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MN.IT's video conference service has these main components:

  • network connections,
  • applications support, and
  • per-event services.

The components are provided jointly by MN.IT and the participants. Specifics of who is responsible for which parts can be found in the Service Definition document. Details of the roles can be found in the Roles document.

Network Connections

Network connections are the equipment-oriented parts of the service. In most cases, they are installed once and left permanently connected. They include the room configuration, the codec and display, the network equipment, and the provisioned capacity within the network to carry the conferences.

Applications Support

Applications support includes the scheduling and facilities parts of the service. It includes administrative support of the site.

Per-Event Services

Each video conference is called an event. An event has a host site and one or more participant sites. It is possible (but rare) for the host site to not be participating in the event.

Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 option 5 then 2 then 1 or via MN.IT Mall with any questions or to request service.