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  • Telephone Bundles FY18 (PDF)

    Services available are:

    • Contracted Classic Voice services include local dial tone (centrex and other business service), long distance and calling cards, conferencing, and realtime interpretation services, all provisioned through MN.IT contracts to aggregate demand and drive down prices.
    • Voice over IP (VoIP) services include Contact Center Minnesota (for call centers) and IPT-Hosted service for business telephone service at MNET-connected (link) sites with appropriate bandwidth connectivity and local area network configuration. These services are provisioned on the MN.IT enterprise infrastructure.
    • Voice mail for select centrex locations and for all VoIP services.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Complete set of voice services to meet customer business requirements.
    • Coordinated contracts and vendor management on behalf of the enterprise.
    • Billing consolidation - receive a single bill for all voice services, regardless of the underlying provider.
    • Expert support and troubleshooting that is centralized through the Technical Assistance Center

    Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 or via MN.IT Mall with any questions or to request service.