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The Tandberg web site is

We have instructions for Placing a Video Call Using Tandberg Systems.

We have a Tandberg Menu Map (PDF) available.

Product Line

Tandberg has these system lines:

  • Classic, which has two series:
    • B series, the latest software version is B10.3.
    • E series, the latest software version is E5.3.
    You identify the series by looking at the current software version.
  • MXP, which uses the F software (F6.3 is the latest - AVOID F6.0)
  • the 150MXP system, which has its own sofware

LAN Status Lights

For the Tandberg 1500 and 1000 MXP models, the LAN status lights may (or may not) come on during intial boot. Regardless, the lights are then disabled during normal operation. Instead of the lights, use the front panel display to determine LAN status.


Tandberg Classic systems with B/E5.0 software or higher will retain all alternate gatekeeper settings within memory across reboots and power cycling. Thus, if the primary gatekeeper is not reachable, they will automatically access the alternate gatekeeper. (You configure only the primary: the address of the alternate is supplied to the system by the primary.)

Switching back to the primary gatekeeper is automatic on MXP systems with F5.0 or later software. For other models and versions, see below.

Other models of Tandberg systems and Classic systems with software earlier than B/E5.0 do not have this capability. They must be manually re-addressed when the primary gatekeeper is not reachable.

Recovery from Failover

Tandberg Classic systems with B/E5.0 software have been observed to spontaneously switch from the primary to alternate gatekeeper. Doing so prevents their participating in calls (unless they happen to involve a system which also spontaneously switched at the same time...). Recovery from this switch (or, any other switch to alternate), involves a cold boot. You can do a cold-boot by following these steps:

  • power down the system
  • unplug
  • wait at least 20 seconds
  • plug in
  • power on