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Videoconferencing services for government and educational organizations are available at over 250 sites throughout Minnesota that connect via MNET. The video infrastructure supports 750 individual video systems located at all public higher education facilities, most counties, many agencies and entities within the three branches of State government, and several K12 regional consortia. MNIT maintains a video reservation center and provides a set of tools and services to support the video site coordinators. The services are used for meetings of all types - internal as well as government-to-business and government-to-citizen worldwide - employee training, hearings and legal proceedings, trade and commerce negotiations, and classroom instruction.

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Features & Benefits

  • Operational tools empower the site coordinators to schedule and manage their conferences and requirements.
  • Services meet the users' needs for on-demand realtime multimedia communications.
  • Investment in the infrastructure and provisioning environments supports current standards, manufacturers' offerings and the most efficient use of bandwidth.

Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 option 4 and 1 or via MN.IT Mall with any questions or to request service.