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7 The and Domains

MN.IT Services (officially “The State of Minnesota, Office of Enterprise Technology”) is the domain manager for the and domains.

MN.IT Services is the state’s DNS provider for both of these domains and has configured their contents to automatically track those of the domain.

This means that any name in the (for example, is automatically also placed in the and domains (for our example, and

Well, technically you can have more than one PTR record for a given address, but doing so will cause many services to encounter problems.

Again, this updating is automatic. Updates normally happen on an overnight basis.

7.1 Local Government Name Registration

Local government entities should always use their RFC 1480-defined names. These names are of the form:

  • for cities
  • for counties

    While officially required, these name forms do not reflect current Internet trends and many local government entities would like names in the .gov domain. To make it easy for local government to use .gov names, MN.IT Services offers registrations of names of the forms:4 • for cities • for counties

    which is an easy way for cities and counties to obtain .gov names at no charge and with minimal paperwork.

    Any other names (e.g., .com or .org) used by local government should supplement and not replace the official names. Since all local government entities are either existing or potential MN.IT Services customers, MN.IT Services will provide name servers for those domains at no additional charge. 7.2 Using Other .gov Names Local government entities may also use other .gov domain forms (see the information from the .gov registrar at As part of their process, the .gov registrars require the approval of the State of Minnesota CIO. The CIO will require a certification that the local government requesting the other form is aware of the no-cost option listed above and does not wish to use it.