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When MNIT May Join a Video Conference

MNIT staff follows these guidelines when joining events:

  • Staff will not add or delete any video site into bridged multi-site events without explicit instructions to do so from the event's Host Site Coordinator.
    • This guideline applies to the scheduled or extended scheduled periods of an event.
    • This guideline applies to the scheduling of events and to the modification of scheduled events.
    • This guidelines applies to the pre-event set-up or post-event tear-down periods.
  • MNIT staff will not enable the recording, storage or viewing of an event without the expressed knowledge of the Host Site Coordinator and Participating Sites unless under judicial order to do so.
  • In cases where an authorized recording of an event has been made and MNIT staff has been requested by the authorized party to perform editing on the recording, MNIT staff is permitted to view the content for the purposes of performing the editing.
  • MNIT staff will not join an event for the purpose of trouble-shooting or problem management, unless expressly invited by the Host Site Coordinator to do so.
  • MNIT staff will not view any type of video event or examine its audio and video content without the expressed permission and knowledge of the Host Site Coordinator.
  • MNIT staff will be allowed to observe or monitoring of the audio or video signal quality indications, IP packet flows, thumbnail still images, or other diagnostic tools so long as the audio/visual content is not resconstructed.
  • Upon instructions from the Host Site Coordinator of the confidential nature of an event, MNIT staff will take all reasonable measures requested by the Host Site Coordinator to ensure the confidential nature of the event. In the case of certain legal, health care or other applications using video conferencing technology, MNIT staff will to follow the explicit event naming requested by the Host Site Coordinator and limit all participant information as needed to meet the Host Site Coordinator's privacy requirements.