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This documentation is preliminary and is likely to change before becoming final. Do not implement to it yet. Check for the next update by February 2012.
MnSCU customers should contact the MnSCU system office to obtain addresses.

Just like with IPv4 addresses, you obtain your IPv6 addresses from your Internet provider. So, if you obtained your IPv4 addresses from MN.IT, you will obtain your IPv6 addresses from MN.IT as well.

Unlike with IPv4, where you needed to work with us to determine how many addresses you will need, with IPv6, organizations (at least in our case) always receive the same size allocation, a /48.

As you will normally assign a /64 mask to each network, the /48 is a huge allocation: you will have 16,384 networks that you can assign.

To actually obtain your address assignment, contact the Service Desk at

Once you have obtained your assignments, see the Allocating Addresses page to understand how to allocate them.

As of December 2011,

  • County allocations have been made.
  • Executive branch allocations have been made.
  • Other customer allocations have not been made.