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General Cisco Telephone Information

  • Cisco IP Phones March 2017 (PDF)

    The current Cisco phone matrix shows trade in pricing that is available for some current models (pink highlights on "trade in promotion" row.) The special pricing will be applied to trade in of your 79XX phones. Please contact your vendor of choice on the Cisco equipment contract to receive pricing and make a purchase. You have six months following delivery to migrate to your new phones.

    Important things to note regarding new phones - check with MN.IT Client Relations (find your Account Manager at Find Your Account Manager)

  • MN.IT conversion charges could apply.
  • The LAN switch infrastructure must be compatible with the newer phone models.
  • When converting from a model 796x to something newer, check with Client Relations about what model will best fit your needs. The newer phones have fewer line appearances.

    Cisco IP Phone Tutorials:

  • Here is a link to a Cisco webpage with online tutorials for various phone models. click to access the tutorials (URL)