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All new sites follow the installation process given here. This proces only covers the video site portion of the installation and it assumes that an MN.IT-owned or MN.IT-managed network devices has already been installed.

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CustomerContact MN.IT Analyst and place order for a video site. The order should include:
  • the network device the video sites will be attached to (implied if this is part of a new device install);
  • the number of systems to be installed;
  • if more than one system is to be installed, the desired number of simultaneous video calls; and
  • the maximum bandwidth of a video call (normally either 384 kbps or 768 kbps).
In addition, the following information should be included for each system:
  • manufacturer
  • model
  • software version
  • serial number
  • password
Finally, the following contact information should be included:
  • Billing Contact(s)
  • Room Contact(s)
  • Scheduling Contact(s)
  • Technical Contact(s)
Each should have the appropriate name, email address, telephone number (including pager, text, and cell if appropriate), and any other relevant information.
MN.ITPrepare for installation:
  • Compare the requested video bandwidth against the bandwidth available in the installed devices. If there isn't enough bandwidth, work with the customer to adjust the request or obtain additional network resources.
  • Provision the bandwidth in the network.
  • Add each system to MN.IT's records.
  • Add each contact to MN.IT's trouble ticket system, video management, and iweb systems.
  • Assign site names, E.164 identifiers, IP addresses, and gatekeepers to each system.
CustomerConfigure the systems and contact MN.IT when ready to "go live."
MN.ITSchedule and carry out certification tests and add the system to the white pages.
CustomerSchedule training with MN.IT.