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6 The Domain

MN.IT Services (officially “The State of Minnesota, Office of Enterprise Technology”) is the domain manager for the domain.

This section details the requirements for registrations within that domain. Note: the and domains are linked to the domain as described in the next section. So, the discussion in this section applies to those domains as well.

The state’s DNS standard requires that all information offered by executive branch state government organizations be available under one or more of the three domains (, and While the standard only requires that information be available through one of these, organizations are encouraged to offer the same information across all three domains.

Further, these domains will be used only for Minnesota government-supported purposes.

MN.IT Services is the state's DNS provider for these domains and has configured the contents of the and domains to automatically track those of the domain. This means that any name in the (for example, is automatically also placed in the and domains (for our example, and

Again, this updating is automatic. Updates normally happen on an overnight basis.