 5th large duluthroom gsc 5th largeDuluth218-279-2610Info
offnet edu school dist duluthroom edu school distDuluthInfo
neat-umd r hr duluthroom hrDuluth218-279-2604Info
offnet-r hdc-1401-main duluthroom hdc-1401-mainDuluth952-683-7016Info
rev r regional office duluthroom regional officeDuluth218-725-7740Info
neat-lsc 5 s1981 duluthroom 5 s1981Duluth218-279-2623Info
neat-ndac 5 duluthroom 5DuluthInfo
neat-ndac g4 duluthroom g4DuluthInfo
neat-ndac g1 duluthroom g1DuluthInfo
neat-umd p7 duluthroom p7Duluth218-725-7723Info
neat-umd pharm 4 duluthroom pharm 4Duluth218-279-2657Info
co-stlouis r eoc duluthroom eocDuluth218-279-2625Info
neat-umd pharm 3 duluthroom pharm 3Duluth218-279-2590Info
neat-umd 1 lib 410 duluthroom 1 lib 410Duluth218-279-2646Info
umdvj r 165 med duluthroom 165 medDuluth218-279-2601Info
pca duluthroom -Duluth218-279-2586Info
neat-umd med2 duluthroom med2Duluth218-825-6856Info
offnet nrri ip duluthroom nrri ipDuluthInfo
neat-umd pharm 2 duluthroom pharm 2Duluth218-279-2592Info
neat-umd p3 duluthroom p3Duluth218-279-2656Info
neat-umd 2 kirby plaza 173 duluthroom 2 kirby plaza 173Duluth218-279-2647Info
co-stlouis r gsc river room duluthroom gsc river roomDuluth218-525-0876Info
offnet-r ip blue cross/blue shield eaganroom ip blue cross/blue shieldEaganInfo
rev r Sales and Income Tax eaganroom Sales and Income TaxEagan651-205-4716Info
k12-soc r sibley eastarlingtonroom sibleyEast Arlington954-400-2612Info
nets-nctc 3 106 egfroom 3 106East Grand Forks 218-279-2630Info
k12-nwlinks egfroom -East Grand Forks 218-284-0626Info
nets-nctc 1 237 egfroom 1 237East Grand Forks 218-279-2628Info
co-polk r 5 social svs eastgrandforksroom 5 social svsEast Grand Forks218-825-6823Info
nets-nctc northland mnscu ip egfroom northland mnscu ipEast Grand Forks Info
nets-nctc r eastgrandforksroom rEast Grand ForksInfo
nets-nctc 2 436 egfroom 2 436East Grand Forks 218-279-2629Info
metnet-htc 2 edenprairieroom 2Eden Prairie651-223-7638Info
metnet-htc 1 edenprairieroom 1Eden Prairie651-223-7639Info
offnet o video guidance edenprairieoffice system video guidanceEden PrairieInfo
metnet-htc 3 edenprairieroom 3Eden Prairie651-223-7688Info
rev r Sales and Income Tax edinaroom Sales and Income TaxEdina651-205-4673Info
mnscu-t 7700 france suite 319 edinaroom 7700 france suite 319Edina651-205-4876Info
k12-edina r dmts edinaroom dmtsEdina651-223-7791Info
co-hennepin c southdale edinacourtroom southdaleEdina612-373-8682Info
k12-edina normandale elem edinaroom normandale elemEdina651-223-7790Info
co-grant c elbowlakeroom cElbow Lake218-825-6836Info
co-grant r em elbowlakeroom emElbow Lake320-229-5464Info
k12-ecmecc r erhs itv1 elkriverroom erhs itv1Elk River320-229-5482Info
co-sherburne oak room 1347 elkriverroom oak room 1347Elk River651-223-7664Info
co-sherburne r em elkriverroom emElk River651-215-0727Info
mdh r ellisroom rellis651-296-1170Info
offnet-r ip ysi elmore academy elmoreroom ip ysi elmore academyelmoreInfo
neat-vcc 1 elyroom 1Ely218-279-2640Info
rev r Pioneer elyroom PioneerEly218-725-7757Info
rev r Burntside elyroom BurntsideEly218-825-6874Info
newan - elyroom -Ely218-279-4443Info
co-stlouis r gsc elyroom gscEly218-825-6969Info
neat-vcc 3 elyroom 3Ely218-279-2642Info
rev r Basswood West elyroom Basswood WestEly218-825-6853Info
neat-vcc 2 elyroom 2Ely218-279-2641Info
co-hennepin r pw medina eoc01room pw medinaeoc01612-373-8687Info
co-hennepin r pw medina eoc02room pw medinaeoc02612-373-8688Info
co-hennepin p pw medina eoc03portable pw medinaeoc03612-373-8616Info
k12-cmets r evansvilleroom rEvansville320-534-6765Info
k12-cmets r main floor evansvilleroom main floorEvansville218-733-2108Info
k12-cmets r math evansvilleroom mathEvansville218-733-2091Info
mnscu-OOC evelethroom -Eveleth651-205-4881Info
neat-mesabi 1 evelethroom 1Eveleth218-279-2638Info
co-martin r em fairmontroom emFairmont507-280-2894Info
co-martin r human services fairmontroom human servicesFairmont507-536-6323Info
co-martin c 2 fairmontcourtroom 2Fairmont507-529-6233Info
shot-smec 1 fairmontroom 1Fairmont507-536-6329Info
k12-soc r martin county fairmontroom martin countyFairmont952-400-2633Info
shot-smec 2 fairmontroom 2Fairmont507-536-6330Info
co-martin c a fairmontcourtroom aFairmont507-529-2768Info
k12-soc r fairmontroom rFairmont952-400-2633Info
zayo r prairiestjohns fargoroom prairiestjohnsFargo, North DakotaInfo
offnet-r ip sanford healthcare fargoroom ip sanford healthcareFargo, North DakotaInfo
offnet edu fargo school dist ip FargoNDroom edu fargo school dist ipFargoNDInfo
offnet edu fargo school dist ip FargoNDroom edu fargo school dist ipFargoNDInfo
comet-sctc r conference faribaultroom conferenceFaribault507-529-6189Info
co-rice c courtroom 1 faribaultcourtroom courtroom 1Faribault507-536-6334Info
co-rice c courtroom 2 faribaultcourtroom courtroom 2Faribault507-536-6335Info
comet-sctc r library periodical faribaultroom library periodicalFaribault507-536-6361Info
co-rice c3 faribaultroom c3Faribault507-536-6326Info
co-rice r em faribaultroom emFaribault651-296-0723Info
co-rice r social services faribaultroom social servicesFaribault507-536-6317Info
co-rice r gsc 3a faribaultroom gsc 3aFaribault507-529-6258Info
comet-sctc 4 c115 faribaultroom 4 c115Faribault507-285-7418Info
deaf t faribaultroom tFaribault507-529-6203Info
comet-sctc 5 b106 faribaultroom 5 b106Faribault507-529-6196Info
comet-sctc 3 c111 faribaultroom 3 c111Faribault507-285-7421Info
mdh p 1 fergusfallsportable 1Fergus Falls218-828-2640Info
nets-msctc 1 510 fergusfallsroom 1 510Fergus Falls218-279-2631Info
offnet-r ip lakeland mental health center fergusfallsroom ip lakeland mental health centerFergus FallsInfo
k12-nwlinks lakescountry fergusfallsroom lakescountryFergus Falls218-284-0609Info
mdh r fergusfallsroom rFergus Falls218-825-6839Info
co-ottertail p 1 gov't svs fergusfallsportable 1 gov't svsFergus Falls218-825-6893Info
nets-msctc 3 comp fergusfallsroom 3 compFergus Falls218-525-0873Info
nets-msctc 4 comp fergusfallsroom 4 compFergus Falls218-525-0874Info
co-ottertail c 2 courts fergusfallscourtroom 2 courtsFergus Falls218-825-6843Info
nets-msctc 2 512 fergusfallsroom 2 512Fergus Falls218-279-2632Info
co-ottertail r em fergusfallsroom emFergus Falls320-229-5476Info
k12-ecmecc r high hinckley finlaysonroom high hinckleyFinlayson320-255-2534Info
k12-ecmecc r 2 eastcentral finlaysonroom 2 eastcentralFinlayson320-229-5441Info
k12-ecmecc r 328 hs eastcentral finlaysonroom 328 hs eastcentralFinlayson320-202-0928Info
k12-ecmecc p east central finlaysonportable east centralFinlayson320-534-6760Info
co-benton r hs foleyroom hsFoley320-255-2343Info
co-benton r em foleyroom emFoley320-229-5457Info
co-benton c courtroom foleycourtroom courtroomFoley320-534-0177Info
MDVA St .Paul Valley Forgeroom St .Paul ValleyForge651-215-0566Info
co-sibley r em gaylordroom emGaylord507-285-7364Info
co-sibley c courtrm 1 gaylordcourtroom courtrm 1Gaylord320-255-2362Info
co-sibley r mnscha gaylordroom mnschaGaylord507-237-7050Info
MDVA St.Paul Gettysburgroom St.PaulGettysburg651-296-1296Info
co-mcleod c 2 glencoecourtroom 2Glencoe320-534-6755Info
co-mcleod c 3 glencoecourtroom 3Glencoe320-534-6766Info
co-mcleod c jury assembly room glencoecourtroom jury assembly roomGlencoe320-534-0179Info
co-mcleod r em glencoeroom emGlencoe507-285-7427Info
co-mcleod primewest glencoeroom primewestGlencoe320-255-2365Info
zayo r regional health glencoeroom regional healthGlencoe612-230-0580Info
co-pope c 8th dist. glenwoodcourtroom 8th dist.Glenwood320-534-0190Info
co-pope r em glenwoodroom emGlenwood320-229-5470Info
co-pope r public health glenwoodroom public healthGlenwood320-255-2347Info
co-hennepin p sheriff shcomm rm 41 goldenvalleyportable sheriff shcomm rm 41Golden Valley612-373-8652Info
co-hennepin p sheriff dspthctr goldenvalleyportable sheriff dspthctrGolden Valley612-373-8678Info
zayo r volunteers of america mn goldenvalleyroom volunteers of america mnGolden Valley763-230-9020Info
logis r west conf goldenvalleyroom west confGolden Valley651-296-1142Info
k12-wetc r itv2 goodhueroom itv2goodhue952-516-8846Info
wetc r good itv2 goodhueroom good itv2goodhue507-555-3969Info
k12-soc r goodhueroom rgoodhueInfo
wetc r good itv2 goodhueroom good itv2goodhue507-555-3970Info
k12-wetc r itv1 goodhueroom itv1goodhue952-516-8845Info
neat-cook r he114 grandmaraisroom he114Grand Marais218-825-6860Info
co-cook r 1 grandmaraisroom 1Grand Marais218-279-2649Info
co-cook c grandmaraisroom cGrand Marais218-828-2637Info
co-cook r phs itv grandmaraisroom phs itvGrand Marais218-825-6865Info
co-cook r em grandmaraisroom emGrand Marais218-733-2109Info
neat-cook r he214 grandmaraisroom he214Grand Marais218-825-6899Info
neat-cook r comm ctr grandportageroom comm ctrGrand Portage218-733-2020Info
neat-ncroc grandrapidsroom -Grand Rapids218-279-2650Info
neat-icc 1 grandrapidsroom 1Grand Rapids218-279-2645Info
dnr r grandrapidsroom rGrand Rapids218-825-6868Info
co-itasca c grandrapidsroom cGrand Rapids218-279-2585Info
co-itasca r human services grandrapidsroom human servicesGrand Rapids218-825-6975Info
neat-icc 2 t132 grandrapidsroom 2 t132Grand Rapids218-825-6855Info
co-itasca c2 grandrapidsroom c2Grand Rapids218-825-6977Info
zayo r municipal hospital manor granitefallsroom municipal hospital manorGranite Falls320-441-6150Info
co-yellowmedicine c 2 granitefallscourtroom 2Granite Falls507-529-2733Info
mnscu-grf 1 granitefallsroom 1Granite Falls320-534-6743Info
shot-grf 3 granitefallsroom 3Granite Falls320-534-6742Info
shot-mnwest ip granitefallsroom ipGranite FallsInfo
zayo r acmc granitefallsroom acmcGranite Falls320-313-1130Info
shot-grf 4 granitefallsroom 4Granite Falls320-534-6744Info
mnscu-mnwctc r 2 granitefallsroom 2Granite Falls320-255-2349Info
co-yellowmedicine r em granitefallsroom emGranite Falls507-285-7380Info
shot-grf 2 granitefallsroom 2Granite Falls320-534-6741Info
offnet-r ip project turnabout granitefallsroom ip project turnaboutGranite FallsInfo
mnscu r 108c conf granitefallsroom 108c confGranite Falls320-229-5469Info
shot-grf 1 granitefallsroom 1Granite Falls320-534-6740Info
co-yellowmedicine c granitefallsroom cGranite Falls320-534-6751Info
k12-lctn acgc grovecityroom acgcGrove City320-534-6733Info
k12-nwlinks hs gryglaroom hsGrygla218-284-0645Info
co-ramsey p 3 human services stpaul H264portable 3 human services stpaulH264651-205-4688Info
offnet-r ip kittson memorial healthcare center hallockroom ip kittson memorial healthcare centerHallockInfo
k12-nwlinks kittson central hallockroom kittson centralHallock218-284-0653Info
co-kittson r em hallockroom emHallock218-825-6714Info
co-kittson c hallockroom cHallock218-825-6831Info
co-kittson r ss hallockroom ssHallock218-725-7744Info
k12-nwlinks hs hancockroom hsHancock218-284-0617Info
zayo r zumbro mhc harmonyroom zumbro mhcHarmony612-230-0610Info
co-dakota c iccr hastingscourtroom iccrHastings651-205-4396Info
co-dakota c cart hastingscourtroom cartHastings651-215-0570Info
co-dakota c 2 juvenille hastingscourtroom 2 juvenilleHastings651-215-0574Info
co-dakota p eoc Cart hastingsportable eoc CartHastings651-296-0993Info
co-dakota r adc 3a hastingsroom adc 3aHastings651-296-0551Info
co-dakota c 1b hastingscourtroom 1bHastings651-205-4402Info
co-dakota c south conf hastingscourtroom south confHastings651-296-0841Info
co-dakota r adc_1A hastingsroom adc_1AHastings651-296-0829Info
co-dakota c 2e hastingscourtroom 2eHastings651-223-7781Info
co-dakota r 3 hastingsroom 3Hastings651-223-7782Info
neat-nhac g2 hibbingroom g2HibbingInfo
peer nek12 5 hibbingroom nek12 5HibbingInfo
peer nek12 3 hibbingroom nek12 3HibbingInfo
neat-tandberg mcu hibbingroom mcuHibbing218-279-2593Info
mnscu-hcc2 hibbingroom -Hibbing218-279-2652Info
neat-hib 4 cccr hibbingroom 4 cccrHibbing218-279-2654Info
peer nek12 1 hibbingroom nek12 1HibbingInfo
offnet-r ip range mhc hibbingroom ip range mhcHibbingInfo
peer nek12 4 hibbingroom nek12 4HibbingInfo
neat-hib 1 hibbingroom 1Hibbing218-279-2651Info
neat-nhac g4 hibbingroom g4HibbingInfo
co-stlouis r phhs hibbingroom phhsHibbing218-825-6976Info
co-stlouis c portable hibbingcourtroom portableHibbing218-828-2435Info
neat-hib 7 conference hibbingroom 7 conferenceHibbing218-279-4477Info
neat-nhac g1 hibbingroom g1HibbingInfo
mnscu-hcc5 hibbingroom -Hibbing218-279-2655Info
neat-hib 8 c206 hibbingroom 8 c206Hibbing218-279-2648Info
neat-nhac g3 hibbingroom g3HibbingInfo
neat-hib 6 roberta hibbingroom 6 robertaHibbing218-279-4475Info
offnet-r ip range regional health services hibbingroom ip range regional health servicesHibbingInfo
peer nek12 2 hibbingroom nek12 2HibbingInfo
mnscu-hcc3 hibbingroom -Hibbing218-279-2653Info
dnr r hibbingroom rHibbing218-725-7733Info
k12-iasc r hillcityroom rHill City218-825-6888Info
k12-ecmecc p hs hinckleyportable hsHinckley320-534-6770Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary hinckleyportable elementaryHinckley320-255-2533Info
k12-ecmecc r 315 hs hinckleyroom 315 hsHinckleyInfo
k12-ecmecc r 137 hs hinckleyroom 137 hsHinckley320-202-0934Info
ecmecc r 313 hs hinckleyroom 313 hsHinckley320-229-5474Info
MDVA Silver Bay Veterans Homeroom Silver Bay VeteransHome218-725-7751Info
MDVA Hastings Vet Homeroom Hastings VetHome651-296-0713Info
MDVA Fergus Falls Vet Homeroom Fergus Falls VetHome218-733-2026Info
MDVA Luverne Vet Homeroom Luverne VetHome507-285-7365Info
co-hennepin r hsphd hopkinsroom hsphdHopkins612-373-8612Info
co-hennepin r pw eoc hopkinsroom pw eocHopkins612-373-8608Info
co-hennepin r 233 hsphd west hub hopkinsroom hsphd west hubHopkins612-373-8694Info
offnet ISDN Henn Co CHD Hopkinsroom ISDN Henn Co CHDHopkinsInfo
k12-lctn royer ip hutchinsonroom royer ipHutchinsonInfo
shot-rdg 6 hutchinsonroom 6Hutchinson320-746-8004Info
shot-rdg 5 hutchinsonroom 5Hutchinson320-534-6732Info
shot-rdg 3 hutchinsonroom 3Hutchinson320-534-6716Info
k12-lctn codian hutchinsonroom codianHutchinsonInfo
shot-rdg 1 hutchinsonroom 1Hutchinson320-534-6714Info
shot-rdg 4 hutchinsonroom 4Hutchinson320-534-6720Info
shot-rdg 2 hutchinsonroom 2Hutchinson320-534-6715Info
shot-rdg library 130e hutchinsonroom library 130eHutchinson320-746-8003Info
cmdln-rch 06 hutchinsonroom 06Hutchinson320-255-2339Info
k12-lctn g1 hutchinsonroom g1Hutchinson320-534-6731Info
offnet ICN ip IAroom ICN ipIAInfo
neat-rrc 1 intfallsroom 1International Falls218-279-2643Info
co-koochiching r em intfallsroom emInternational Falls218-733-2055Info
co-koochiching c 2 intfallscourtroom 2International Falls218-828-2741Info
neat-rrc 2 intfallsroom 2International Falls218-279-2644Info
co-koochiching r vso intfallsroom vsoInternational Falls218-828-2742Info
k12-nek12 international falls hs intfallsroom international falls hsInternational Falls218-279-4481Info
co-koochiching c intfallsroom cInternational Falls218-279-2583Info
mnscu-iftc intfallsroom -International Falls218-279-2605Info
co-koochiching r hs intfallsroom hsInternational Falls218-828-2353Info
metnet-ihcc 2 invergroveheightsroom 2Inver Grove Heights651-223-7624Info
metnet-ihcc 1 invergroveheightsroom 1Inver Grove Heights651-223-7634Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 cambridge isantiportable 2 cambridgeIsanti651-205-4401Info
k12-ecmecc p middle isantiportable middleIsanti320-255-2586Info
k12-ecmecc r middle isantiroom middleIsanti651-205-4501Info
k12-ecmecc p intermediate isantiportable intermediateIsanti320-255-2582Info
offnet edu isle hs isleroom edu isle hsIsleInfo
offnet edu isle hs isleroom edu isle hsIsleInfo
co-lincoln c ivanhoeroom cIvanhoe507-529-6216Info
co-lincoln r em ivanhoeroom emIvanhoe507-285-7372Info
shot-jtc 1 jacksonroom 1Jackson507-529-6180Info
mnscu-p jtc jacksonroom jtcJackson507-536-6366Info
co-jackson c b jacksoncourtroom bJackson507-529-6234Info
shot-jtc 2 jacksonroom 2Jackson507-529-6181Info
shot-jtc 3 jacksonroom 3Jackson507-280-5051Info
mnscu-jtc 3 jacksonroom 3Jackson507-536-6367Info
co-jackson em jacksonroom emJackson651-296-0875Info
shot-jtc 4 jacksonroom 4Jackson507-529-6182Info
co-renville r jailroom rjail651-296-0995Info
k12-socrates janesville hs janesvilleroom janesville hsJanesville507-344-9340Info
k12-soc r hs janesvilleroom hsJanesville952-400-2613Info
co-scott r trng ctr jordanroom trng ctrJordan651-296-1089Info
appeals c 200 judicialcourtroom 200Judicial Building, St Paul MN651-556-7977Info
k12-nwlinks tri county karlstadroom tri countyKarlstad218-284-0701Info
k12-wetc r itv1 kenyonroom itv1Kenyon952-516-8848Info
k12-wetc r itv2 kenyonroom itv2Kenyon952-516-8849Info
offnet edu KenyonTwiteroom eduKenyonTwiteInfo
offnet-r ip desktop k johnson kittsonroom ip desktop k johnsonkittsonInfo
el dorado corrections KSroom dorado correctionsKSInfo
DHS R L3146 Lafayetteroom R L3146Lafayette952-529-7719Info
DHS R L6146 Lafayetteroom R L6146Lafayette952-529-7718Info
shot-lam 2 lambertonroom 2Lamberton507-529-6206Info
shot-lam 1 lambertonroom 1Lamberton507-529-6205Info
co-lesueur r 2 human svs lecenterroom 2 human svsLe Center507-285-7378Info
co-lesueur c 2 lecentercourtroom 2Le Center507-529-6243Info
co-lesueur r em lecenterroom emLe Center651-296-1183Info
co-lesueur c 1 lecentercourtroom 1Le Center507-529-6242Info
co-lesueur r 1 human svs lecenterroom 1 human svsLe Center507-285-7405Info
co-lesueur c 2 lecentercourtroom 2Le Center507-529-6242Info
co-cass c leechlakeroom cLeech Lake218-825-0886Info
offnet ne videoconf network LincolnNEroom ne videoconf networkLincolnNEInfo
co-meeker r em litchfieldroom emLitchfield320-229-5480Info
co-meeker r 1 social svs litchfieldroom 1 social svsLitchfield320-255-2317Info
co-meeker r community a litchfieldroom community aLitchfield320-255-2330Info
co-meeker c 2 litchfieldcourtroom 2Litchfield320-534-0178Info
co-morrison r em littlefallsroom emLittle Falls320-229-5486Info
co-morrison c itv littlefallscourtroom itvLittle Falls320-534-6759Info
co-morrison r mnscha littlefallsroom mnschaLittle FallsInfo
co-morrison r video conf littlefallsroom video confLittle Falls320-255-2583Info
offnet edu hs ip littlefallsroom edu hs ipLittle FallsInfo
co-todd c 7th judicial longprairiecourtroom 7th judicialLong Prairie320-534-6754Info
co-todd r em longprairieroom emLong Prairie320-202-6451Info
co-todd r longprairieroom rLong Prairie320-255-2576Info
co-todd r scha longprairieroom schaLong PrairieInfo
co-rock c luverneroom cLu Verne507-529-6218Info
co-rock r em luverneroom emLu Verne507-285-7379Info
zayo r hospital madeliaroom hospitalMadelia612-230-0670Info
co-lac qui parle c madisonroom qui parle cMadison320-534-6749Info
co-lac qui parle EOC madisonroom qui parle EOCMadison320-255-2351Info
co-mahnomen c mahnomenroom cMahnomen218-825-6830Info
co-mahnomen r em mahnomenroom emMahnomen218-733-2076Info
co-mahnomen p hs mahnomenportable hsMahnomen218-825-6706Info
k12-soc r conference a scsc mankatoroom conference a scscMankato952-400-8837Info
peer socrates 3 mankatoroom socrates 3MankatoInfo
mnscu-CSU mankatoroom -Mankato507-529-6177Info
peer socrates 2 mankatoroom socrates 2MankatoInfo
co-blueearth c conf 1 mankatocourtroom conf 1Mankato507-529-6240Info
co-blueearth c a/b mankatocourtroom a/bMankato507-529-6256Info
peer socrates 4 mankatoroom socrates 4MankatoInfo
comet-msu p1 mankatoroom p1Mankato507-280-3159Info
co-blueearth c e mankatocourtroom eMankato507-285-7162Info
zayo r horizon homes mankatoroom horizon homesMankato612-230-0300Info
co-blueearth r mh4 mankatoroom mh4Mankato507-285-7396Info
comet-scc r 220 north mankatoroom 220 northMankato507-280-5015Info
comet-msu 4 ah322 mankatoroom 4 ah322Mankato507-280-3575Info
co-blueearth r 3 river room mankatoroom 3 river roomMankato507-529-6257Info
k12-soc r conference c scsc mankatoroom conference c scscMankato952-516-8840Info
k12-soc r conference b scsc mankatoroom conference b scscMankato952-400-8838Info
co-blueearth c a/b mankatocourtroom a/bMankato507-529-6256Info
comet-msu 3 ml2042 mankatoroom 3 ml2042Mankato507-529-6179Info
k12-soc r traverse des souix mankatoroom traverse des souixMankato952-400-2611Info
k12-soc r 2075-3 scsc mankatoroom 2075-3 scscMankato952-516-8836Info
k12-soc r 2075-1 scsc mankatoroom 2075-1 scscMankato952-400-2620Info
rev r Regional Office mankatoroom Regional OfficeMankato218-825-6864Info
peer socrates 1 mankatoroom socrates 1MankatoInfo
k12-soc r conference d scsc mankatoroom conference d scscMankato952-516-8839Info
k12-soc r 2075-2 scsc mankatoroom 2075-2 scscMankato952-400-2621Info
co-blueearth r mh5 mankatoroom mh5Mankato507-285-7397Info
doli r conference mankatoroom conferenceMankato507-285-7387Info
co-blueearth 5th admin mankatoroom 5th adminMankato507-529-2703Info
co-blueearth p jail mankatoportable jailMankato507-529-6280Info
peer socrates 5 mankatoroom socrates 5MankatoInfo
co-blueearth r mh1 mankatoroom mh1Mankato507-285-7393Info
comet-msu 2 3013 mankatoroom 2 3013Mankato507-529-6178Info
co-blueearth r 5 BEC jail mankatoroom 5 BEC jailMankato507-536-6324Info
mdh r mankatoroom rMankato507-529-6249Info
co-blueearth r em mankatoroom emMankato507-285-7367Info
co-blueearth r mh2 mankatoroom mh2Mankato507-285-7394Info
co-blueearth 5th admin mankatoroom 5th adminMankato507-529-2703Info
mdh p 1 mankatoportable 1Mankato507-285-7356Info
pca mankatoroom -Mankato507-529-6239Info
co-blueearth 4 BEC mankatoroom 4 BECMankato507-285-7174Info
comet-msu 5 ml94b mankatoroom 5 ml94bMankato507-280-3560Info
co-blueearth r crisis center sos rtc mankatoroom crisis center sos rtcMankato507-536-6322Info
co-dodge r 2 mantorvilleroom 2Mantorville507-529-6263Info
co-dodge r em mantorvilleroom emMantorville651-296-1098Info
co-dodge c hearing mantorvillecourtroom hearingMantorville507-285-7385Info
zayo r mn prairie dodge mantorvilleroom mn prairie dodgeMantorville612-230-0290Info
co-dodge c hearing mantorvillecourtroom hearingMantorville507-285-7385Info
co-dodge c mantorvilleroom cMantorville507-280-5589Info
co-lyon c 3 5th judicial dist marshalcourtroom 3 5th judicial distmarshal507-536-6386Info
shot-smsu r 3 marshallroom 3Marshall507-529-6209Info
rev r marshallroom rMarshall507-366-6327Info
shot-smsu r 2 marshallroom 2Marshall507-529-6208Info
offnet-r 1 ip edu swsc marshallroom 1 ip edu swscMarshallInfo
co-lyon r em marshallroom emMarshall507-280-2873Info
pca marshallroom -Marshall507-529-6240Info
shot-smsu r 8 marshallroom 8Marshall507-536-6376Info
offnet-r ip edu itv marshallroom ip edu itvMarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 4 marshallroom 4Marshall507-529-6210Info
shot-smsu o beth w marshalloffice system beth wMarshall507-536-6378Info
co-lyon c 2 5th marshallcourtroom 2 5thMarshall507-529-6255Info
shot o FH Beth W marshalloffice system FH Beth WMarshallInfo
offnet-r 2 ip avera-mckennon marshallroom 2 ip avera-mckennonMarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 5 marshallroom 5Marshall507-529-6211Info
mdh r marshallroom rMarshall507-529-6250Info
shot-smsu r 7 marshallroom 7MarshallInfo
shot-smsu r 6 IL-164 marshallroom 6 IL-164Marshall507-529-6212Info
shot-smsu r 10 marshallroom 10MarshallInfo
co-lyon c 1 5th judicial dist marshallcourtroom 1 5th judicial distMarshall507-536-6332Info
offnet-r 2 ip edu swsc marshallroom 2 ip edu swscMarshallInfo
mdh p 1 marshallportable 1Marshall507-285-7388Info
shot-smsu r 9 marshallroom 9Marshall507-536-6377Info
shot-smsu r 1 marshallroom 1Marshall507-529-6207Info
co-lyon r em marshallroom emMarshall507-280-2873Info
co-lyon r itv marshallroom itvMarshall507-529-6231Info
co-polk r pcph mcintoshroom pcphmcintosh218-825-6884Info
co-polk r 4 mcintoshroom 4mcintosh218-825-6814Info
co-polk r pcph mcintoshroom pcphmcintosh218-825-6884Info
ecmecc r braham mediaroom brahammedia320-202-0925Info
k12-cmets r 2 melroseroom 2Melrose320-255-2314Info
k12-cmets p hs2 melroseportable hs2Melrose218-825-6707Info
k12-cmets p hs1 melroseportable hs1Melrose218-825-6709Info
k12-cmets r melroseroom rMelrose320-534-6766Info
BEC MH3room -MH3507-285-7395Info
k12-ecmecc p 1 milacaportable 1Milaca320-255-2525Info
co-millelacs c milacaroom cMilaca320-534-6753Info
co-millelacs r comm & vets milacaroom comm & vetsMilaca320-255-2305Info
k12-ecmecc r media milacaroom mediaMilaca320-534-6713Info
co-millelacs r em milacaroom emMilaca320-229-5483Info
zayo r millelacs academy millelacsroom millelacs academyMille Lacs320-738-5990Info
offnet edu uw MilwaukeeWIroom edu uwMilwaukeeWIInfo
umn r 7-193 pharmacy mplsroom 7-193 pharmacyMinneapolis651-223-7727Info
umn tc7 mplsroom tc7Minneapolis651-223-7656Info
co-hennepin r northpoint mplsroom northpointMinneapolis612-373-8662Info
umn r 12-208 pwd mplsroom 12-208 pwdMinneapolis651-223-7745Info
offnet-r ip fairview hlth svs mplsroom ip fairview hlth svsMinneapolisInfo
umn r 15-103 pwb mplsroom 15-103 pwbMinneapolis651-223-7762Info
umn tc8 mplsroom tc8Minneapolis651-223-7657Info
umn r trf 3204 mplsroom trf 3204Minneapolis651-223-7742Info
umn r 1450e ah moose tower mplsroom 1450e ah moose towerMinneapolis651-223-7738Info
umn r 5-130 wdh mplsroom 5-130 wdhMinneapolis651-223-7728Info
umn p1450 ahc moose tower mplsroom p1450 ahc moose towerMinneapolis651-223-7747Info
offnet-r isdn va med ctr mplsroom isdn va med ctrMinneapolisInfo
co-hennepin p 1 hcgc mplsportable 1 hcgcMinneapolis612-373-8625Info
umn r 1046 morrill mplsroom 1046 morrillMinneapolis651-223-7729Info
umn r 535 diehl mplsroom 535 diehlMinneapolis651-223-7720Info
umn tc2 mplsroom tc2Minneapolis651-223-7651Info
co-hennepin r hsb 917 mplsroom hsb 917Minneapolis612-373-8655Info
co-hennepin c family jc mplscourtroom family jcMinneapolis612-373-8681Info
co-hennepin o becki mcdonald minneapolisoffice system becki mcdonaldMinneapolis612-373-8624Info
offnet edu metro ecsu mplsroom edu metro ecsuMinneapolisInfo
umn rm AHC Moos 1-450 mplsroom AHC Moos 1-450Minneapolis651-223-7739Info
zayo r peopleinc dmhs/dsl minneapolisroom peopleinc dmhs/dslMinneapolis612-230-0640Info
co-hennepin c 1222 hcgc mplscourtroom 1222 hcgcMinneapolis612-373-8614Info
umn r mayo auditorium mplsroom mayo auditoriumMinneapolis651-223-7751Info
offnet-r ip ucare mplsroom ip ucareMinneapolisInfo
umn r ed science 325 mplsroom ed science 325Minneapolis651-223-7758Info
umn r 8-488 child rehab mplsroom 8-488 child rehabMinneapolis651-223-7717Info
umn r unknown 01 mplsroom unknown 01Minneapolis651-223-7734Info
co-hennepin r hcgc a1911 mplsroom hcgc a1911Minneapolis612-373-8659Info
umn tc4 mplsroom tc4Minneapolis651-223-7653Info
umn r 2204 trf mplsroom 2204 trfMinneapolis651-223-7741Info
umn r oit 203 johnston mplsroom oit 203 johnstonMinneapolis651-223-7721Info
umn r cancer ctr mplsroom cancer ctrMinneapolis651-223-7750Info
umn tc mayo a301 mplsroom tc mayo a301Minneapolis651-223-7752Info
umn r 2218 155 mplsroom 2218 155Minneapolis651-223-7769Info
co-hennepin p hcgc a2350 mplsportable hcgc a2350Minneapolis612-373-8618Info
co-hennepin r hsphd north hub minneapolisroom hsphd north hubMinneapolis613-373-8612Info
co-hennepin p hcgc a504 mplsportable hcgc a504Minneapolis651-373-8675Info
umn tc3 mplsroom tc3Minneapolis651-223-7652Info
co-hennepin p pw esb mplsportable pw esbMinneapolis612-373-8628Info
umn r tmj clinic mplsroom tmj clinicMinneapolis651-223-7730Info
co-hennepin c 187 jjc mplscourtroom 187 jjcMinneapolis612-373-8647Info
co-hennepin p sheriff grainex rm664 mplsportable sheriff grainex rm664Minneapolis612-373-8651Info
umn tc5 mplsroom tc5Minneapolis651-223-7654Info
umn r 672 psych mplsroom 672 psychMinneapolis651-223-7756Info
co-hennepin p sheriff cityhall rm4 mplsportable sheriff cityhall rm4Minneapolis612-373-8623Info
co-hennepin r b51 fjc mplsroom b51 fjcMinneapolis612-373-8670Info
umn r mayo b645 mplsroom mayo b645Minneapolis651-223-7722Info
umn tc9 mplsroom tc9Minneapolis651-205-4329Info
umn r mayo b646 mplsroom mayo b646Minneapolis651-223-7716Info
umn r 50 coffey mplsroom 50 coffeyMinneapolis651-223-7711Info
metnet-umn rm 7115 wdh mplsroom 7115 wdhMinneapolis651-223-7732Info
co-hennepin p hsb 313 mplsportable hsb 313Minneapolis612-373-8680Info
umn r 107 masonic mplsroom 107 masonicMinneapolis651-223-7731Info
co-hennepin r home school mplsroom home schoolMinneapolis612-373-8631Info
umn r rarig fx mplsroom rarig fxMinneapolis651-223-7712Info
co-hennepin r hsphd a1713 mplsroom hsphd a1713Minneapolis612-373-8620Info
metnet-msu 2 mplsroom 2Minneapolis651-223-7619Info
co-hennepin r obf rma2313 mplsroom obf rma2313Minneapolis612-373-8653Info
offnet-r ip tandberg mplsroom ip tandbergMinneapolisInfo
umn r 262 mondale mplsroom 262 mondaleMinneapolis651-223-7724Info
umn r lhi boardroom mplsroom lhi boardroomMinneapolis651-223-7725Info
umn r 305a (conf rm) mplsroom 305a (conf rm)Minneapolis651-223-7746Info
umn tc t 8348 dentistry mplsroom tc t 8348 dentistryMinneapolis651-205-4930Info
umn rm Tandberg-03924424 mplsroom Tandberg-03924424Minneapolis651-223-7733Info
mnit henncostrmserver 1 noc mplsroom henncostrmserver 1 nocMinneapolisInfo
umn r 401 coffey mplsroom 401 coffeyMinneapolis651-223-7714Info
metnet-mctc 2 mplsroom 2Minneapolis651-223-7640Info
umn r wdh 5140e nursing mplsroom wdh 5140e nursingMinneapolis651-223-7749Info
metnet-mctc 1 T2305 mplsroom 1 T2305Minneapolis651-223-7641Info
zayo r peopleinc isn huss minneapolisroom peopleinc isn hussMinneapolis612-230-0650Info
co-hennepin r 1800 chicago s202 hsphd mplsroom 1800 chicago s202 hsphdMinneapolis612-373-8640Info
umn tc1 mplsroom tc1Minneapolis651-223-7648Info
umn r moos 11 mplsroom moos 11Minneapolis651-223-7759Info
offnet st marys u of m mplsroom st marys u of mMinneapolisInfo
co-hennepin p 201 mhp grainex mplsportable 201 mhp grainexMinneapolis612-373-8683Info
co-hennepin r sheriff psf trainingrm mplsroom sheriff psf trainingrmMinneapolis612-373-8658Info
offnet-r ip allina hospital mplsroom ip allina hospitalMinneapolisInfo
umn r 262 reheb mplsroom 262 rehebMinneapolis651-223-7761Info
co-hennepin p c459 hcgc mplsportable c459 hcgcMinneapolis612-373-8629Info
umn r 7 135 pharmacy mplsroom 7 135 pharmacyMinneapolis651-223-7710Info
umn r 100 murphy mplsroom 100 murphyMinneapolis651-223-7754Info
offnet edu public schools mplsroom edu public schoolsMinneapolisInfo
umn r cphp 350 plaza mplsroom cphp 350 plazaMinneapolis651-223-7726Info
metnet-umn rm 5110 wdh mplsroom 5110 wdhMinneapolis651-223-7735Info
umn r 1450e ab moose tower mplsroom 1450e ab moose towerMinneapolis651-223-7748Info
umn r 640 rarig mplsroom 640 rarigMinneapolis651-223-7723Info
umn r wdh 6-194 mplsroom wdh 6-194Minneapolis651-223-7715Info
co-hennepin r crtfms mplsroom crtfmsMinneapolis612-373-8622Info
umn r b20 frazier hall mplsroom b20 frazier hallMinneapolis651-223-7753Info
co-hennepin p hcgc 1830 mplsportable hcgc 1830Minneapolis612-373-8637Info
offnet-r ip hcmc mplsroom ip hcmcMinneapolisInfo
co-hennepin r it hcgc auditorium mplsroom it hcgc auditoriumMinneapolis612-373-8671Info
umn tc10 mplsroom tc10Minneapolis651-205-4621Info
zayo r fraser childrens mental health mplsroom fraser childrens mental healthMinneapolis612-230-0620Info
co-hennepin p sheriff cityhall rm30 mplsportable sheriff cityhall rm30Minneapolis612-373-8648Info
umn r 2122ab mcb mplsroom 2122ab mcbMinneapolis651-223-7736Info
umn tc6 mplsroom tc6Minneapolis651-223-7655Info
umn r 4154 phillips mplsroom 4154 phillipsMinneapolis651-223-7755Info
co-hennepin c ridgedale minnetonkacourtroom ridgedaleMinnetonka612-373-8626Info
k12-cmets r minnewaskaroom rMinnewaska320-534-6768Info
k12-cmets p hs2 minnewaskaportable hs2Minnewaska218-825-6716Info
k12-cmets p hs1 minnewaskaportable hs1Minnewaska218-825-6715Info
offnet-r ip missouri telehealth network columbia moroom ip missouri telehealth network columbiamoInfo
zayo r chippewa county hospital 880 montevideoroom chippewa county hospital 880Montevideo320-321-8990Info
co-chippewa r montevideoroom rMontevideo320-229-5489Info
co-chippewa c montevideoroom cMontevideo320-534-6757Info
nets-msum 2 cb105 moorheadroom 2 cb105Moorhead218-279-2634Info
nets-msum 1 cb103 moorheadroom 1 cb103Moorhead218-279-2635Info
co-clay r Juvctr moorheadroom JuvctrMoorhead218-825-6886Info
nets-msu p 4 moorheadportable 4Moorhead218-525-0885Info
k12-nwlinks hs moorheadroom hsMoorhead218-284-0603Info
k12-nwlinks 2 pce hs moorheadroom 2 pce hsMoorhead218-284-0604Info
nets-msu 5 lomen 206 moorheadroom 5 lomen 206Moorhead218-725-7741Info
metnet-nq les bakke moorheadroom les bakkeMoorheadInfo
co-clay interpretive program moorheadroom interpretive programMoorhead320-534-6763Info
nets-msum 6 murray 210 moorheadroom 6 murray 210Moorhead218-725-7738Info
co-clay r Jail moorheadroom JailMoorhead218-825-6881Info
mnscu-mtc moorheadroom -Moorhead218-525-0879Info
nets-mtc 1 205a moorheadroom 1 205aMoorhead218-279-2636Info
k12-nwlinks treetop moorheadroom treetopMoorhead218-284-0601Info
nets-mtc 2 205b moorheadroom 2 205bMoorhead218-279-2637Info
nets-msu p 7 owens 201 moorheadportable 7 owens 201Moorhead218-725-7745Info
co-clay p 3 moorheadportable 3Moorhead218-825-6883Info
co-clay r 1 moorheadroom 1Moorhead218-825-6842Info
nets-mtc MHD4 Moorheadroom MHD4Moorhead218-825-6971Info
nets-p mhd moorheadroom mhdMoorhead218-825-6961Info
co-clay r em moorheadroom emMoorhead218-733-2015Info
nets-msum 3 weld11 moorheadroom 3 weld11Moorhead218-279-2633Info
mnscu-townsite centre moorheadroom centreMoorhead218-825-6894Info
co-clay c 2 moorheadcourtroom 2Moorhead218-825-6841Info
k12-ecmecc r 407 hs moraroom 407 hsMora320-202-0936Info
co-kanabec r em mobile moraroom em mobileMora218-733-2024Info
k12-cmk12 cmerdc 2 moraroom cmerdc 2Mora320-534-0188Info
co-kanabec r itv room 2 moraroom itv room 2Mora320-255-2324Info
co-kanabec r mnscha moraroom mnschaMora320-209-6050Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary trailview moraportable elementary trailviewMora320-255-2485Info
co-kanabec c 3 moracourtroom 3Mora320-255-2370Info
k12-ecmecc r media center moraroom media centerMora320-255-2491Info
umn umm 3 morrisroom umm 3Morris320-534-0183Info
shot-umn 7 morrisroom 7Morris320-555-0188Info
shot-umn 5 morrisroom 5Morris320-534-0185Info
shot-umn 2 morrisroom 2Morris320-534-0182Info
umn umm 4 morrisroom umm 4Morris320-534-0184Info
co-stevens r em morrisroom emMorris320-229-5448Info
shot-umm 1 morrisroom 1Morris320-534-0181Info
co-stevens STGPHN morrisroom STGPHNMorris320-229-5452Info
offnet stevens co med ctr ip morrisroom stevens co med ctr ipMorrisInfo
co-stevens c 2 morriscourtroom 2Morris320-534-0189Info
shot-umn 8 morrisroom 8Morris320-746-8005Info
co-stevens r dhs morrisroom dhsMorris320-255-2344Info
shot-umn 6 morrisroom 6Morris320-534-0186Info
k12-nesc r mountain iron hs mountainironroom mountain iron hsMt. Iron651-223-7775Info
k12-nek12 arrowhead lib system mountainironroom arrowhead lib systemMt. Iron218-279-4496Info
k12-nek12 r northeast svc co-op mountainironroom northeast svc co-opMt. Iron218-279-4480Info
k12-nek12 hs nettlakeroom hsNett Lake218-279-4485Info
dnr r newulmroom rNew Ulm507-536-6318Info
zayo r scha brown 2 newulmroom scha brown 2New Ulm612-230-0281Info
co-brown r sleepyeye newulmroom sleepyeyeNew Ulm507-529-6241Info
co-brown p 1 lec newulmportable 1 lecNew Ulm507-529-6154Info
co-brown nova house newulmroom nova houseNew Ulm507-536-6325Info
co-brown r mnscha newulmroom mnschaNew UlmInfo
co-brown c 2 newulmcourtroom 2New Ulm507-529-6221Info
k12-soc r riverbend newulmroom riverbendNew Ulm952-400-2625Info
co-brown c 305 newulmcourtroom 305New Ulm507-529-6270Info
k12-ecmecc p 2 northbranchportable 2North Branch320-555-0173Info
k12-ecmecc r high northbranchroom highNorth Branch320-255-2493Info
k12-ecmecc p 1 northbranchportable 1North Branch651-223-7683Info
k12-ecmecc p middle northbranchportable middleNorth Branch320-255-2492Info
comet-sctc p3 northmankatoroom p3North Mankato507-280-3595Info
comet-sctc conf northmankatoroom confNorth Mankato507-529-6197Info
comet-sctc e130 northmankatoroom e130North Mankato507-529-6253Info
comet-sctc p 2 northmankatoportable 2North Mankato507-529-6248Info
comet-sctc e125 northmankatoroom e125North Mankato507-529-6254Info
comet-sctc p 1 northmankatoportable 1North Mankato507-529-6190Info
comet-sctc r library periodical northmankatoroom library periodicalNorth Mankato507-280-3595Info
co-nicollet r 3 northmankatoroom 3North Mankato507-281-7778Info
comet-sctc e132 northmankatoroom e132North Mankato507-280-3576Info
zayo r hsi 1 oakdaleroom hsi 1Oakdale651-259-1090Info
zayo r hsi 2 oakdaleroom hsi 2Oakdale651-259-1240Info
k12-ecmecc p ogilvieroom pOgilvie320-255-2501Info
k12-ecmecc r 310 hs ogilvieroom 310 hsOgilvie320-202-0937Info
co-renville r 3 co-agencies oliviaroom 3 co-agenciesOlivia320-255-2345Info
co-renville r board room oliviaroom board roomOlivia320-202-6432Info
co-renville c 2 oliviacourtroom 2Olivia320-534-6750Info
co-renville p oliviaroom pOlivia320-255-2350Info
co-bigstone r em ortonvilleroom emOrtonville320-229-5477Info
co-bigstone c ortonvilleroom cOrtonville320-534-6748Info
co-bigstone r family services ortonvilleroom family servicesOrtonville320-255-2380Info
mdh r fb108 freemanroom fb108Orville L. Freeman Office Building, 625 N Robert St, St Paul952-529-7776Info
mdh p 2 fb freemanportable 2 fbOrville L. Freeman Office Building, 625 N Robert St, St Paul651-296-0996Info
mdh r fb107 freemanroom fb107Orville L. Freeman Office Building, 625 N Robert St, St Paul952-529-7775Info
k12-cmets r system b osakisroom system bOsakis218-825-6724Info
k12-cmets p a osakisportable aOsakis218-825-6730Info
k12-cmets r system c osakisroom system cOsakis218-825-6726Info
co-steele r jail owatonnaroom jailOwatonnaInfo
zayo r scha steele oak owatonnaroom scha steele oakOwatonna507-431-6990Info
zayo r scha steele public health owatonnaroom scha steele public healthOwatonna507-431-6330Info
co-steele c b owatonnacourtroom bOwatonna651-296-0843Info
co-steele c a owatonnacourtroom aOwatonna651-296-0730Info
comet-rvr 3 130 owatonnaroom 3 130Owatonna507-285-7432Info
comet-rvr 2 132 owatonnaroom 2 132Owatonna507-280-5052Info
co-steele r oak mnscha owatonnaroom oak mnschaOwatonnaInfo
zayo r scha steele hrc owatonnaroom scha steele hrcOwatonna507-431-6050Info
co-steele r aspen 2 mnscha owatonnaroom aspen 2 mnschaOwatonnaInfo
co-steele r aspen 1 mnscha owatonnaroom aspen 1 mnschaOwatonnaInfo
co-steele r owatonnaroom rOwatonna507-529-6237Info
comet-rvr 1 124 owatonnaroom 1 124Owatonna507-529-6194Info
k12-nwlinks hs parkrapidsroom hsPark Rapids218-284-0616Info
co-hubbard c 2 parkrapidscourtroom 2Park Rapids218-825-6808Info
co-hubbard r em parkrapidsroom emPark Rapids218-332-2052Info
co-hubbard c 1 parkrapidscourtroom 1Park Rapids218-828-2670Info
co-hubbard r soc svs parkrapidsroom soc svsPark Rapids218-825-6870Info
co-hubbard p boardroom h264 parkrapidsportable boardroom h264Park Rapids218-828-2430Info
k12-cmets r hs1 parkersprairieroom hs1Parkers Prairie218-825-6732Info
k12-cmets r hs2 parkersprairieroom hs2Parkers Prairie218-825-6733Info
k12-cmets r parkersprairieroom rParkers Prairie218-825-6857Info
co-ramsey c 2nd judicial court st paulcourtroom 2nd judicial court stpaul651-223-7660Info
zayo r area health care paynesvilleroom area health carePaynesvilleInfo
k12-nwlinks pub lib pelicanrapidsroom pub libPelican Rapids218-284-0619Info
nets-msctc t 2 perhamtraining room 2Perham218-825-6738Info
nets-msctc r 1 perhamroom 1Perham218-525-0868Info
co-washington PHE-CGSCroom -PHE-CGSC651-296-0560Info
co-washington PHE-forestlakeroom -PHE-forestlake651-205-4551Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary pinecityportable elementaryPine City320-255-2558Info
cmdln-ptc r 6 pinecityroom 6Pine City320-229-5451Info
k12-ecmecc r 3 hs pinecityroom 3 hsPine City320-229-5446Info
co-pine r hs pinecityroom hsPine CityInfo
co-pine p hs pinecityportable hsPine City651-215-0481Info
k12-ecmecc r 154 hs pinecityroom 154 hsPine City320-534-6730Info
co-pine rm jail pinecityroom jailPine City651-205-4864Info
cmdln-ptc r 92 pinecityroom 92Pine City320-534-0174Info
k12-ecmecc r hs pinecityroom hsPine City320-255-2559Info
k12-ecmecc r 140 hs pinecityroom 140 hsPine City320-202-0938Info
cmdln-ptc 04 pinecityroom 04Pine City320-255-2322Info
co-pinecity r pinecityroom rPine City651-205-4863Info
k12-cmk12 ptc 03 pinecityroom ptc 03Pine City320-255-2320Info
k12-ecmecc r ptc5 pinecityroom ptc5Pine City320-255-2566Info
co-pine c pinecityroom cPine City320-255-2372Info
co-pine c jury assembly pinecitycourtroom jury assemblyPine City320-534-6767Info
k12-ecmecc r 141 hs pinecityroom 141 hsPine City320-202-0939Info
co-pine r jail pinecityroom jailPine City651-205-4864Info
co-pine r hs pinecityroom hsPine CityInfo
co-pine rm jail pinecityroom jailPine City651-205-4864Info
k12-cmk12 g2 pinecityroom g2Pine City320-534-0175Info
k12 p pineislandroom pPine Island507-285-7314Info
k12 r 2 pineislandroom 2Pine Island320-229-5473Info
shot-ptc 4 pipestoneroom 4Pipestone507-280-5038Info
shot-ptc 5 pipestoneroom 5Pipestone507-536-6368Info
shot-ptc 3 pipestoneroom 3Pipestone507-529-6185Info
shot-ptc 7 pipestoneroom 7Pipestone507-536-6370Info
co-pipestone c 2 pipestonecourtroom 2Pipestone507-529-6217Info
co-pipestone r em pipestoneroom emPipestone507-536-6348Info
co-pipestone r 3 pipestoneroom 3Pipestone507-529-6140Info
shot-ptc 6 pipestoneroom 6Pipestone507-536-6369Info
shot-ptc 1 pipestoneroom 1Pipestone507-529-6183Info
co-pipestone r swmhhs pipestoneroom swmhhsPipestone507-536-6388Info
shot-ptc 2 pipestoneroom 2Pipestone507-529-6184Info
zayo mcu 1 g2 plymouthroom mcu 1 g2Plymouth651-230-0030Info
Zayo 1 ISDN plymouthroom 1 ISDNPlymouth763-230-2414Info
Zayo 2 ISDN plymouthroom 2 ISDNPlymouthInfo
zayo mcu 1 g4 plymouthroom mcu 1 g4Plymouth651-230-0030Info
metnet-isd287 plymouthroom -Plymouth651-223-7668Info
metnet-isd287 #2 plymouthroom #2PlymouthInfo
zayo r scha sti plymouthroom scha stiPlymouth763-230-0020Info
zayo mcu 1 h323 admin plymouthroom mcu 1 h323 adminPlymouth651-230-0030Info
zayo mcu 2 in plymouthroom mcu 2 inPlymouth651-230-0031Info
zayo ipgw plymouthroom ipgwPlymouth651-259-0020Info
Zayo 4 ISDN plymouthroom 4 ISDNPlymouthInfo
metnet-isd287 #3 plymouthroom #3PlymouthInfo
Zayo 3 ISDN plymouthroom 3 ISDNPlymouthInfo
co-fillmore r em prestonroom emPreston651-296-1096Info
co-fillmore c prestonroom cPreston507-529-6191Info
co-fillmore r 1 boardroom prestonroom 1 boardroomPreston507-280-5582Info
co-fillmore c 3 hearing prestoncourtroom 3 hearingPreston507-536-6328Info
k12-ecmecc p highschool princetonportable highschoolPrinceton320-255-2483Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary princetonportable elementaryPrinceton651-223-7684Info
k12-ecmecc r 179 hs princetonroom 179 hsPrinceton320-202-0940Info
k12-ecmecc p middle princetonportable middlePrinceton320-255-2484Info
metnet-arcc r 5 ramseyroom 5Ramsey651-205-4935Info
offnet-r ip ihs hospital redlakeroom ip ihs hospitalRed LakeInfo
co-redlake r em redlakefallsroom emRed Lake Falls218-825-6734Info
co-redlake c redlakefallsroom cRed Lake Falls218-825-6812Info
k12-nwlinks redlakefallsroom -Red Lake Falls218-284-0649Info
comet-setc 202 redwingroom 202Red Wing651-555-1402Info
co-goodhue citizen building redwingroom citizen buildingRed Wing651-215-0545Info
co-goodhue r jail redwingroom jailRed Wing651-296-1210Info
co-goodhue c 3b redwingcourtroom 3bRed Wing651-215-0311Info
co-goodhue r it conference rm redwingroom it conference rmRed Wing651-223-7662Info
co-goodhue c 3b conference room redwingcourtroom 3b conference roomRed Wing651-215-0171Info
co-goodhue mnscha redwingroom mnschaRed WingInfo
co-goodhue r adc redwingroom adcRed Wing651-201-4926Info
co-goodhue c 2b redwingcourtroom 2bRed Wing651-215-4874Info
comet-setc 215 redwingroom 215Red Wing651-555-1401Info
comet-setc 1 redwingroom 1Red Wing651-223-7661Info
comet-setc p1 redwingroom p1Red WingInfo
co-goodhue r em redwingroom emRed Wing651-296-1115Info
comet-setc 310 redwingroom 310Red Wing651-555-1403Info
co-goodhue c cart redwingcourtroom cartRed Wing651-556-0502Info
shot r 1 redwood redwoodfallsroom 1 redwoodRed Wood Falls507-285-7101Info
shot r 2 redwood redwoodfallsroom 2 redwoodRed Wood Falls507-285-7313Info
co-redwood r human svcs redwoodfallsroom human svcsRed Wood Falls507-536-6321Info
zayo r 1 redwood area hospital redwoodfallsroom 1 redwood area hospitalRed Wood Falls507-637-1980Info
co-redwood cr c redwoodfallsroom cr cRed Wood Falls651-296-1042Info
zayo r 2 redwood area hospital redwoodfallsroom 2 redwood area hospitalRed Wood Falls507-637-1981Info
co-redwood r em redwoodfallsroom emRed Wood Falls507-280-2895Info
co-redwood c b redwoodfallscourtroom bRed Wood Falls507-529-6230Info
nets-msctc r 1 redbyroom 1Redby218-525-0869Info
k12-iasc r northland remerroom northlandRemer218-825-6887Info
offnet edu intermediate schools richfieldroom edu intermediate schoolsRichfieldInfo
offnet va dot RichmondVAroom va dotRichmondVAInfo
co-hennepin p library ridgedaleportable libraryridgedale612-373-8663Info
dps p emtc ripleyportable emtcripley651-223-7788Info
wbob rm10room -rm10651-223-7744Info
offnet edu school dist robbinsdaleroom edu school distRobbinsdaleInfo
mdh r rochesterroom rRochester507-529-6251Info
co-olmsted r 233 bldg 2117 rochesterroom 233 bldg 2117Rochester507-529-6199Info
co-olmsted r em rochesterroom emRochester507-285-7371Info
ucr st116 rochesterroom st116Rochester507-280-5080Info
offnet-r ip mayo clinic rochesterroom ip mayo clinicRochesterInfo
ucr cf103 rochesterroom cf103Rochester507-529-6164Info
umr 394 p1 rochesterroom 394 p1Rochester651-205-4636Info
ucr st108 rochesterroom st108Rochester507-529-6222Info
ucr st118 rochesterroom st118Rochester507-280-5514Info
co-olmsted c courtrm 2 rochestercourtroom courtrm 2Rochester507-536-6338Info
ucr gl332 rochesterroom gl332Rochester507-280-5553Info
ucr r ha117 rochesterroom ha117Rochester507-529-6224Info
co-olmsted p courtroom rochesterportable courtroomRochester507-529-6198Info
ucr at109 rochesterroom at109Rochester507-529-6220Info
co-olmsted c courtrm 5 rochestercourtroom courtrm 5Rochester320-202-6434Info
umr 321 rochesterroom 321Rochester651-205-4633Info
ucr st107a rochesterroom st107aRochester507-280-5556Info
k12-semnet p sesvc coop rochesterportable sesvc coopRochester507-285-7103Info
ucr st107b rochesterroom st107bRochester507-280-5560Info
k12-semnet r aspen rochesterroom aspenRochester507-285-7113Info
ucr st112 rochesterroom st112Rochester507-529-6225Info
ucr at102 rochesterroom at102Rochester507-529-6163Info
co-olmsted c courtrm 7 rochestercourtroom courtrm 7Rochester320-202-6432Info
ucr gl133 rochesterroom gl133Rochester507-529-6160Info
co-olmsted r 5th floor hearing room rochesterroom 5th floor hearing roomRochester507-536-6316Info
co-olmsted interpretive program rochesterroom interpretive programRochester320-534-6765Info
offnet comet rctc gl132 edu rochesterroom comet rctc gl132 eduRochesterInfo
co-olmsted r 243 bldg 2100 rochesterroom 243 bldg 2100Rochester507-285-7107Info
umr 394 p4 rochesterroom 394 p4Rochester651-205-4639Info
ucr st110 rochesterroom st110Rochester507-529-6223Info
ucr gl137 rochesterroom gl137Rochester507-529-6162Info
umn 394 p3 rochesterroom 394 p3Rochester651-205-4638Info
umr 394 p2 rochesterroom 394 p2Rochester651-205-4637Info
ucr noc rochesterroom nocRochester507-536-6316Info
ucr gl135 rochesterroom gl135Rochester507-529-6161Info
umn 320 rochesterroom 320Rochester651-205-4531Info
zayo r zumbro mhc rochesterroom zumbro mhcRochester507-206-2030Info
co-olmsted c courtrm 6 rochestercourtroom courtrm 6Rochester320-229-5481Info
ucr p1 rochesterroom p1Rochester507-280-5571Info
ucr sh101 rochesterroom sh101Rochester507-529-6165Info
ucr st114 rochesterroom st114Rochester507-529-6226Info
mdh p 1 rochesterportable 1Rochester507-285-7310Info
ucr p2 rochesterroom p2Rochester507-280-5572Info
k12-ecmecc r 1 hs rogersroom 1 hsRogers320-229-5485Info
co-roseau c 2 roseaucourtroom 2Roseau218-825-6826Info
co-roseau r 1 ss roseauroom 1 ssRoseau218-825-6910Info
co-roseau c 1 roseaucourtroom 1Roseau218-828-2731Info
co-roseau r em roseauroom emRoseau218-733-2051Info
k12-nwlinks hs roseauroom hsRoseau218-284-0637Info
nets-nctc roseauroom -Roseau218-825-6882Info
co-dakota r cjdn rosemountroom cjdnRosemount651-296-0628Info
metnet-dctc 1 rosemountroom 1Rosemount651-223-7627Info
metnet-dktc 2 rosemountroom 2Rosemount651-223-7622Info
mde r conf rosevilleroom confRoseville651-223-7689Info
offnet edu RoundLakeFosheimroom eduRoundLakeFosheimInfo
k12-ecmecc r high rushcityroom highRush City320-255-2496Info
k12-ecmecc r scred rushcityroom scredRush City651-223-7676Info
k12-ecmecc r 200 hs rushcityroom 200 hsRush City320-202-0941Info
k12-cmk12 rushcity sch rushcityroom rushcity schRush City320-255-2353Info
k12-ecmecc p elementary rushcityportable elementaryRush City320-255-2494Info
co-pine r human services sandstoneroom human servicesSandstone651-205-4865Info
co-pine conference room a sandstoneroom conference room aSandstone218-279-2587Info
k12-ecmecc p eastcent sandstoneportable eastcentSandstone320-255-2567Info
k12-cmets r saukcentreroom rSauk Centre320-534-6769Info
k12-cmets r itv saukcentreroom itvSauk Centre218-825-6972Info
k12-cmets p 2 saukcentreportable 2Sauk Centre320-255-2316Info
k12-cmets p mobile saukcenterportable mobilesaukcenter218-825-6968Info
co-scott interpretive program shakopeeroom interpretive programShakopee320-534-6764Info
co-scott c court shakopeecourtroom courtShakopee651-205-4509Info
co-scott c court shakopeecourtroom courtShakopee651-205-4509Info
co-scott o cweldon shakopeeoffice system cweldonShakopee651-296-0834Info
co-scott r lec203 shakopeeroom lec203Shakopee651-296-0893Info
zayo r ecumen shoreviewroom ecumenShoreview651-259-6030Info
k12-cmerdc cmk12 cmerdc shoreviewroom cmk12 cmerdcShoreviewInfo
offnet-r ip avera-mckennon siouxfallsroom ip avera-mckennonsiouxfallsInfo
offnet-r ip sanford healthcare siouxfallsroom ip sanford healthcaresiouxfallsInfo
co-murray c slaytonroom cSlayton507-529-6219Info
co-murray r em slaytonroom emSlayton507-280-2914Info
co-murray r hs slaytonroom hsSlayton507-536-6397Info
co-hennepin p sheriff wtrpatrol springlakeparkportable sheriff wtrpatrolSpring Lake Park612-373-8645Info
cmdln-scu 05 stcloudroom 05St Cloud320-534-6725Info
cmdln-scu 07 stcloudroom 07St Cloud320-534-6727Info
mdh p 2 h264 stcloudportable 2 h264St Cloud320-202-6435Info
cmdln-scu 04 stcloudroom 04St Cloud320-534-6724Info
cmdln-scu 02 stcloudroom 02St Cloud320-534-6722Info
co-stearns r 1 stcloudroom 1St Cloud320-255-2306Info
cmdln-scu 08 stcloudroom 08St Cloud320-534-6728Info
cmdln-scu 01 stcloudroom 01St Cloud320-534-6721Info
offnet city of stcloud ip stcloudroom city of stcloud ipSt CloudInfo
mnscu r quarry 116 stcloudroom quarry 116St Cloud320-229-5481Info
cmdln-scu 10 stcloudroom 10St Cloud320-255-2310Info
cmdln-scu 06 stcloudroom 06St Cloud320-534-6726Info
offnet-r ip cart 1 stcloud hospital stcloudroom ip cart 1 stcloud hospitalSt CloudInfo
cmdln-scu miller stcloudroom millerSt Cloud320-255-2308Info
co-stearns r em stcloudroom emSt Cloud320-229-5478Info
co-stearns c 132A conf stcloudcourtroom 132A confSt Cloud320-202-0969Info
co-stearns r jail stcloudroom jailSt Cloud320-202-6401Info
co-stearns c 134 stcloudcourtroom 134St Cloud651-296-0940Info
co-stearns c 4 132 stcloudcourtroom 4 132St Cloud320-255-2328Info
mnscu-compctr stcloudroom -St Cloud320-534-6729Info
doli p conference stcloudportable conferenceSt Cloud320-229-5467Info
co-stearns c 205 stcloudcourtroom 205St Cloud320-255-2329Info
mdh r stcloudroom rSt Cloud320-534-6771Info
mnscu-r 107 conf stcloudroom 107 confSt Cloud320-255-2469Info
k12-cmerdc cmk12 cmerdc 1 stcloudroom cmk12 cmerdc 1St Cloud320-534-0187Info
cmdln-sct r 1-412 stcloudroom 1-412St Cloud218-255-2577Info
rev r Regional Office stcloudroom Regional OfficeSt Cloud320-255-2346Info
mnscu-scsu ed building stcloudroom ed buildingSt Cloud320-255-2326Info
co-stearns r district admin stcloudroom district adminSt Cloud320-255-2290Info
cmdln-scu 03 stcloudroom 03St Cloud320-534-6723Info
mdh p 1 h264 stcloudportable 1 h264St Cloud320-229-5455Info
co-stearns c 2 128 stcloudcourtroom 2 128St Cloud320-255-2255Info
k12-ecmecc r itv eb stfrancisroom itv ebSt Francis320-229-5443Info
k12-ecmecc p crossroads stfrancisportable crossroadsSt Francis320-229-5447Info
k12-ecmecc r itv ms stfrancisroom itv msSt Francis320-229-5442Info
k12-ecmecc r itv sfe stfrancisroom itv sfeSt Francis320-229-5440Info
k12-ecmecc p ost stfrancisportable ostSt Francis651-205-9497Info
k12-ecmecc r itv cc stfrancisroom itv ccSt Francis320-229-5444Info
k12-ecmecc r itv hs stfrancisroom itv hsSt Francis320-229-5465Info
co-watonwan r em stjamesroom emSt James507-280-2980Info
co-watonwan r human svs stjamesroom human svsSt James507-536-6385Info
co-watonwan courtroom a stjamesroom courtroom aSt James507-536-6319Info
co-watonwan courtroom b stjamesroom courtroom bSt James507-529-6232Info
offnet college of st benedict stjosephroom college of st benedictSt JosephInfo
k12-cmerdc cmk12 cmerdc stmichaelroom cmk12 cmerdcSt MichaelInfo
pca r training 2 stpaulroom training 2St Paul651-205-4875Info
metnet-sptc r 5 stpaulroom 5St Paul651-205-4686Info
co-ramsey r 1 publichealth stpaulroom 1 publichealthSt Paul651-223-7772Info
dps r msp earle brown stpaulroom msp earle brownSt Paul651-296-0920Info
mnscu-3306 stpaulroom -St Paul651-205-4628Info
co-ramsey c4b juvenile stpaulroom c4b juvenileSt Paul651-296-1097Info
mnit 800 ISDN2 3 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN2 3 384kSt PaulInfo
co-ramsey p3 human services stpaulroom p3 human servicesSt Paul651-205-4688Info
mnscu-r wfp world trade room stpaulroom wfp world trade roomSt Paul651-205-4889Info
supreme mjcinterpreter01 stpaulroom mjcinterpreter01St Paul651-223-7776Info
mda r b535 stpaulroom b535St Paul651-201-6923Info
mda r b555 stpaulroom b555St Paul952-529-7742Info
zayo r peopleinc admin 1 stpaulroom peopleinc admin 1St Paul651-259-1290Info
co-ramsey r 1 publichealth stpaulroom 1 publichealthSt Paul651-223-7772Info
co-ramsey r eoc stpaulroom eocSt Paul651-215-0694Info
co-ramsey c ch70 stpaulcourtroom ch70St Paul651-205-4687Info
mnscu-r wfp confa stpaulroom wfp confaSt Paul651-205-4884Info
oah r 8 admin hearings stpaulroom 8 admin hearingsSt Paul651-223-7786Info
mnscu-r wfp 3355 stpaulroom wfp 3355St Paul651-205-4880Info
hamline p law-grad bldg stpaulportable law-grad bldgSt Paul651-205-4284Info
mnscu-r wfp 2203 stpaulroom wfp 2203St Paul651-205-4885Info
metnet-msu p3 stpaulroom p3St Paul651-223-7646Info
metnet-sptc r 4 stpaulroom 4St Paul651-205-4679Info
offnet-r isdn homeland security stpaulroom isdn homeland securitySt PaulInfo
mnit 800 ISDN voice 2 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 2St PaulInfo
mdh p 3 grb h264 stpaulportable 3 grb h264St Paul651-296-0823Info
mnit 800 ISDN2 2 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN2 2 384kSt PaulInfo
mda r b506 stpaulroom b506St Paul952-529-7741Info
rev r skegstad stpaulroom skegstadSt Paul651-205-4862Info
oah r admin hearings stpaulroom admin hearingsSt Paul651-223-7678Info
doli r osha 2 stpaulroom osha 2St Paul651-205-9518Info
mdh p 4 grb stpaulportable 4 grbSt Paul651-223-7771Info
rev r collections 2902 stpaulroom collections 2902St Paul651-223-7784Info
MNIT f 5th floor streaming cob stpaulfarm 5th floor streaming cobSt Paul651-223-7778Info
mnit CSW6-128k use only when csw3 is 128k stpaulroom CSW6-128k use only when csw3 is 128kSt PaulInfo
mnscu-mctc r mo210 stpaulroom mo210St Paul651-205-4922Info
rev r collections 2400 stpaulroom collections 2400St Paul651-223-7783Info
shot r 6 smsu stpaulroom 6 smsuSt PaulInfo
dnr r 6MR stpaulroom 6MRSt Paul651-556-7980Info
mdh r lab stpaulroom labSt Paul651-223-7797Info
co-ramsey c 2nd judicial court stpaulcourtroom 2nd judicial courtSt Paul651-223-7660Info
supreme p 2 judicial stpaulportable 2 judicialSt Paul651-205-2488Info
rev r Collections-Conf Room 2607 stpaulroom Collections-Conf Room 2607St Paul651-205-4340Info
offnet edu spps stpaulroom edu sppsSt PaulInfo
mnscu-mctc r mo200 stpaulroom mo200St Paul651-205-4921Info
co-ramsey c ch1660 stpaulcourtroom ch1660St Paul651-296-0812Info
supreme r g6 stpaulroom g6St Paul651-205-4287Info
mnit 800 ISDN 4 128k stpaulroom 800 ISDN 4 128kSt PaulInfo
mnscu-r wfp conf rm b stpaulroom wfp conf rm bSt Paul651-205-4883Info
MNIT o jamie jorgenson stpauloffice system jamie jorgensonSt Paul651-223-7776Info
history center r stpaulroom center rSt Paul651-205-4872Info
mnscu-mctc r mo400 stpaulroom mo400St Paul651-205-4924Info
metnet-sptc r 3 stpaulroom 3St Paul651-205-4406Info
offnet ISDN childrens hospital stpaulroom ISDN childrens hospitalSt PaulInfo
offnet-r isdn mcit stpaulroom isdn mcitSt PaulInfo
mnit 800 ISDN2 1 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN2 1 384kSt PaulInfo
dhs 1 stpaulroom 1St PaulInfo
rev r Collections SM CONF RM 2303 stpaulroom Collections SM CONF RM 2303St Paul651-205-4565Info
ssp south stpaulroom southSt Paul651-205-4624Info
mnscu-wfp r conf rn2214 stpaulroom conf rn2214St Paul651-205-4882Info
mnscu-mctc portable stpaulroom portableSt Paul651-205-4925Info
dps r hsem stpaulroom hsemSt Paul651-205-4685Info
mnit r blazingstar stpaulroom blazingstarSt Paul651-223-7770Info
mnit ISDN2 4 128k stpaulroom ISDN2 4 128kSt PaulInfo
zayo r peopleinc admin 2 stpaulroom peopleinc admin 2St Paul651-259-1291Info
dps p hsem stpaulportable hsemSt Paul651-296-0355Info
mnscu-mctc o jim stpauloffice system jimSt Paul651-205-4926Info
offnet-r ip federal court stpaulroom ip federal courtSt PaulInfo
mnit 800 ISDN voice 3 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 3St PaulInfo
mdh r grb stpaulroom grbSt Paul651-296-0995Info
mnit 800 ISDN 3 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN 3 384kSt PaulInfo
metnet-msu r 1 midway stpaulroom 1 midwaySt Paul651-223-7618Info
mda p1 stpaulroom p1St Paul651-223-7685Info
metnet-sptc r 1 stpaulroom 1St Paul651-223-7628Info
mnscu-r wfp 703 stpaulroom wfp 703St Paul651-205-4888Info
offnet edu uofm social work school stpaulroom edu uofm social work schoolSt PaulInfo
st paul schools dsf lab a ip stpaulroom paul schools dsf lab a ipSt PaulInfo
metnet-msu 1 stpaulroom 1St Paul651-223-7645Info
mnscu-mctc r mo220 stpaulroom mo220St Paul651-205-4923Info
mda r stpaulroom rSt Paul651-205-4408Info
mnscu r wfp 3300 stpaulroom wfp 3300St Paul507-529-6177Info
mnit 800 ISDN 2 384k stpaulroom 800 ISDN 2 384kSt PaulInfo
mnit r 100 cob stpaulroom 100 cobSt Paul651-223-7616Info
dhs 2 stpaulroom 2St PaulInfo
doli p conference stpaulportable conferenceSt Paul651-205-9505Info
mnit 800 ISDN voice 4 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 4St PaulInfo
mnscu-ubs 1827 stpaulroom 1827St Paul651-205-4917Info
rev r system 1 stpaulroom system 1St Paul651-205-4451Info
offnet cecc stpaulroom ceccSt PaulInfo
dnr r ll conf stpaulroom ll confSt Paul651-205-4276Info
metnet-msu 2 stpaulroom 2St Paul651-223-7644Info
co-ramsey o em director stpauloffice system em directorSt Paul651-215-0719Info
mdh p 2 grb h264 stpaulportable 2 grb h264St Paul651-296-0555Info
mnit o MikeZinnerOffice stpauloffice system MikeZinnerOfficeSt Paul651-223-7614Info
mnit rm 104 stpaulroom 104St Paul651-223-7777Info
mnit f streamng qwest area cob stpaulfarm streamng qwest area cobSt Paul651-205-4900Info
co-ramsey r policy stpaulroom policySt Paul651-215-0718Info
mnscu-r wfp 508 stpaulroom wfp 508St Paul651-205-4886Info
pca r video 4-1 stpaulroom video 4-1St Paul651-223-7692Info
history center p stpaulroom center pSt Paul651-296-1497Info
bca r 1 stpaulroom 1St Paul651-223-7703Info
rev p content server stpaulportable content serverSt Paul651-205-4919Info
dnr r 3w stpaulroom 3wSt Paul651-556-7979Info
deed p fnb stpaulportable fnbSt Paul651-215-0826Info
mnit 800 ISDN voice 1 stpaulroom 800 ISDN voice 1St PaulInfo
offnet-r isdn amc stpaulroom isdn amcSt PaulInfo
mnscu-quarry r 114 stpaulroom 114St Paul320-255-2468Info
metnet-msu 2 midway stpaulroom 2 midwaySt Paul651-223-7617Info
supreme p 3 stpaulportable 3St Paul651-296-2187Info
co-ramsey r em stpaulroom emSt Paul651-296-0931Info
mdh p 1 grb h264 stpaulportable 1 grb h264St Paul651-223-7796Info
rev r system 2 stpaulroom system 2St Paul651-205-4481Info
metnet 877 ISDN 2 384k stpaulroom 877 ISDN 2 384kSt Paul651-223-7600Info
metnet-sptc r 2 stpaulroom 2St Paul651-223-7623Info
co-ramsey c jfjc stpaulcourtroom jfjcSt Paul651-296-1097Info
k12-soc r nicollet stpeterroom nicolletSt Peter952-400-2619Info
co-nicollet r hhs stpeterroom hhsSt Peter507-529-2719Info
co-nicollet c A stpetercourtroom ASt Peter507-529-6229Info
co-nicollet r stpeterroom rSt Peter507-536-6315Info
co-nicollet c B stpetercourtroom BSt Peter507-285-7362Info
co-nicollet r em stpeterroom emSt Peter651-296-1206Info
co-nicollet r mhs stpeterroom mhsSt Peter507-529-6236Info
offnet edu School St.Michaelroom edu SchoolSt.MichaelInfo
Co-Ramsey C Commitment St.Paulroom C CommitmentSt.Paul651-205-4716Info
cmdln-clc r b103 staplesroom b103Staples218-725-7760Info
cmdln-clc r a113 staplesroom a113Staples218-825-6925Info
cmdln-clc r a114 staplesroom a114Staples218-725-7760Info
co-washington PHE-GCS stillwaterroom PHE-GCSStillwater651-296-0683Info
co-washington c 203 Stillwatercourtroom 203Stillwater651-223-7695Info
co-washington r 2625 stillwaterroom 2625Stillwater651-275-7571Info
co-washington r 1127 stillwaterroom 1127Stillwater651-205-4654Info
DOC R 5 PUNG STPAULroom R 5 PUNGSTPAUL952-529-7732Info
offnet-r hdc superiorroom hdcsuperior952-683-7017Info
offnet-r ip court uws cms SuperiorWIroom ip court uws cmsSuperiorWIInfo
offnet edu hs swanvilleroom edu hsSwanvilleInfo
offnet-r ip avera-mckennon swmhcroom ip avera-mckennonswmhcInfo
offnet edu natl dali hs Taiwanroom edu natl dali hsTaiwanInfo
k12-nwlinks nwsc trfroom nwscThief River Falls218-284-0630Info
nets-nctc r2 c239 trfroom r2 c239Thief River Falls218-525-0870Info
k12-nwlinks nwsc trfroom nwscThief River Falls218-284-0630Info
co-pennington c 2 trfcourtroom 2Thief River Falls218-825-6827Info
co-pennington p social svs trfportable social svsThief River Falls218-828-2749Info
nets-nctc r1 625 trfroom r1 625Thief River Falls218-525-0871Info
nets-nctc r 735 trfroom 735Thief River Falls218-733-2027Info
nets-nctc r5 662 trfroom r5 662Thief River Falls218-825-6746Info
co-pennington c 1 trfcourtroom 1Thief River Falls218-825-6740Info
nets-nctc r 1 thiefriverfallsroom 1Thief River FallsInfo
nets-nctc r4 545 trfroom r4 545Thief River Falls218-825-6722Info
nets-nctc r3 d453 trfroom r3 d453Thief River Falls218-525-0872Info
nets-nctc r 2 thiefriverfallsroom 2Thief River FallsInfo
co-pennington r em trfroom emThief River Falls218-825-6748Info
co-pennington c rm b trfcourtroom rm bThief River Falls218-825-6827Info
k12-nwlinks trfroom -Thief River Falls218-284-0514Info
neat-nhac 2 twoharborsroom 2Two HarborsInfo
co-lake p hhs twoharborsportable hhsTwo Harbors218-828-2438Info
co-lake r em twoharborsroom emTwo Harbors218-733-2047Info
k12-nek12 hs twoharborsroom hsTwo Harbors218-279-4452Info
co-lake c twoharborsroom cTwo Harbors218-825-6887Info
co-lake p courthouse twoharborsportable courthouseTwo Harbors218-828-2395Info
offnet-r hdc twoharborsroom hdcTwo Harbors952-683-7019Info
k12-nwlinks underwoodroom -Underwood218-284-0691Info
k12-nwlinks r 2 underwoodroom 2Underwood218-284-0691Info
co-stlouis Courts DX80 Virginiaroom Courts DX80Virginia218-828-2440Info
neat-mesabi 1 virginiaroom 1Virginia218-279-2639Info
co-stlouis r 2 health conf rm virginiaroom 2 health conf rmVirginia218-279-2613Info
co-stlouis c portable virginiacourtroom portableVirginia218-828-2439Info
offnet-r ip range mhc virginiaroom ip range mhcVirginiaInfo
neat-mrcv3 r virginiaroom rVirginia218-725-7782Info
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