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MN.IT's e-Fax Service provides inbound and outbound fax capability to locations that are connected to MNET, Minnesota's Network for Enterprise Telecommunications. The services can replace traditional fax machines as well as provide individual and group fax telephone numbers to employees.

Any type of telephone service at the location - IP telephony, Centrex, PBX, or other - is compatible with the e-Fax Service. Any mail address can be used to receive a fax, regardless of the mail client used (Outlook, GroupWise, or other).

Conceptual Diagram

overview diagram


We offer an overview (PDF).

We also offer a presentation (PPTX) on the system.

Features and Benefits

Receive a Fax - an inbound fax is received as a mail message with an attachment containing a multi-page image file with an extension of .TIF. A standard viewing application on a computer opens the image automatically. The user can employ standard mail client operations such as save, print and forward to manipulate the message.

Individual or group email addresses receive faxes via telephone numbers assigned to the user or group. Any email address can be set up, if desired, with "rules" so that faxes are copied to multiple email addresses. Examples of this usage are vacation coverage and for routing a group email address.

Send a Fax - an outbound fax is sent via a web interface. An existing file, such as a letter or spreadsheet, is converted to a .TIF image when it is sent. The user can have a pre-defined cover sheet. The web interface also is the user's management tool for viewing transmission logs and other useful information.

Privacy and Security - employees can send and receive fax transmissions from their desktops, reducing the visibility risk of documents containing personal, private or confidential information.

Efficiency - expedites turnaround time for documents requiring signatures when the parties are not located in the same office, city, state or country.

Save Money - generally e-Fax service costs less per page than fax machines. Plus, the higher the volume of pages sent and received, the lower the unit cost per page.

Go Green - reduces unnecessary paper consumption.

Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 or via MN.IT Mall with any questions or to request service.