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MN.IT's video network is an open one in that you can use any product compliant with the family of H.323 protocol standards on the network. However, most of our users have either Polycom or Tandberg systems. Consequently, our experience and support efforts are concentrated on systems from those manufacturers.

Each site is responsible for the purchase of their own equipment. Sites are expected to maintain support contracts on the equipment and to keep the equipment up-to-date. Most vendors require current support contracts (or equivalent) to have access to current software versions.

When configuring a system for our network, we require the following information:

  • manufacturer,
  • model,
  • serial number, and
  • password

MN.IT will supply you with values to use for:

  • the system name;
  • E.164 identifier;
  • IP address, subnet mask, default route, and DNS servers; and
  • gatekeeper

You should supply MN.IT with this contact information:

Please notify us of any changes in the contacts or their informaiton.

Contact the MN.IT Service Desk at 651.297.1111 option 4 and 1 or via MN.IT Mallwith any questions or to request service.