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A version of this document is also available as a PDF.

These instructions cover some of the Web Access functions that are available from the Web Access (WebUtil) website.

Please see our separate instructions on changing your password.

Web Access Screen

This is the main screen the program provides.

You can always return to this screen by clicking on the Main item in the tree on the left. (You are at this screen when you first log in: you will only need to click on this item if you have selected some other screen.)

This is a key to the symbols and information on this screen:

main screen, annotated

Right Click View

You can access most of the icons listed across the top in the RightFax toolbar by right clicking on a document. Here are the options:

right click menu, annotated

Controlling Your Screen View

You can choose which columns you want to view in your WebUtil by clicking on the View icon shown here:

view icon location, annotated

The available options are:

view menu, annotated

View an Image of a Sent Fax

You can view the image of a fax listed in the main screen either by double-clicking it or by doing a right click then selecting View. The available options are:

web viewer, annotated