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  • Log in as indicated in the First Time Use page.
  • Click on the Main item in the tree on the left. (You are at this screen when you first log in: you will only need to click on this item if you have selected some other screen.)
  • You will see the main screen, which looks like this: e-Fax main screen
  • Press the New button.
  • A new window will open which contains the new fax screen. The screen looks like this: e-Fax new fax screen
  • Enter the recipient's fax number into the edit box to the right of the To: button. Use 10-digit dialing in ###-###-#### form or 1-###-###-#### for long distance. Do not include any dialing prefixes.
  • You can also add recipients using the To: button: see the writeup below.
  • Ignore the E-mail Subject: text box: it is not used when sending a fax.
  • Enter any notes to be put on the cover page in the text box labelled Fax Cover Notes:.
  • Click the Attachments: button. Doing so will being up the following attachments screen: e-Fax new message attachments
  • Click a Browse... button, navigate to the document or file that you wish to send, and open it. You can add up to three documents or files.
    • Note: they may only be Word (.DOC), Excel (.XLS) or Acrobat (.PDF) files.
  • The Library Documents tab is not available for use.
  • Press the Upload button. This is important!
  • Press the Close button.
  • You are back at the main screen. Click the Send button near the top left to send the fax.

Using the Add Recipients Screen

You can use the Add Recipients screen to add names to the fax recipients. You can do this by:

  • Press the To: button in the top left of the sending screen.
  • You will see this dialog: sending phone book screen
  • You can enter a recipients name, fax number, company, voice number and similar information in the appropriate text boxes.
  • Press the Add button to add the recipient to the list. You can then add information on another recipient.
  • Note: although there is a popup that allows you to select between Fax, Email, and SMS, only the fax selection works.
  • There is no way to save the recipient informaton for future reuse.
  • The phone book capability is not currently available.