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Our toll-free long distance service includes these features (additional charges may apply):

Toll-Free FeatureDescription
Day of Week RoutingThis feature allows you to route calls to different phone numbers on different days of the week. For example, from Monday through Friday, calls can be routed to 651.123.4567 and on Saturday and Sunday to 651.321.7654.
Exchange Routing This feature allows a you to define two or more originating routing groups and to arrange that calls to a single toll-free number placed from different routing groups will terminate at different locations. A routing group can consist of any combination of domestic NPAs. For example, you can route calls from 651-XXX to 651.123.4567 from 218-XXX to to 218.123.5678. This features can be for blocking "toll free" calls the Metro area prefixes as well as blocking by NPA/NXX.
Extended Call CoverageSources of calls can be anywhere from the U.S and Canada.
Holiday RoutingSimilar to Day of the Week Routing, but extended to offer another choice for defined holidays.
Percent AllocationPercentage Allocation Routing enables calls dialed by Verizon Toll Free customers to a single toll-free number to be distributed to two or more answering locations, based on a customer-designated percentage distribution. For example, of the calls dialed to 651.444.5555, 50% will go to 651.123.4567 and 50% to 651.123.6789. This feature is packaged with tailored call coverage.
Point of Call RoutingThis feature allows a customer to route calls made to a single toll-free number to different terminating locations based on each call's point of origin. Points of orgin can be defined by international toll-free country, state, area code or area code and exchange groups.
Tailored Call CoverageThis feature allows a customer to block incoming calls from one or more specific originating areas at the U.S. NPA or state level. Blocking can be by state, NPA, or block all states except Minnesota.
Time Interval RoutingBased on the time of day, this feature allows the customer to route calls made to a single 800 number to different answering locations. For example, calls made from 8am to 5pm go to 651.123.456.7987 and calls placed from 5:01pm to 7:59am go to 651.321.456.7896.
National Toll Free ListingEffective November 14, 2007, this feature is no longer a part of the package and has a cost associated with it. In ARS the existing entry is a replacement for the 800MCI. When issuing disconnects on 800 service the national toll free listing needs to be mentioned to Verizon as they will not automatically remove it as that data base is maintained by AT&T.