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The following features are available within the Office of Enterprise technology CCM-Hosted subscription services rate. Features are activated or deactivated based on customer needs. Other customer feature requirements not shown on this list are addressed during the discovery/design phases of service delivery.

Features listed in italics require additional hardware/software and or costs and will only be activated, configured and implemented based upon customer request and service requirements.

Cisco Supervisor Desktop

  • Silent monitor, coaching, barge-in, and intercept
  • Supervisor-agent chat
  • Change of agent state
  • Team messages
  • Text based real time displays
  • Graphical real-time displays
  • Call recording and recording viewer
  • Skill threshold alerts - audible and visible
  • Supervisor workflows
  • Skill statistics
  • Web page push to agents
  • Integrated browser

Cisco Agent Desktop

  • Agent-initiated chat Wrap-up data and reason codes
  • Task buttons
  • Event-triggered workflows
  • Agent-initiated call recording
  • Cisco unified outbound dialer
  • Integrated multi-tabbed browser
  • Phone books for quick transfer or calling
  • Real-time display

CCM Add-ons

  • Web integration action
  • External application action
  • Keystroke macro action
  • Screen pop
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Skill based routing
  • Email handling
  • Web collaboration IVR