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MN.IT provides Centrex service that is available throughout CenturyLink (legacy Qwest) territory in Minnesota. Specifics:

  • It comes configured with many features, including Caller ID, at no additional charge.
  • Lines are set up with state long distance services.
  • Worry-free - MN.IT handles billing, service orders, and repair.
  • A service overview (PDF) is available.

Centrex and other local services from other telephone companies outside CenturyLink (legacy Qwest) locations are also available. In addition, MN.IT can assist in setting up PBX Trunks, ISDN, Intercept, DID (stations and trunks), and Business Lines.

In November 2011, a service bulletin (PDF) was issued that updates the service offering.


  • Dialing instructions for all Centrex lines.

Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 or via MN.IT Mall with any questions or to request service.