MNET Services>Telecom Video>Equipment>Tandberg>Placing Calls

  • Press the Menu button. This is the small triangular button near directional arrow keys.
  • From the Main Menu, select Terminal Settings.
  • Select LAN Settings.
  • Select IP Settings.
  • Enter the IP address, default gateway, subnet mask and speed/duplex settings on this screen.
  • The system may reboot at this point. If it doesn't, that's OK.
  • The next menu to use is Terminal Settings.
  • Enter the E.164 number, set Manually Register, and enter the gatekeeper IP address.
  • There are other settings on this page, they should be set to OFF, NONE, No or left blank
  • Reboot the system and place the test calls.

If a test call does not work, either dialing out or dialing in, then check the following:

  • That the customer codec is in auto answer mode.
  • That the customer codec network setting is LAN not auto.
  • That the customer calling speed is 384Kbps.