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If you experiencing a service interruption, call the Service Desk at 651-297-1111 or 888-717-6638.

State of Minnesota
Centennial Office Building
658 Cedar Avenue
St Paul MN 55155

For TTY users, call us by using MN Relay Service: 1-800-627-3529.


Videoconference Reservation Center (VRC)
Video Problems

Service Desk

The Service Desk handles all requests for changes, new services and changes in existing services, as well as all billing requests.


Email Requests

email address purpose email abuse-related issues. While we follow up on the issues sent to us via this list, we do not normally respond back to the sender. Note:, if you are an MNET mail subscriber, report any such issues through one of the email boxes listed below. security-related incidents and firewall and access list change requests. We follow up on all abuse-related issues reported to this list. However, we normally won't reply to the sender if the message appears to have been generated automatically. video conference scheduling or help relating to video services.

If your request falls into any other category, contact the Service Desk as listed above.

Thank you.