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Just like when placing a voice telephone call, video calls are placed using video systems by dialing the number of the system that you wish to call. The number is called an E.164 identifier and looks like a phone number.

Call can be placed to any system on the MN.IT video service as well as systems on other services. Most calls use 10-digit numbers. You do not dial a leading 1, 8, or 9 first: just dial the 10 digits as seen. Contact MN.IT if you want to dial internationally.

Important: do not call a video system unless you know that your call will be welcome. Many systems are in rooms that are used for other purposes, and unexpected calls are disruptive.


When participating in a video conference scheduled through MN.IT's scheduling system, normal operation is for the MCU to dial out to your system. Thus, you merely have to turn the system on (normally, 30 minutes before the conference start) and wait.

Note: MN.IT's MCU will never dial out to court room systems, regardless of the nature of the scheduled conference.

If you do need to dial into the MCU (for example, if you are joining late), you need to dial the specific conference number (the numbers are different for each conference). The conference is a 10 digit number supplied in the conference confirmation mail message. Contact MN.IT if you don't have this number.