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IP Telephony Service Provisioned on Shared Infrastructure

IPT-Hosted is an IP-based telephone service. The service is shared among state agencies and other government partners, and managed by MNIT. The transport for IPT-Hosted is MNET, Minnesota's Network for Enterprise Telecommunications. IPT-Hosted service shares infrastructure with the Contact Center Minnesota (CCM) call center service.


  • A shared, centralized telephone service available on a monthly subscription basis
  • Available to the state's user community
  • Delivers voice services via the state's wide area network (MNET), resulting in a converged application at low monthly cost


  • Can offer potential cost savings for voice services (one-time costs apply, see Requirements below)
  • Leverages the state's wide area network infrastructure investment
  • Availability of on-net calling statewide to other sites on IPT-Hosted and/or CCM can reduce toll costs
  • User productivity gains from advanced telephony features and services, such as a site directory and abbreviated dial plan
  • Convergence can yield efficiencies for agency technical staff - data, video and voice use LAN infrastructure and support systems
  • Positions the agency for future technology-driven productivity tools, such as the ability to run XML applications on individual telephone devices
  • Participants can reduce their ongoing maintenance expenses through use of a shared service with centralized core infrastructure and highly skilled technical support staff
  • Participant agencies avoid the significant capital investments and ongoing maintenance expense that are needed for a standalone IP Telephony system
  • Adds value to the state's wide area network infrastructure


  • MNET connectivity at recommended capacity
  • Quality of Service (QoS) provisioned on the agency's routers
  • Agency LAN infrastructure appropriate for the Cisco voice environment (see MNIT's Network Best Practices Recommendations (PDF))
  • AgencyCisco IP telephones and licenses, to be purchased direct from state contract by the agency
  • A minimum of one IP Telephony Coordinator and one backup Coordinator at each agency site

Cost Elements

  • Monthly subscription services
  • One-time expenses for infrastructure licenses and station programming
  • One-time project coordination and training fees
  • Telephones and telephone operating licenses
  • LAN and cabling upgrades (if applicable, site-specific)
  • WAN access facility bandwidth increase for voice traffic (if applicable, site-specific)

Note: the MNET backbone capacity is included in the monthly subscription service.