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Network Time Protocol (NTP)

The Network Time Protocol provides high-accuracy clock synchronization services. MN.IT Services offers a NTP services for our customers.

Network time service available to all MNET customers. Network time is a service enhancement to existing MNET Data Services. The following service document outlines the capabilities and service delivery.

Service Description:

Network time ("NTP") provides a stable, accurate time base that is readily accessable from computers on the network.

Service Availability:

Network time is automatically available to any MNET customer, regardless of their location. This access is provided to customers with dedicated connections to the backbone network as well as to customers of MNet's Dial-up network.

Service Delivery:

MNET will receive time synchronization from an external source.

To receive this time, an agency's hosts or workstation must use client software. This software must use one of the following methods: Network Time Protocol (NTP, port 123, RFC 1305) Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP, port 123, RFC 2030) The service is available in two modes: single reference and dual reference.

Single reference mode is where the client receives time synchronization from a single source. This source can be any of of:

  • your local MNET gateway address[*]

Do not use the IP address associated with "" for configuration: it is a pointer to one of the four active NTP servers, and is changed as needed to ensure availability of NTP.

[*] There are a few places in our network where the Cisco software does not support NTP. Contact MNET if you are at one of those sites.

Dual reference mode is where the client receives time synchronization from two sources. This mode is only required for applications with high precision timing needs. The sources used for this mode are:

  • EDC1
  • EDC4
  • Duluth
  • Brainerd

Again, do not use any of the IP addresses associated with these names for configuration: MNET reserves the right to change them without notice.

Network Time Protocol NTP Testing Page

More information on using the service can be found at, then "IT Policies and Standards," then "Technology," then "Resources."