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MN.IT has three sets of gatekeepers for use with the video network. They are:

primary alternate
name IP address name IP address

You normally configure only the primary into the system. The configuration information for the alternate is provided by the primary.

Systems are assigned gatekeepers based on the maximum call bandwidth desired:

gatekeeper maximum call bandwidth usage
cob-gatek-384384 kbpssites with maximum call rates of 384 kbps
cob-gatek-768768 kbpssites with maximum call rates of 768 kbps
cob-gatek-otherover 768 kbpssites with maximum call rates of faster than 768 kbps

All systems within a subzone must be on the same gatekeeper.

If you change the maximum call rate for your system, we may change the gatekeeper assignment. The gatekeepers have authorization lists which prevent systems from registering with an incorrect gatekeeper. Gatekeeper assignments are made by MN.IT.