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From the start of planning until the day before the event

  • Work with the Scheduling Contact to arrange to obtain any special resources that have long lead times.

The day before the event

  • No special actions.

The day of the event until start of setup

  • Review the event schedule and requirements. Estimate how long it will take to set up for the event. For example, in large rooms, rearranging seating may itself take 45 minutes. Be aware of other needs for the room and schedule appropriately.
  • Start as early as necessary to set up the room.
  • Power on the video system.
  • If additional equipment or peripherals were requested for the event, ensure that equipment is in the room and ready to use.

The start of setup until the event itself

This period normally starts 30 minutes before the event. High profile or large events such as those organized by the Department of Human Services or the Department of Health may require a full one-hour setup.

  • All room work should be complete and equipment ready to go at the start of the setup time.
  • If the equipment is not operating properly, contact your site's Technical Contact immediately to deal with the problem. You (or your Technical Contact) may also contact MN.IT for additional assistance.
  • Be ready to work with MN.IT to confirm that the room has successfully entered the event. In the event of problems, be ready to work with MN.IT to resolve the problems.

During the event

  • Be prepared to answer to a roll call of participating sites to let them know you are present and can see and hear the presenting site.
  • Provide orientation and basic system operations training to participants on the effective use of the tools within the system. The basics include controlling the volume, mute function, and camera angle. Additional training can include operating (and switching to and from) a VCR or document viewer. Leave the participant(s) a phone or pager number so they can reach you, if you leave the room to tend to other duties.
  • Help participants get settled in, comfortable with the technology and stay a few minutes into the event, to ensure the event is successfully underway. Help make using the interactive video network a positive experience! Help participants understand the added responsibilities and benefits in effectively using this medium. Promote the use of the interactive video network.
  • Prepare to stay available by phone/pager throughout the event or designate a back-up person to cover for you.
  • If problems arise during the event, contact the Host Site Coordinator and/or MN.IT.

Post-event teardown

  • Check the room for any items left by the participants.
  • If the room was rearranged for the conference, be sure it is put back to its normal state.
  • Properly power down the video system.
  • Be sure that the Host Site Coordinator and MN.IT are aware of any problems that arose during the event.


  • Please participate in any customer satisfaction surveys.