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Initial Install Order

The ordering process begins by using MN.IT's online COSWeb system (see the Remedy System (login) link on the left). Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at for assistance.

Once in COSWeb, choose the WAN option.

Once the order has been entered in COSWeb, it goes to your Account Executive. Your Account Executive works with you and others within MN.IT to ensure that the service implementation goes smoothly, using the following general business intake processes and related documents (many sub-tasks are involved). The steps are:

  • initial discovery,
  • answering pricing and design questions,
  • creating a proposal,
  • turning the proposal into a cutsheet,
  • drafting the service agreement,
  • provisioning and implementating the order, and
  • completion and entry into MN.IT billing system.

Additions, changes and deletions require their own orders through MN.IT's online COSWeb system. Typical activities include:

  • adding a number beyond the original 200 numbers set up for the account,
  • reinitializing a number,
  • deleting a number,
  • making changes related to broadcast faxing, and
  • changing the user name on an existing e-Fax Service number.

Remember the customer's desktop support handles changes relating to mail client configuration, such as allowing an individual to receive messages sent to a group or shared address.