MNET Services

Welcome to the MNET Services Site

Minnesota's Network for Enterprise Telecommunications (MNET) is a public-private partnership delivering an integrated statewide network for education, local governments, and state agencies. The statewide network operated by the MN.IT, State of Minnesota. MNET offers data, voice, and video services to the government, education, and related markets. This site provides technical information to MNET's customers and users.

The MN.IT has been providing value-added information technology services to Minnesota's public sector for more than 30 years. We continue to offer this assistance by:

  • listening to partners and being responsive to IT and business needs;
  • aggregating demand and delivering cost-effective IT solutions;
  • integrating technologies and service into flexible, value-added offerings tailored to meet specific partner needs; and
  • providing information technology guidance and leadership through strategic investments and partnerships.

MN.IT Services' mission is to lead Minnesota state government in delivering quality products and services faster, better and more cost-effectively. MN.IT Services provides services for businesses, citizens local government units, and other part of state government.

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