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The conference event online scheduling tool is the Tandberg Management System (TMS):

The Video Reservations Center sets up new scheduler accounts, provides training, and also has reference materials to assist schedulers.


While there is no requirement that you use this system to schedule your events, we strongly encourage you to do so for several reasons.

First, entering your event helps others who are trying to schedule their events by making it easy for them to check whether the event resources are available.

Second, it is our policy that events scheduled in our system have priority over "ad-hoc" uses of the system. Thus, if you don't use our scheduling system, you risk being "bumped" by someone who does.

Third, MN.IT network staff checks the event scheduled when setting up installations, maintenance, and changes on equipment and avoids times that have scheduled events. Entering your event helps our staff avoid accidentally disrupting your event. The staff also uses the scheduling system to reserve times for changes.

Contact MN.IT to obtain and account on the scheduling system and training.

You can also use the Video Conferencing Event Request form to get the process started.