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If you run into problems, please follow these steps.

Connections: Re-check your video room set-up procedures. Verify that the room is, indeed, set up correctly. Look for:

  • Is the equipment powered on? Is the equipment plugged in?
  • If there is a power strip, is it turned on? If there is still no power, look for a reset button on the power strip.
  • Are the components connected? Are the cables seated well?
  • Ensure that you are dialing the correct E.164 phone number or IP address. If a site has an E.164 number you should always try to connect using that number rather than connecting via IP address.
  • Verify that your E.164 number is programmed correctly in your local codec. If it is not correct, the network equipment may not recognize it(self) as a valid device.
  • When dialing into a multipoint call, you will likely be dialing either 800, 877, 887 or 888. If one of those numbers does not work, try another. Don't worry: you won't be able to enter the wrong conference by trying these other numbers.
  • Check the network cable connection between the LAN connector on the Codec to the wall.
  • You can test your site's Internet connectivity by connecting a computer instead of the codec and opening a browser. Try connecting to and click your browser's Refresh button to ensure that it is not using a cached copy.

No Video

  • Check to ensure the television / monitor is on and the correct video source is selected. There should be a line, input or TV/video button on the front of the television. Try scrolling through the choices. If the TV has a tuner, one of the choices should give you snow. You should also see an on-screen message indicating your choice as you scroll through.
  • Reboot the codec. Remember whether or not you see the "welcome" screen and company logo: we may ask about this information if you need to contact us for assistance.
  • There are two more cables running from the back of the TV (single monitor system) to the back of the codec. One cable will likely be an S-Video connector. You may have one or more RCA cables. You may also have only RCA cables. Follow these cables from the back of the monitor. Ensure they are seated properly at both ends. An icon on a television denotes these connectors. The color-coding is:
    • Yellow = Video
    • Red = Audio (right)
    • White = Audio (left)

No Receive Audio

  • Ensure that the television audio is set between one-half and three-quarter¾ volume. Ensure tahat the remote volume control is set above minimum.
  • If your site has an external audio amplifier, be sure that its volume is set above minimum. It may also be set to the wrong input or speaker selection. Do not adjust the input selectors unless you are familiar with the system.
  • Try the diagnostic tone generator
    • If your system is a Polycom, the sequence is: Main Menu > System Info > Diagnostics > Audio > Generate Tone > Enter.
    • If your system is a Tandberg, the sequence is Main Menu > Audio Settings > Alert Tone > Telephone Alert Tone. You should hear something when you select a tone.
    • If your system is a Picture Tel, dial 999: you should hear a sound like a phone ringing
    • If your audio comes from the TV, try pressing the line, input or TV/video button until you see snow. You should hear a rushing noise when the snow is on-screen.

No Transmit Audio

  • Ensure that your microphone is not in mute or privacy.
  • Check the microphone cable. Be sure the connections are secure at both ends of the cable if you can.
  • If you have a Polycom, "triangle" microphone, the mute button should not be illuminated. If it is, the microphone is muted. These microphoness also have two cable jacks in the bottom. Try the other one if the other items check out.
  • If you have a microphone mixer, ensure that it is on and the output volume control is above minimum. Do not adjust these controls without assistance if you are unfamiliar with the room equipment. You will likely have a mixer in a classroom or any room with multiple microphones.

No Response from Remote(s)

  • Ensure that you are using the correct remote. It will have one of the following names on the remote control: Polycom, Tandberg, or PictureTel.
  • Replace the batteries. To check the batteries, hold the remote's Infrared window (the dark transparent plastic window at the front end) two inches from the camera lens while viewing yourself on a monitor, and then press a button. The camera will see white flashes of light each time you press a button if the batteries are still good.
  • Move closer to the main camera (which is where the remote's receiver is usually located).
  • Try turning the lights out. Sometimes the room lights will interfere with the remote's infrared output.
  • If the problem is only affecting camera movement, do you hear any motor sounds from the camera when you try to move it?

Echo Problems

  • If you hear echo, the other end has the problem.
  • If the problem is on your end, check to ensure there are no microphones within 36 inches of the incoming audio source.
  • Try turning your local audio down a bit.
  • If you have multiple microphones, try unplugging one at a time then ask the far end to check for echo after each unplugging.
  • If you have a VCR connected and not in use, try turning it off.

If you are still unable to resolve a problem, contact your site's Technical Coordinator.

The Host Site Coordinator can then:

  • Attempt to help isolate the problem and assist the remote sites with troubleshooting for up to five (5) minutes before escalating to MN.IT.
  • Contact MN.IT for technical assistance.
  • Contact the Room Contacts, as needed.

When calling someone about a problem, you should be sure to give:

  • your name,
  • the telephone number you are calling from,
  • the site you are calling about, and
  • the conference that you are in (use the conference ID number, if available).

Then supply a basic description of problem, including all troubleshooting efforts prior to calling MN.IT.

Whenever anyone calls MN.IT with a problem, a ticket is opened and a ticket number assigned. Please record that number and use it in any subsequent calls about the same problem.

Sometimes rebooting the video codec may resolve an issue. You can reboot the codec by turning it off, waiting 30 seconds or so, and turning it on again. It is not necessary to turn the whole room system off, just the video codec (usually the Polycom or Tandberg).