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Video conference event services provide MNIT customers with event planning best practices, event management for the video component, event technology (infrastructure and connectivity) and post-event evaluation by the Network Technical Services group. Our goal is to help enable successful videoconference events within the MNIT customer organizations.


Each video conference is called an event. An event has a host site and one or more participant sites. It is possible (but rare) for the host site to not be participating in the event.

Events may have two, three, or more sites. Some of the sites may be off-net. Normally, events have at least one site on MNET.

Events can be simple, with one site calling another directly, or complex, with many sites involved and considerable set up and testing happening to ensure a successful event. The various timeline pages describe the activities that happen. Note that those pages are written for complex events: simple events may omit many of the steps.

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