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For use in Contact Center Minnesota and IVR applications.

Not Ready

Code Number Description
0Reason code not enteredRepresents an agent going Not Ready without a reason code.
Appears in a report, if after logging in, waits a few seconds before going ready/active.
As the agent is waiting, the system considers the agent as "Not Ready" with a reason code of "0". This data will show up in the Not Ready Reason Code reports even though the agent did not explicitly "go" not ready.
31 Break
32 Meeting
33 Supervisor not ready
34 Logging out
35 Training
36 Other work
37 In-house call
20001Agent stateAgent's state was changed to Not Ready, and the agent's state was forcibly logged out.
20003 If an agent is in Not Ready state, a request is made to place the agent in the Not Ready state and then a logout request is made to request to the agent out.
32767RONA - call to agent was redirected on No Answer and agent was put into not ready stateThe agent's state was changes to Not Ready because the agent did not answer and the call was redirected to a different agent or skill group.
50002CTI failure - CTIOS component failed or agent desktop closedAn issued occurred, causing the agent to be logged out. This could be due to closing the desktop application, or other system components.
50010Missed tasks - agent did not receive multiple consecutive callsThe agent did not receive multiple consecutive calls routed to them. The system makes the agent Not Ready automatically so the additional calls are not routed to the agent.

Log Out

Code Number Description
20 End of day
21 Break
22 Supervisor log out
23 Lunch
24 Training
25 Other work
20002 Forced logout
50001 Agent disconnected from CTIOS server.
50002 CTI disconnect log out, missed heartbeats, agent closed desktop, or CTI component failure.
50003 Device failure log out: call manager reported that the device is out of service.
50004 Inactivity timer log out. Agent timer set in agent desk settings caused agent to transition from not ready to log out.
50020 The agent was logged out when the skill group assignment dynamically changed in the AW.