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The first step is to contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 option 4 and 1 or via MN.IT Mall to request service. MN.IT will need the following information:

  • IP address assigned to the appliance or encoder. This must be a static address.
  • The estimated amount of disk space required per year. This figure can be in Gigabytes or the approximate number of hours.
  • A requested username and password on our servers for you to use to transfer content to our servers. We may adjust the username to match local conventions and the password to meet security levels.
  • The IP address(es) of all machines that will be used to connect to our servers.
  • Is your server a MediaSite appliance?

If your server is a MediaSite appliance, we need this additional information:

  • Appliance serial number.
  • MAC address.
  • Administrator name. It is best if this account is usable by all administrators.

After receiving the above information, MN.IT will:

  • Add the above list of IP addresses to the list of addresses allowed into our servers for FTP.
  • Adjust access list in router to allow necessary access from streaming appliance
  • Create the account in the server.
  • Create the customer directory in the server.
  • Create the streaming mount points for live and archived content.
  • Test FTP access from all machines
  • Set up storage limits to the directories based on contracts.

And, if it is a MediaSite appliance:

  • Set up an accout with appropriate administrative rights to the server.
  • Test the appliance access.
  • Ensure that at least one Internet player is able access the MediaSite test program.


We offer the following resources:

  • Real Networks Helix Universal Server.
    • Live streaming: .mov (QuickTime), .mp3, and .rm
    • Archived: .mov (QuickTime), .mp3, and .rm
    • limited support: .flv (Flash)
  • Windows Server
    • .asf, .wma, and .wmv